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Student Life

5 hours ago
This was the first time the event has occurred since the COVID-19 pandemic.
10 hours ago
The award will cover complete tuition for two years of study at any university in the United Kingdom.
03/22/23 12:13am
During the debate, panelists discussed political issues such as crime and criminal justice, affirmative action, environmental justice, and minimum wage policies.
03/21/23 10:00pm
In addition to turning a reddish hue, the pond was encircled by caution tape wrapped around the surrounding trees.
03/21/23 9:42pm
The events will focus on the global threat of extreme heat, its impact on our lives, and policy solutions to heat waves. 
03/20/23 10:14pm
The team is ranked tenth nationally and travels to Round Rock, Texas for nationals in mid-April.
03/20/23 7:19pm
Cocoa Press reimagines 3D printing by allowing people and companies to use the technology for producing chocolate treats.
03/17/23 12:54am
Penn Student Agencies is a student-run organization that manages multiple business ventures serving the student population.
03/16/23 1:07am
Attendees expressed enthusiasm about the forum and the opportunity to reengage with their connection to Penn.
03/15/23 8:35pm
A letter from OPEIU Local 153 was also sent to Penn President Liz Magill to announce their formation as a union and request voluntary recognition from the University.
03/15/23 7:39pm
Mackey said that his commitment to serving a specific target customer base differentiated Whole Foods from its competitors.
03/14/23 8:00am
Penn will award Menzel, a Tony award-winning actress, an honorary Doctor of Arts at the ceremony, according to an announcement from Vice President and University Secretary Medha Narvekar. 
03/13/23 11:25pm
Penn Reproductive Justice officially launched on June 24, 2022, immediately following the Supreme Court’s overhaul of abortion rights protections.
03/13/23 11:22pm
The DP spoke to some Gutmann residents who have not noticed an improvement even after the hot water shutdown on Feb. 22 and 23.
03/13/23 9:06pm
Second-year students in the Wharton MBA Program for Executives founded CSG in 2022 to invest in sports franchises.
03/12/23 10:29pm
The first phase of deliveries occurred from Feb. 21 to Feb. 24 for floors 13 through 24. The second phase of deliveries is scheduled for the rest of the building, and will occur in early March. Harnwell and Harrison will follow in the summer.
03/02/23 2:40am
The DP spoke with University administrators and student activists to better understand Penn’s open expression guidelines and the role of the University's Committee on Open Expression in evaluating students' rights to protest on campus.
03/01/23 10:54pm
After joining the Revolve Group in 2014, Gerona sought to harness the power of bloggers and social media influencers. 
03/01/23 10:40pm
The TUGSA strike, which began on Jan. 31, follows a year of bargaining with the university for increased pay, expanded leave, and healthcare.
02/28/23 11:43pm
GAPSA previously passed a joint resolution to have two student representatives on the Board of Trustees, but the UA was unable to reach a majority and tabled the decision indefinitely.