Guest Columns

02/13/19 8:12pm
A Penn alumnus can enact social change in education reform without sending their children to public school.
02/11/19 1:05am
Mac Donald may not see or understand how racism exists today, but we sure do.
02/07/19 10:04pm
Above all else, cherish and enjoy your remaining time at Penn as an undergraduate. The finish line is in sight! 
02/04/19 11:24pm
In this new era of deep polarization, it is crucial that we maintain moral integrity.
02/04/19 1:03am
I don’t claim to be an expert on LGBTQ healthcare, but the fact still stands that important aspects of our education as caretakers are being allowed to fall by the wayside.
01/22/19 11:33pm
We ask that you engage, that you speak up, and that you let us know what is on your mind and how Penn can be improved. 
12/11/18 10:29pm
Lower patient-to-nurse ratios have been shown to decrease the risk of patient death in the hospital by 14 percent.
11/26/18 6:58pm
As a Central American voice on campus, we feel we must impress the gravity of an issue that continues to affect our community. 
11/20/18 10:57pm
Write full-time after graduation or never write at all is a melodramatic binary.
11/19/18 1:43am
You do not need the "right words." You just need to listen with open arms, and an open heart. Love will do the rest.
11/19/18 1:01am
Penn’s billion-dollar endowment continues to reap returns from investments in the fossil fuel industry, and is thus funding a primary driver of climate change — no questions asked. 
11/07/18 12:26am
If we abolish the Second, that puts every other Amendment on the chopping block.
10/31/18 3:15am
If Penn’s competitive atmosphere and mental health issues were perpetuated solely by academics, your advice — to stop comparing ourselves to others — would be sound, if simple.
10/27/18 10:05pm
When deans, department chairs, and peers of the accused are given the power to investigate sexual misconduct, allegations are often swept under the rug.
10/26/18 1:30am
Why do Asian communities with diverse political opinions and genuine concerns vote at such low rates?
10/22/18 3:21am
The unforgiving definition of hazing (wherein almost any pledging activity could fall under the umbrella policy) has left students uninterested in amending their group practices in order to meet a seemingly impossible university standard.
10/10/18 4:52am
The survivor’s fears of not being believed or, worse, being blamed for the trauma they endured are overwhelmingly common and overwhelmingly devastating feelings experienced after sexual assault. 
09/27/18 12:37am
By taking away the things that are good about Greek life, the school will create a truly broken and toxic system.
09/24/18 1:02am
Not only is it our right, but it is our duty to be civically engaged.
09/19/18 4:50am
The time is long overdue for Penn to divest from coal and tar sands companies.