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Guest Columns

05/31/23 3:51pm
Graduate student government leaders encourage Penn to improve its shared governance structures. 
05/31/23 3:44pm
Jonathan Zisk argues why Penn should provide free SEPTA passes to the Penn faculty, staff and students.
04/13/23 1:26am
Students for the Preservation (SPOC) joins the Save Chinatown Coalition to oppose 76ers’ arena proposal that threatens to endanger and displace Chinatown, calling on Penn to cut their business ties with the 76ers’ developers and to stand with Chinatown by publicly denouncing the arena proposal. 
04/10/23 11:34pm
Guest columnists Omar Khodor and Sage Lincoln shed light on a Penn administrator’s influence at PGW and its attempts to prevent local groups from participating in its budget decisions. 
04/07/23 6:53pm
Guest columnist Kampton Kam calls on students to support equitable access to Name, Image, and Likeness funding for international students. 
04/02/23 6:06pm
106 Penn faculty members and AAUP-Penn sign a letter in support of the unionization efforts of Penn's Resident Advisors and Graduate Resident Advisors.
03/25/23 5:01am
Guest columnist Jaden Cloobeck details actionable advice for how to build your community in a new area.
03/22/23 12:35pm
Dean John Jackson Jr. urges the Penn community to communicate their insights on how to improve and advance the University.
02/28/23 12:32pm
Guest columnists Ben She and Yihong Hu share their experiences with riding Penn Transit and how to improve the service.  
02/23/23 9:50pm
Guest columnists Kristina Kotyza and Rachel Kabat urge the Penn community to continue supporting Ukraine, one year after the Russian invasion. 
02/09/23 2:10am
Guest columnists and Black Wharton members Mason Morial, Mattias Hanchard, and Shelby Dugas urge Penn to convert Falk Dining staff from contractors to employees of the University.  
02/04/23 4:20pm
Guest columnist Ania Alberski reflects on her experience studying education and participating in community volunteering at Penn, and how it left her ill-prepared for full-time teaching. 
01/30/23 7:35pm
Guest columnist Timethius J. Terrell urges Penn administrators to compensate essential student leaders for all of the work they put in on top of their coursework and extracurricular commitments. 
01/22/23 7:21pm
Guest columnist and Senior Crosswords Editor Tyler Kliem encourages you to play our now-released mini crosswords to exercise your brain and to whittle away at the disruptions in our collective lives. 
01/16/23 5:50pm
Guest Columnist and Wharton professor Eric Orts applauds Penn for its recent climate progress, but argues that there is still much to be done.
01/11/23 9:23am
The Netter Center Student Advisory Board urges students to enroll in ABCS courses to foster community and personal growth.  
01/10/23 6:37pm
Guest columnists and GAPSA leaders Robert Watson and Keshara Senanayake call on Penn to join the growing number of universities allowing for student representation on their Board of Trustees. 
11/30/22 7:50pm
Guest columnist Jaden Cloobeck offers advice for those aspiring to graduate school who are unsure about applying during their final year at Penn. 
11/19/22 11:33am
Penn Young Democratic Socialists of America argues that behind Silicon Valley’s veneer of futuristic innovation lies the darker truth of exploiting consumers, a huge carbon footprint, and workers’ rights infringements. 
11/15/22 10:58am
Guest Columnist Naveen Albert argues that while QR codes may seem convenient, they are an invisible accessibility barrier to the campus community.