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Student Life

8 hours ago
Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé and Chief Operating Officer for Wellness Services Erika Gross confirmed that students had been creating fake green PennOpen Passes to access campus buildings when they did not actually meet the required criteria to enter that building. 
8 hours ago
Multiple posts levy accusations against Penn’s Chemistry Department, leading the department to apologize to certain students for their "negative experiences" related to the department, but the University as a whole has taken no such steps. 
02/25/21 12:53am
Wellnest is the newest part of the University's Penn Cares program to help the Penn community cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.
02/25/21 12:10am
The club, Penn Bucket, will host events for its members that lead them to venture outside of the “Penn bubble” and explore Philadelphia.
02/24/21 11:47pm
As students continue to host in-person gatherings in off- and on-campus locations, Penn Police Department officers responding to the parties are voicing concerns over contracting the virus while on the job.
02/24/21 1:48am
Winter storms across large parts of the Central and Southern United States have hit Texas with high levels of snow and unusually cold temperatures, causing widespread flooding and power outages. 
02/24/21 1:38am
University administrators urged students to remain vigilant in following public health guidelines — particularly after a student was hospitalized due to severe symptoms and two students tested positive for the B.1.1.7 COVID-19 variant since arriving on campus this semester.
02/24/21 1:20am
The interdisciplinary background of students in the College is one of the main things that differentiates Gryphon from other school-specific senior societies, such as Hexagon for Engineering, Lantern for Wharton, and Nightingales for Nursing.
02/23/21 10:35am
Pottruck began a reopening pilot program on Feb. 3 after the Quiet Period ended, with plans to potentially reopen to all students. Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé told The Daily Pennsylvanian on Feb. 23 that the protocols taken during the pilot program “have been shown to work.”
02/23/21 1:31am
Many students experienced fatigue, struggles with time management and concentration, and stress as a result of confinement and the illness itself.
02/23/21 12:39am
Good Pizza Philadelphia hosts "pizza drops" each week, offering a limited number of free pizzas to people with the request that they donate to local organizations.
02/22/21 2:29am
While some first years say the ability to meet others in person for the first time has been crucial in easing the transition to college life from an isolating first semester at home, others describe difficulties in balancing social distancing guidelines and forming new friendships. 
02/19/21 4:24am
Many students said they were happy with Penn's planned COVID-19 guidelines, but are anxious to see if the University will be able to enforce them in practice. 
02/17/21 1:59am
4thWave aims to publish a zine every semester featuring poetry, prose, and visual art from people who are underrepresented in feminist spaces.
02/16/21 11:54pm
The decision comes after the University observed that the majority of students who have been exposed to COVID-19 end up testing positive on their 10th day in quarantine or before, if they test positive at all.
02/16/21 11:51pm
Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé emphasized that while the University's lower positivity rate is encouraging news, it does not signify that community members can become complacent in adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.
02/16/21 3:30am
When MERT arrives at the scene of an emergency, they screen the patients for COVID-19 symptoms from a distance before approaching to administer care. 
02/15/21 11:48pm
Without its physical presence in Huntsman Hall and Van Pelt Dietrich Library, the group faced some initial challenges in the fall semester.
02/11/21 2:28am
Four of Penn's political groups detail how they are gearing up for a hybrid approach to event-hosting and community building this semester.
02/11/21 1:08am
All club members will participate in a two-week boot camp to learn design or development before they begin working on a semester-long project.