Student Life

03/18/19 3:51am
The website features “anti-resumes” from recent alumni, which include categories such as “Failures that seemed like the end of the world back then but doesn't matter in hindsight.” 
03/14/19 1:00am
This semester, Magic Gardens will be hosted by LW Productions, a Penn student-run LLC composed of Castle members and non-affiliated students, on April 12 during the week of Spring Fling, Hammond said.
03/11/19 5:33am
Penn's student government and administrators are working to bring more student activity to Houston Hall.
02/26/19 4:10am
Sanctions for the Wharton China Business Society included a two-year suspension, cancellation of upcoming trips and conferences, and a mandate for board members to write apology letters to new members.
02/25/19 1:45am
Students can request vehicles to pick them up and drop them off from 42nd Street to Rittenhouse Square in Center City.
02/13/19 2:45am
Despite slightly less than 2,000 students eligible to vote as Wharton sophomores, juniors, and seniors, only 108 total students cast their ballots.
02/11/19 3:09am
Submissions for the challenge — which total more than 200 ideas so far — include ideas such as hiring staff to support long-term therapy at Counseling and Psychological Services.
01/30/19 5:37am
In hopes of filling the vacant seat, two Wharton sophomores have formally declared their candidacies: John Casey and Chris Cherian. 
01/28/19 3:12am
Peter Collins, director of public services and head of LIBRA at Penn Libraries, conducted a review of Van Pelt’s security system and decided they could move away from bag checks at the library's exit. 
01/28/19 2:36am
College sophomore and vice president of PDS Anish Welde was ranked the 31st speaker in the world, and two out of three Penn teams advanced to the octafinals.
01/22/19 2:13am
Activities included creating bags of toiletries for women in local shelters and working with Helping Hands to create gifts for West Philadelphia residents.
01/21/19 3:17am
UA New Student Representative Nikhil Gupta is leading a project to expand the accessibility of free pads and tampons in bathrooms and gender-neutral areas across campus.
01/19/19 3:44am
Some rush events in the area were affected by the sudden outage near 38th and Walnut streets. "It seems like they have adapted – they had their phone lights and were still going on with the rounds and everything," Wharton senior Elizabeth Goran said.
01/18/19 4:46am
UA Speaker and College junior Brian Goldstein said the UA will make efforts to increase undergraduate attendance and hold an open forum meeting at the end of the month.
01/17/19 5:43am
This decision comes after years of informal collaboration between the various minority coalition groups.
12/10/18 2:25am
All members of the Penn community can audition to join one of the diverse musical groups, which range from the jazz group to the Symphony Orchestra and the Arab Music Ensemble.
12/06/18 1:49am
"I could wait for 2 hours and still not have gotten help," Engineering sophomore Derya Yavuz said. "That's just a very frustrating situation, and it's like that every single time." 
12/06/18 1:14am
Poor course evaluations signal to the department that the instructor should be placed into another course, or the instructor’s standing in the tenure process should be reevaluated.
12/03/18 2:08am
TAMID has been popular at Penn and on college campuses throughout the country. Founded in 2008, TAMID has over 2,500 students involved in chapters on 53 campuses in the United States and abroad. 
11/29/18 7:43pm
The Annenberg researchers found that marijuana use does not increase conduct problems like school truancy or stealing in a recently published study.