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11/18/20 12:33am
Temple Law School Professor Duncan B. Hollis moderated the Nov. 16 event and was joined by Estonian Ambassador for Cyber Diplomacy Heli Tiirmaa-Klaar. 
11/09/20 2:29am
The pilot program, called Serving a Vulnerable Entity, will partner social service professionals with SEPTA transit police officers to treat individuals who are struggling with poverty, addiction and mental health crises.
11/03/20 12:22am
Cell Press, a publisher of biomedical journals, created the list on Sept. 15, the first day of National Heritage Month, which lasted until Oct. 15.
10/18/20 11:25pm
The onset of the pandemic left many low-income residents unable to pay rent. 
10/06/20 11:47pm
Power condemned the Trump administration's lack of international cooperation in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
09/27/20 11:07pm
The program aims to identify how to implement climate and ecological literacy within the liberal arts curriculum in Philadelphia schools and beyond
09/06/20 10:17pm
The Flight 93 National Memorial marks the field where an airplane crashed as passengers and crew fought hijackers over control of the plane, thwarting an attempted attack on the U.S. Capitol building on September 11, 2001.
09/02/20 11:47pm
The book, titled Philadelphia Battlefields: Disruptive Campaigns and Upset Elections in a Changing City, hit shelves in August.
08/04/20 10:40pm
This year’s report analyzed data from 138 funds utilizing capital with a gender lens that raised a total capital of $4.8 billion — an increase in gender lens investing over the past three years.
07/19/20 9:50pm
The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services announced the Regional Response Health Collaboration Program on July 14, which will pair nine academic health systems with local regulatory agencies and long-term care facilities to develop COVID-19 readiness and response planning.
07/05/20 11:10pm
Mail-in ballot drop boxes became a central part of the Pennsylvania primary this year, which was delayed from April 28 to June 2 in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.
06/16/20 11:32pm
Pregnant women have previously been excluded from these trials out of concern for the woman and the fetus, which has led to a lack of data on treatment for pregnant women. 
06/07/20 11:41pm
Whether a country has a democracy or dictatorship government, including totalitarian and authoritarian governments, the distinction was not as important as a having resourceful government with high state capacity and more economic equality needed to battle a pandemic.
05/25/20 8:32pm
The researchers found that people who identified as Democrats were more likely to engage in physical distancing than people who identified as Republicans.
05/20/20 10:24pm
Results of the Penn study found that most of the 300 workers tested negative for the antibodies that would indicate infection from the coronavirus. 
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