02/15/19 6:13am
The number of applications Penn received is about a one percent increase from last year's numbers. By comparison, the Class of 2022 saw above a 10 percent increase in applications. 
02/15/19 5:11am
Feb. 3: At about 7:25 p.m., a woman reported that a person she knew assaulted and injured her. The juvenile suspect was arrested.
02/15/19 4:39am
Jones read sections from her new book “Reclaiming Our Space: How Black Feminists Are Changing the World From the Tweets to the Streets." 
02/15/19 3:04am
A new study predicts that by 2080, Philadelphia's winters will be 9.1 degrees Fahrenheit warmer and 41.1 percent wetter.
02/15/19 2:12am
Penn Dems members say the tabling effort was especially significant in light of several national issues that have targeted the LGBTQ+ community.
02/14/19 4:19pm
Originally created nearly 65 years ago to control blood pressure, reserpine now shows promising signs that it might be able to stop the spread of cancer.
02/14/19 5:23am
Stevenson is the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, which has led the fight to eliminate unfair sentencing and to exonerate innocent incarcerated people on death row.
02/14/19 2:54am
The map, released Feb. 11, updates every 30 minutes and contains a feature that allows users to view the street closure permits associated with a particular intersection or address.
02/14/19 2:00am
Toomey has sponsored gun control amendments in the past, but the activists said it was difficult to determine whether their trip was successful in swaying the politician to support stricter gun control.
02/14/19 1:43am
Lo is the first director of Penn First Plus, an office dedicated to serving the needs of first-generation, low-income students.
02/13/19 4:31am
The program aims to teach how to design structures that account for the instability presented by climate change, addressing issues such as major storms and sea level rise.  
02/13/19 3:39am
Penn Medicine officials said the design plan will now allow for quicker room conversion, more greeting space for visitors, and patients will be able to change room conditions with new technology.
02/13/19 3:37am
Eells has met with Penn Wellness, the Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, the Undergraduate Assembly, and the Penn Benjamins peer counseling group.
02/13/19 3:00am
The plan will focus on four key strategies called "Diagnose, Treat, Protect, and Respond" and will also fund both new and existing programs.
02/13/19 2:45am
Despite slightly less than 2,000 students eligible to vote as Wharton sophomores, juniors, and seniors, only 108 total students cast their ballots.
02/13/19 12:52am
The Yale College Council had previously implemented a pilot program that provided disposable menstrual products in two of its residential buildings, the Yale Daily News reported. 
02/12/19 1:45pm
Stevenson has won several cases in the U.S. Supreme Court, most recently in a historic ruling that banned mandatory life-without-parole prison sentences for children 17 and younger.
02/12/19 9:04am
Fraternity chapters are barred from officially initiating new members until New Member Education requirements are fulfilled.
02/12/19 8:24am
1989 College graduate Juliane Dressner returned to her alma mater to air her feature-length documentary on this national issue  — and caught the attention of the Philadelphia City Council.
02/12/19 8:20am
A 10-week intensive program run by Penn's School of Social Policy & Practice, PREP aims to teach previously incarcerated individuals to be socially responsible entrepreneurs and help them reintegrate into society.