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Guest Columns

08/15/22 9:11am
Guest columnist Abdulrahman Bindamnan reflects on how education in Philadelphia and at Penn is made richer by the city’s variety and innovation.  
08/05/22 5:05pm
Columnist Ria Ellendula argues that wealth taxation reflects the values of American democracy and discusses why students should urge their politicians to support Biden’s Billionaire Minimum Income Tax proposal. 
07/11/22 2:25pm
Guest columnist Sean Deresh argues that the decision by the Supreme Court in West Virginia v. EPA will not completely hinder the transition to clean energy generation, transmission, and consumption. 
07/06/22 12:44pm
Guest Columnist Alexis Bendl voices concerns over the high lead levels in Philadelphia public schools and support for recent government efforts to address the issue. 
05/28/22 9:25am
Guest columnist Emilia Onuonga calls on America to tackle gun violence, detailing several key actions that must be taken.  
05/19/22 9:07pm
Julia Esposito, former 34th Street writer, contemplates the struggles of coping with rejection and encourages students to seek internal validation. 
05/03/22 4:56pm
Guest columnist Sarah Asfari describes the experience of being a racial minority without equal access to resources or proper visibility. 
04/29/22 7:01pm
Guest columnist Belinda Kumi argues that CAPS needs to have better immediate services after her disappointing encounter with the organization about grief. 
04/27/22 3:40pm
Forty-nine Penn faculty members express their concern that administrators called a group of students to a disciplinary meeting after their participation in FFP’s encampment on campus last week petitioning Penn to support climate justice.
04/25/22 11:05am
A former fraternity member calls attention to Ivy League “bro culture,” advocating for reformation instead of abolition. 
04/22/22 12:07pm
Guest Columnist Jack Nycz argues that Penn should not be offering financial compensation for unfilled Greek houses given the organizations’ exclusivity and problematic history. 
04/20/22 12:16am
Guest columnist Robin Panzarella describes the struggles student-athletes at Penn face with no standardized course absence policy. 
03/26/22 2:49pm
Undergraduate Assembly New Student Representative Emma Shockley provides a comprehensive guide to food at University of Pennsylvania. 
03/21/22 10:45am
Guest Columnist Robert Watson encourages students to work together while adapting to Penn’s new masking guidance. 
03/16/22 8:35am
Guest Columnist Naveen Albert argues that discrepancies in broadband access in Penn's dorms puts students on an uneven playing field, and Penn must address these inequities. 
02/25/22 11:10am
Guest columnist Sean Deresh argues that a campus-wide shift to LED lighting at Penn would be a crucial step towards refining the University’s sustainable development.
02/23/22 7:49pm
Columnist Timethius J. Terrell urges predominantly white universities to reconsider their often ineffective approaches towards diversity, equity, and inclusion, using Beyonce’s “Black Is King” as a reference.
02/23/22 8:44am
Guest columnist Amjad Hamza argues that Penn students and current donors should redirect their donations to the world’s most effective causes. 
02/16/22 8:27am
Columnists Isabella Glassman and Vinay Khosla discuss the importance of cross-class interactions from an upperclassmen and underclassmen’s perspective.
02/09/22 7:49pm
Columnist Bridget Yu encourages us to open up the dialogue regarding suicide more and refrain from taking the subject lightly.