15 hours ago
2018 was a year to remember. Take a look back on Penn's most memorable moments with The Daily Pennsylvanian's Year in Review.
12/13/18 10:37pm
International students were admitted from 48 different countries, a drop from last year's 54 countries. The number of states with admitted students dropped from 45 last year to 42 this year. 
12/13/18 8:26pm
Harvest closed indefinitely after a fire in January 2017 to repair damage to the building, but four months later officials announced it would not reopen.
12/12/18 11:08pm
In 2018, students stormed into Center City when the Eagles won the Super Bowl, threw a "throwback show" for Spring Fling, and planned a (failed) protest against the decision to close Huntsman Hall early. Take a look back at this past year in photos.
12/12/18 8:52pm
The reference to the popular "Tea and Consent" video took the now-empty space where Wynn's name was once engraved.  
12/11/18 6:21am
2015 Nursing graduate Jennifer Toth said she was two and half years old when her parents noticed a lump on her abdomen as they were giving her a bath.
12/10/18 5:56am
On Friday, four students presented research related to Penn Slavery Project's findings that documented the relationships that several high-level faculty at Penn's medical school had with slavery.
12/10/18 3:55am
In response to a report that found attorneys showed high levels of stress, depression, and substance abuse, Penn Law developed the program on attorney mental health.
12/10/18 3:18am
Across the Ivy League, schools have recently experienced a plateau in terms of Early Decision applicant numbers.
12/10/18 2:34am
Through the Penn Fellows program, professors learn more about University operations over meals with administrators. This year’s cohort includes 17 mid-career professors. 
12/10/18 2:25am
All members of the Penn community can audition to join one of the diverse musical groups, which range from the jazz group to the Symphony Orchestra and the Arab Music Ensemble.
12/10/18 1:41am
Syrian journalist Zaina Erhaim was chosen to participate this fall in Penn's Writers at Risk program, but could not speak on campus due to Trump administration's travel ban. Now, Perry World House and Kelly Writers House are waiting to figure out next steps.
12/07/18 4:51am
The fellowship will consist of six seminars focusing on the human side of medicine rather than the technical side.
12/07/18 2:29am
Most recently, the Perelman Center for Political Science and Economics opened this semester following a $25 million donation from Ronald O. Perelman in 2013.
12/06/18 11:56pm
The Philadelphia-themed article was written by Zach Baron, a GQ writer and Philadelphia native. "It just feels…different in Philadelphia these days. Downright victorious, even," he wrote.
12/06/18 1:49am
"I could wait for 2 hours and still not have gotten help," Engineering sophomore Derya Yavuz said. "That's just a very frustrating situation, and it's like that every single time." 
12/06/18 1:14am
Poor course evaluations signal to the department that the instructor should be placed into another course, or the instructor’s standing in the tenure process should be reevaluated.
12/06/18 1:05am
Wharton professor Gideon Nave discovered the connection when he controlled for more variables than previous studies had.
12/06/18 12:12am
Graduate students at Brown University voted to unionize after over a year of campaigns and Columbia University administration officially recognized the student union following years of resistance.
12/06/18 12:01am
The Club, located on the second floor of the Inn at Penn, is only open to Penn faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students.