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Reviews of the airport are mixed; some are happy with the addition of outlets and iPads, while others continue to lament slow WiFi and long travel times within the airport,.
2 hours ago
Neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Manhattan secured the top spots, with a 91.4 percent and a 54.5 percent increase in millennial populations respectively. 
2 hours ago
Penn started the process towards a tobacco-free campus in 2014, when the it convened a campus-wide Tobacco Committee, which ultimately changed the policy to ban smoking. 
2 hours ago
The rankings, which were based on over fifty specific factors, placed Newark, NJ, Baltimore and New York City in the top three spots.
22 hours ago
The event involved both a Q&A session and an on-ice portion, wherein students could skate with Min and chat about her life as a skater and her career successes. 
23 hours ago
These course examines determinants of patients' lives—such as lack of insurance, nutrition, and housing—that can be overlooked by the health system.
09/23/18 11:04pm
For four years, the fellowship will be competitively awarded and will cover one year of tuition, living stipend, and education-related expenses.
09/23/18 5:01pm
The University dropped two ranks from last year, now placing behind Princeton University.
09/21/18 10:14pm
Wharton’s youngest-tenured and highest-rated professor wrote that spending more time at work does not necessarily mean higher productivity.  
09/21/18 9:59pm
Penn Dems President and Wharton junior Dylan Milligan attended the rally with a group of 126 student members who received tickets after volunteering to canvas for Democrats.
09/21/18 9:51pm
The Philadelphia native completed his undergraduate studies at Princeton in 1947 and later received a Master of Fine Arts from Princeton in 1950. He received an honorary degree from Penn in 1980.
09/21/18 9:23pm
Penn is unique in offering Mongolian as a language, as only a few universities in the U.S., such as Indiana University and  UC Berkeley, offer it as a language option.
09/21/18 7:58pm
Penn launched the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history this past April. President Gutmann's goal is to raise $4.1 billion for the University.
09/21/18 7:10pm
The total Penn Law School estimated costs — including books, room and board, and other additional expenses — is $95,400 for the 2018-2019 academic year.
09/21/18 4:54pm
The rally, which Obama will be headlining, is scheduled for 2:30 p.m. and is for the reelection of United States Senator Bob Casey and Governor Tom Wolf, both of whom are Democrats. 
09/21/18 2:30pm
Davis's complaint states the alleged incident took place at a fraternity event, "Magic Gardens Halloween," on Oct. 27, 2017 at an off-campus venue at 5126 Warren St. 
09/21/18 2:10am
Furda said the lack of available data may add to the stress surrounding the already existing mystique surrounding college admissions. 
09/21/18 1:46am
Specifically within Philadelphia County, the Germantown Friends School and the Julia R. Masterman School both ranked first, while the William Penn Charter School ranked third.
09/21/18 1:30am
The first person from his Ghanaian village to attend college, Frimpong leads Cocoa360, which makes education and health treatment more accessible for Ghanaians.  
09/21/18 1:20am
Police officers raised the issue of disparate police practices when concerning law enforcement of drug use in West Philadelphia and on college campuses such as Penn's.