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31 minutes ago
At Penn's vigil for Sri Lanka on Wednesday, organizers provided thoughtful and encouraging words for those grieving the tragedy.
40 minutes ago
Over the last few weeks, several groups supporting individual candidates in the Democratic primary — Penn for Bernie, Penn for Beto, Penn for Pete, and Penn for Kamala — have sprung up on Instagram.
1 hour ago
Before Fall 2018, Penn Global Seminar program fees did not include travel expenses or meals, creating uncertainty regarding the actual cost of the program. 
5 hours ago
Stewart, who was 80 when he died, joined the Penn community in 1970 and had several roles during his time in the school. 
21 hours ago
The building will be serve as the home of the Vagelos Institute for Energy Science and Technology and Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research.
22 hours ago
There was unanimous agreement among the candidates on ensuring open primaries and same-day voter registration, but the Democrats diverged on what policies were best suited to increase voter turnout.
04/23/19 11:35pm
Ayebiahwe said the idea of creating a multipurpose, rechargeable, and affordable LED lamp resonates with his own experiences growing up in a small village in Ghana. 
04/23/19 11:32pm
The panelists unpacked how power dynamics contribute to the problem and how marginalized communities are more likely to experience harassment. 
04/23/19 10:26pm
The Kleinman Center currently supports energy policy research on topics ranging from carbon taxes to aviation.
04/23/19 10:11pm
"Sometimes when I say biological basis of behavior, I get looked at like I have three heads," BBB major and College junior Aaron Groff said. 
04/23/19 10:07pm
The Panera will have seating for 125 people, including community tables, soft seating, and a fireplace — in addition to an outdoor patio that seats 40 people.
04/23/19 2:39am
A plan to renovate DRL was scrapped in 2013 after administrators determined there was not enough funding.
04/23/19 2:25am
At noon, people gathered in front of the Button for the first day of the week-long protest, which calls on Penn to help save the bookstore.
04/22/19 11:58pm
The battle for mayor of Philadelphia will feature four major candidates. Here’s what you need to know about each of them.
04/22/19 11:02pm
Second-year GSE student Sarah Simi Cohen began planning the group in March 2018. FGLIQ now serves around 35 undergraduate and graduate students and is hoping to expand.
04/22/19 8:21pm
The study found that within a 24-hour period, interns spent almost 16 hours on indirect patient care as they worked with electronic medical records and communicated with other clinicians. 
04/22/19 12:22am
The IFC will offer about 10 scholarships to new members, depending on the amount of applicants and financial need.
04/22/19 12:05am
The Office will implement training programs for faculty and staff on acknowledging the backgrounds of FGLI students and is developing a website to centralize all campus resources.
04/21/19 11:09pm
The five members of the UA executive board will serve in their positions throughout the body’s 47th session, which will encompass the 2019-2020 academic year.
04/21/19 10:50pm
“Local elections sometimes get less coverage but they are nonetheless still very important,” Penn Dems Communications Director and College freshman Tamara Wurman said.