Crime And Courts

11/02/10 7:48am

Alum arrested after fight at Pi Kappa Phi

According to the Division of Public Safety, a fight broke out at around 4:30 p.m. Saturday between a Penn alumnus and another male outside of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house, located at 4040 Walnut St.
11/02/10 7:43am

Jazz singer sues HUP for alleged botched MRI procedure

Philadelphia jazz singer S. Denise King claimed that she could no longer learn new music after experiencing “shocking sensations” during a MRI in November 2008 at HUP.
11/02/10 4:40am

Crime log: Oct. 22-28

A list of crimes committed in the Penn Patrol Zone during the week of October 22-28.
10/29/10 8:06am

Former professor will be resentenced in child porn case

Former professor Scott Ward, who pleaded guilty to five counts related to a child pornography case in 2008, faces resentencing following the decision of a federal appeals court Wednesday.
10/28/10 5:28am

Harvard burglary rate drops after change in crime disclosure law

Harvard University saw a 91-percent decrease in its burglary rate from 2008 to 2009 due to a change in crime disclosure law. According to a report by Penn's Division of Public Safety, however, Penn did not see a similar dramatic drop in 2009 rates.
10/27/10 9:22am

Crime log: Oct. 15-21

10/21/10 8:35am

Police conduct ‘critical incident’ drills

In an attempt to coordinate activities in the event of a possible “critical incident” on campus, Penn Police conducted a series of drills with other area law enforcement agencies and University departments on campus Wednesday morning, according to Division of Public Safety spokeswoman Stef Cella.
10/21/10 6:13am

Proposed Pa. law to expand home-defense rights

The Pa. House of Representatives passed a bill that allows homeowners to defend themselves against intruders and gives them immunity from prosecution for wrongful death.
10/20/10 7:39am

Crime log: Oct. 8-14

10/20/10 4:54am

Monthly crime up six percent from last September

Overall crime for the month of September rose from last September, according to statistics provided by the Division of Public Safety. This increase is due to a rise in crime against property.
10/14/10 9:56am

Crime log: Oct. 1-7

10/14/10 4:56am

DPS investigates parking garage thefts and vandalism

The Division of Public Safety is investigating leads on numerous cases of theft and vandalism last month in a University parking garage near HUP.
10/06/10 8:37am

Raid similar to one at Yale is unlikely at Penn

Amid excessive force allegations in New Haven, Conn., the Division of Public Safety says Penn students will not be subject to targeted alcohol raids. Instead it opts for alcohol-education programs.
10/06/10 8:25am

Crime log: Sept. 24-30

A list of crimes committed in the Penn Patrol Zone during the week of Sept. 24 - Sept. 30, with an interactive map of each offense.
10/05/10 8:26am

Breaking down gun suicide

Colton Tooley's suicide last Tuesday at the University of Texas triggered concerns about gun suicide at colleges. Experts at Penn say “such an event is not likely to happen at Penn.”
09/29/10 7:12am

Crime log: Sept. 17-22

09/27/10 6:43am

Two sex crimes reported near campus last week

Two sexual offenses, both categorized as "indecent assaults" with female victims, occurred near campus last week, according to the Division of Public Safety.
09/23/10 6:17am

Penn ranked 16th most dangerous school

The Daily Beast ranked Penn as the 16th most dangerous school and second-most dangerous Ivy, but the methodology of the rankings has been highly questioned.
09/22/10 9:01am

Crime log: Sept. 10-16

09/17/10 8:01am

Philadelphia will see new prosecution model

A new community-based prosecution model being implemented in Philadelphia aims to make it harder for criminals to slip through the cracks of the criminal justice system.