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02/20/20 9:24pm
The prosecutors were asked to resign in January 2018, three days after Krasner took office. When they refused, they were fired and replaced by younger prosecutors whom the plaintiffs claim were less experienced, according to the lawsuit.
02/19/20 11:13pm
In an effort to campaign and educate the Penn community on hot button political issues, students gathered in the ARCH building Tuesday night for a parliamentary debate about their 2020 Democratic favorites.
02/19/20 7:11pm
The Department of Education has sent letters to the two Ivy League universities for failing to report foreign donations of more than $250,000, as required by Section 117 of the Higher Education Act.
02/19/20 1:21am
Check out a breakdown of five leading Democratic candidates' plans to make college more affordable and decrease student debt. 
02/19/20 12:05am
Wharton removed Milken’s portrait from the Wharton Hall of Fame in 1989.
02/18/20 9:48pm
The report’s authors wrote that their conclusions are consistent with other research that shows attitudes can change after individuals are exposed briefly to websites that are critical of vaccination. 
02/16/20 10:27pm
On the afternoon of Feb. 13, about 20 local students convened in Huntsman Hall to witness members of March for Our Lives PA and Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro formally announce a new plan promises cut gun deaths in Pennsylvania in half by 2030.
02/15/20 5:57pm
Perry World House Lightning Scholar Sarah Bush said she found that election interference is often viewed as positive in an authoritarian regime, but is generally seen as negative when it impacts a democracy.
02/14/20 7:33pm
President Donald Trump awarded a scholarship to Philadelphia schoolgirl Janiyah Davis to promote school choice, condemning "failing government schools." But Davis attends one of the best charter schools in the city.
02/12/20 2:24am
At Sanders' New Hampshire victory party, hundreds chanted slogans ranging from "Bernie beats Trump" to "Health care is a right." At Buttigieg's rally, the runner-up and his supporters emphasized the need for unity.
02/11/20 2:36am
Filled with college-aged supporters, the enthusiastic crowd illustrated the faithful backing that Sanders boasts as he looks to win Tuesday's primary and build momentum in his presidential bid.
02/11/20 2:36am
During his hour-long speech, Trump lauded the United States' economic prosperity and boasted about "killing the founder and leader” of ISIS. The audience chanted “lock her up” when Trump brought up Nancy Pelosi's impeachment inquiry, and booed loudly when he decried his Democratic opponents and called mainstream media "fake news."
02/10/20 3:19am
At a rally before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, Warren called for “big structural change.”
02/10/20 3:14am
Penn for Bernie joined a group of around 40 students in New Hampshire and returned to Philadelphia Sunday night. Four Biden supporters from Penn also canvassed throughout the state.
02/09/20 10:02pm
Chinatown residents said worries of the coronavirus have caused a decrease in the number of people eating out at restaurants, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. 
02/05/20 4:33pm
Trump, the only Penn graduate ever elected to the presidency, was impeached last December when the House of Representatives passed two articles charging him with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.
02/04/20 11:23pm
One day after the tumultuous Iowa caucuses produced no clear winner, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg spoke before nearly 2,000 people at the National Constitutional Center.  
02/04/20 1:20am
Penn hosted an Iowa satellite caucus in Houston Hall on Monday, where 14 registered Iowa Democrats living in the Philadelphia area gathered to advocate for their preferred candidates. 
02/02/20 10:51pm
On Jan. 22, Penn for Pete announced its new co-coordinators, Wharton sophomore Manoj Simha and first-year Engineering graduate student David Yastremsky. The group's previous leaders were College junior Sam Kaufmann and College junior Sarah Jones, who left to join Penn for Warren.