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The way women decide to vote will be a strong indication of the way demographics have shifted in the past two years, said professor Dawn Teele, recipient of Carrie Chapman Catt Prize for Research of Women in Politics.
2 hours ago
Some senior societies have existed for decades, but in recent years, a collection of new societies have been established to recognize contributions within specific cultural and interest groups.  
2 hours ago
In 2017, the number of women holding board seats in Philadelphia-based companies reached 17 percent — just one percent higher than the previous year.
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"In every election I've ever covered going back almost 30 years, politicians have always said this is the most important election of our lifetime," Dick Polman, WHYY political columnist and Penn writer-in-residence, said. "It's kind of become a cliche— but this one really is."
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In Philadelphia, there are five local, state, and national races on the ballot, in addition to a ballot question on the issue of public spending.  
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The bill also institutes a fine of up to $25,000 and a 10-year prison sentence for those who use drones to enable the shipping of contraband to a prison inmate.
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Not all finance and consulting clubs have implemented the new guidelines to club recruitment. 180 Degrees Consulting, one of the most selective consulting clubs, has not followed the new guidelines. 
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Sansom Place East is currently home to 528 graduate students who call the building old and maintenance "horrible," but Business Services said it will be five to ten years before the building will see renovations. 
5 hours ago
Mele and Kane earned the reward for their innovations on a new class of materials called topological insulators, which have important implications for electronics performance and quantum computing.
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Several Temple students and faculty say the sign is insensitive and promotes dangerous drug abuse.
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So far, the school has held two trainings for Penn Dental affiliates and will continue to hold more until all students and staff can attend.
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The event's speakers included CEO of MaxTech Networks Uzi Hanuni, who talked about how the communications technology designed by his company played a role in the dramatic Thai cave rescue this summer. 
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Democrat Bob Casey is running for his third term in Congress as Pennsylvania Senator and current polling gives him a 16-point lead.
10/20/18 12:48am
Student organizations Active Minds Penn and Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention hosted an event to talk about sexual assault and mental health in light of current events such as the Kavanaugh hearing.
10/19/18 9:38pm
After Ride Health's introduction at Penn Medicine's Abramson Cancer Center, Ride Health founders and HUP supervisors said they have seen improvements in patient satisfaction and more efficient care. 
10/19/18 7:13pm
The 2018 Reuters list placed Penn as the second most innovative Ivy League university and the fourth most innovative university in the world.
10/19/18 6:37pm
At Penn, Jin was involved with the Civic House and the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, which she said helped spark her interest in public service. 
10/19/18 1:12am
At the end of the debate, all students in attendance had been convinced by side government that businesses should be free to refuse to disseminate ideas with which they disagree.  
10/19/18 12:55am
Last March, Khan was found not guilty of raping a fellow Yale student in a case that was highly publicized due to the rarity of college sexual assault trials.
10/19/18 12:20am
The Woodlands cemetery near Baltimore Avenue is home to expansive burial grounds and a historical mansion that sits in its center.