04/09/22 10:47pm
Take a look at how Penn students celebrated Holi at College Green on Friday, April 1. They not only participated in the beautiful tradition of throwing brightly colored powders but also enjoyed wonderful performances by several performing art groups. Happy Holi everyone!
02/08/22 5:54pm
On Jan. 29, Penn students enjoyed a snow day outside of Lauder College House
12/25/21 12:46pm
Penn Class of 2026 ED Acceptance Reactions! The University of Pennsylvania accepted 15.6% of its early decision applicants this year. Check out how these new Quakers reacted to their acceptances!
11/16/21 6:52pm
On Friday, Nov. 5, students attended the Ban the Burn festival, a student-organized fundraiser to raise awareness against a trash incinerator that is releasing harmful pollutants just outside of Philadelphia.
11/10/21 7:56pm
On Tuesday, Nov. 9 and Wednesday, Nov. 10, students reported thick smoke on and around various parts of campus from a fire that started in a junkyard south of campus.
11/04/21 11:30am
In this episode of “Word on the Walk,” Academics and Faculty Beat reporter Delaney Parks heads out on Locust Walk to ask Penn students what they think about the University’s eighth president, who was nominated this July by President Joe Biden to serve as the United States ambassador to Germany.
10/18/21 11:03am
On Wednesday, Oct. 13, the senior class celebrated an in-person Hey Day, which was originally scheduled for spring 2021.
10/12/21 5:38pm
From 1 to 3 p.m. every day from Sept. 28 to Oct. 1, Penn students staged a sit-in outside the Psi Upsilon chapter house to demand action from the University and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life after an alleged assault by a fraternity brother against a student in early September.
09/30/21 5:11pm
Senior sports reporter Joey Piatt heads out on Locust Walk to remind students to support Penn football. Their Ivy League opener against Dartmouth at Franklin Field is this Friday, Oct. 1, at 7 p.m.
09/11/21 11:40am
Twenty years ago today, four former Daily Pennsylvanian editors reported on one of the biggest stories of their lives. Now, they return to share their experiences with current reporters, students, and the Penn community.
09/02/21 10:23am
Philadelphia County was under tornado warning on Wednesday evening, as high winds and heavy rains hit the region. Video contributed by Allan Zhang.
09/02/21 10:23am
The Schuylkill River Trail near Penn's campus was flooded on Thursday morning. Video contributed by Chase Sutton.
04/27/21 12:00pm
Although many Penn students were able to return to Philadelphia this spring, COVID-19 restrictions have kept most international students away from campus. Follow Carolyn Tsiang from Shanghai and Ezra Chan from Vancouver as they go to school from home.
04/19/21 4:00pm
The University of Pennsylvania accepted 5.68% of its regular decision applicants this year. Check out how these new Quakers reacted to their acceptances!
03/23/21 11:00am
Most Penn students hope to become doctors, lawyers, or consultants. Daniel Roy became a magician. Find out how and why he did it with Opinion Columnist Varun Saraswathula. If you want to learn more about Daniel and his work, check him out on social media: Website:​ YouTube:​ Instagram: @danielroymagic TikTok: @danielroymagic
03/18/21 5:00pm
As Penn passes the anniversary of campus closing in light of the pandemic, The Daily Pennsylvanian looks back on some of the year’s defining COVID-19 moments.
02/22/21 5:00pm
Beat Reporter Sheila Hodges asks Penn students and Philadelphia residents what Black History Month means to them and how they’re celebrating it this year.
02/17/21 12:00pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with three students from Sansom Place West, the dorm for students isolating after testing positive for COVID-19. This is what they had to say.
01/29/21 12:00pm
Take an exclusive look inside the saliva-based COVID-19 testing process at two of Penn’s most popular locations.
01/26/21 2:27pm
Consulting Manager Eric Hoang brings you inside the office of The Daily Pennsylvanian. With editorial and business teams, 4015 Walnut Street has a place for everyone.