About The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc.

The Daily Pennsylvanian is the University of Pennsylvania's independent student media organization. We cover news about the University of Pennsylvania and from around the Philadelphia metro area.

Office: 4015 Walnut Street Philadelphia, Pa. 19104-6198 
Phone: (215) 422-4640
Fax: (215) 422-4646

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Incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation in 1984, The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. is a student-run media organization and receives no funding from the University of Pennsylvania. The DP, Inc. publishes The Daily Pennsylvanian newspaper, 34th Street Magazine, and Under the Button, as well as five newsletters: DP Daybreak, The Toast, Quaker Nation, Penn, Unbuttoned; and Recruiter's Row.

The DP, Inc. consists of two principal divisions — Editorial and Business. 

The Editorial Board is responsible for the content of the DP and its publications. Executive Editor Anna Vazhaeparambil heads the Editorial Board. The heads of each editorial department within the Daily Pennsylvanian, 34th Street Magazine and Under the Button are members of the Board, as well as the design, social media, photo, copy, video and podcast editors. 

The Business Board is responsible for all the business affairs of the DP, including advertising, ad design, technology, marketing analytics & promotions, circulation, and accounting. Business Manager Zain Qureshi heads the Business Board. The heads of the business departments, as well as the General Manager, are members of the Board.

Corporate decisions are made by a ten-member Board of Directors responsible for the overall operation and well-being of the corporation. The Board of Directors concentrates on long-term planning, major decisions and the annual budget. Five student directors and four Daily Pennsylvanian alumni sit on the Board of Directors, along with the General Manager, a non-voting member. Two Diversity & Inclusion Coordinators also provide support to student and professional staff members. 

The DP, Inc. also has an Executive Board, which is responsible for issues that span both the editorial and business boards responsible for day-to-day operations. Ten students sit on the Executive Board, along with the Executive Director of The DP, Inc, who is a non-voting member. President of the Daily Pennsylvanian Molly Cohen heads the Executive Board and chairs the Board of Directors.

The DP

The Daily Pennsylvanian is the independent student newspaper of the University of Pennsylvania. About 116 mornings each school year, Penn students, faculty and staff turn to the DP as their source of campus and city news and sports coverage. The Daily Pennsylvanian exists to inform the Penn community of relevant news and opinion while providing a training vehicle for students.

First published in 1885, under the name The Pennsylvanian, the DP is perennially recognized as one of the top college newspapers in the country. The paper has been published daily since 1894 (except from May 1943 to November 1945, when it was not published because of World War II). In 1962, the DP broke away from the student government and became independent. At the same time, the paper merged with the Pennsylvania News, the university's women's newspaper. In 1984, The Daily Pennsylvanian became a corporation, formally completing the separation of any editorial or financial control by the University of Pennsylvania.

More than 250 students work for the DP in the Business and Editorial departments. Editors and business managers are elected each December by the outgoing board and serve for a term of one year. The student board is responsible for all editorial and financial decisions of the newspaper. Four professional staff members provide continuity, advice, and training for the student staff, and maintain operations during vacation periods.

34th Street Magazine

34th Street Magazine, the DP's arts and entertainment weekly magazine was first published in 1968. Today, 34th Street is read by thousands of Philadelphia students, faculty and residents in print every Tuesday and online.

Street takes great pride in being constantly on the pulse of music, film, and cultural news and events. Like The Daily Pennsylvanian, 34th Street Magazine is produced entirely by students. The 34th Street editorial board is run by Editor-in-Chief Natalia Castillo and made up of ten section-specific content editors, a design director, audience engagement director, media director, and managing editor.

Under the Button

Under The Button is Penn's humor blog, known for its signature memes and snark. UTB was founded in 2008 after growing out of 34th Street Magazine and has become a campus fixture for highlighting the pulse of student life. Sometimes their topical articles get picked up by the Huffington Post; sometimes they get retweeted by Wawa. Such is the influence of Under The Button in University City and beyond. UTB is just that cool. Its board is made of about seven editors and over a dozen contributing writers. Send them tips (tips@underthebutton.com) about the funny – or juicy – things you see and hear at Penn and email Editor-in-Chief Oscar Eichmann to get involved as a contributor!


The Daily Pennsylvanian, Inc. publishes five newsletters: The Daily Pennsylvanian, The Weekly Roundup, The Toast, Quaker Nation, and Penn, Unbuttoned. The Weekly Roundup, a curated newsletter released every Sunday morning, primarily serves parents and alumni who would like a concise review of what's happening at Penn. 

Production of newsletters are overseen by Executive Editor Anna Vazhaeparambil. Please send all feedback to newsletter@thedp.com


The DP's website made its debut in October 1995. Originally called DP Online, and later DP Interactive, the website moved the print edition of the DP into a more interactive and colorful experience in the early days of the web.

The website became theDP.com in fall 2009. Today's site offers more than a decade of The Daily Pennsylvanian's full-text archives and interactive features that go far beyond the content of the print edition. Have more questions? Read our online FAQ.