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08/13/22 2:48pm
These cells are one of many cell types that help maintain essential structures in the lung, providing a potential treatment pathway.
08/13/22 2:40pm
The partnership, known as Design to Thrive, seeks to teach underrepresented students about architecture and design.
08/10/22 11:50pm
The five programs — PENNacle, PennArts, PennGenEq, PennQuest, and PennGreen — will each receive $50,000 in funding. 
08/10/22 11:29pm
The company supports startups in their early stages that have the potential for social impact, and already has scouting teams at Penn and Columbia University.
08/10/22 11:25pm
The statement responds to arguments made by the accused in April in hopes of dismissal of the suit.
08/10/22 11:23pm
The Philadelphia Sheriff’s Office enforced a court ruling on Monday to remove the encampment,  vacating the area of tents less than an hour after arriving on the scene.  
08/10/22 11:23pm
Judge Bruce Reinhart is reported to have signed off on the search warrant that FBI agents then executed to descend on the Mar-a-Lago estate where Trump — a 1968 Wharton graduate — calls home.  
08/04/22 12:25am
The fall semester will continue Penn’s summer COVID-19 protocols that lifted mandatory testing and the universal mask mandate in classrooms.
08/04/22 12:19am
The victim reportedly intervened in an altercation between a man and his girlfriend and was subsequently punched and stabbed.  
08/03/22 11:56pm
The vaccine is currently being administered to those either in contact with people who have monkeypox or who have been identified as at risk of the virus.
08/03/22 11:55pm
Wharton introduces a fall certificate program, Business in the Metaverse Economy, becoming the first Ivy League school to launch a course on the topic
08/02/22 9:08pm
Residents argue those engaged with the encampment are residents and invited guests — allowed to be on the property. The local sheriff's office is responsible for enforcing the judge's ruling of vacating the encampment, and has yet to carry out the judge's order. 
08/02/22 11:21am
Driscoll will represent Philadelphia's 6th Council District, which consists of parts of Northeast Philadelphia.
08/01/22 1:15pm
The mask protocol change was announced in a University-wide email among a number of COVID-19 policy updates, including the discontinuation of PennOpen Pass on Aug. 8.
08/01/22 10:53am
The Wharton School recently announced the launch of the Environmental, Social and Governance Initiative, aiming to explore how these sectors interact with business through research, education, and policy practices.
07/31/22 4:29pm
Hamilton Court contains 103 units, with a total of 295 student beds, and 21,400 square feet of retail space. The sale of the complex represents a record price per unit of over $800,000.  
07/29/22 5:13pm
WPSI has provided resources, job placement, and training for underemployed and unemployed West Philadelphia residents since 2009. Pew's donation will contribute to expanding WPSI’s reach in the city.
07/29/22 5:10pm
Penn broke ground on two solar facilities in PA that are intended to supply 75% of Penn's power needs
07/27/22 11:19pm
MacGregor was a pioneer in the field of infectious diseases and made many contributions to the research and treatment of HIV. 
07/27/22 11:08pm
Distrito closed on July 9, to the surprise of both employees and customers.