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03/20/19 5:00am
Bella Essex, a member of all four Consent Collaborative constituent groups, Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention, the V-Day Campaign, Penn Anti-Violence Educators, and Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault, plans to use the seat to advance further discussions on changes to sexual violence policies at Penn. 
03/18/19 10:00pm
Legend, who studied English while at Penn, mentioned that he went to a "good school" and added that others are viewing the scandal "rightly as fraudulent and dishonest." He and his wife, Christine Teigen, also posted a photo on Twitter with their heads photoshopped onto professional soccer players’ bodies.
03/11/19 4:37am
The VP of Health and Wellness and College junior Teagan Aguirre will also plan wellness pop-up events throughout the semester, which will replace the Panhellenic Council’s Wellness Week.
03/01/19 4:26am
Tangen Hall's construction will cost $46.35 million and will span 68,000 square feet.
02/28/19 11:09pm
Undergraduate student tuition will increase from $49,220 to $51,156 for the next academic year.
02/25/19 6:35am
Hillel's Falk Dining Commons staff were told they could not celebrate Black History Month the same way they could before, by serving Southern cuisine to students.  
02/25/19 3:35am
While SRFS scrapped their efforts to improve accessibility to work-study jobs, students continue to criticize the process of finding these positions.
02/25/19 2:10am
In addition to not having footage that captured the incident, the OSC also could not verify whether the labels on the women's clothing indicated that the women were part of the Theta chapter.
02/12/19 9:04am
Fraternity chapters are barred from officially initiating new members until New Member Education requirements are fulfilled.
02/09/19 5:11am
The woman was in a group of several other women during the incident, the freshman said, noting that another woman was wearing a white, long-sleeved shirt he believes is affiliated with Penn's Kappa Alpha Theta sorority chapter.
02/02/19 8:15pm
Water also started to pour down outside of the building. At approximately 3:05 p.m., all customers were asked to evacuate the building. The cause of the flood is unknown.
01/22/19 1:06am
The national Lambda Board of Directors voted on Dec. 21 to withdraw the Lambda chapter following a university-led investigation into the hazing of pledges.
01/18/19 7:39am
"Asian Students: Please follow the Western convention of writing your family name last and in CAPS," read the syllabus for Stat 111, taught by Emeritus Professor Warren Ewens.
12/10/18 3:55am
In response to a report that found attorneys showed high levels of stress, depression, and substance abuse, Penn Law developed the program on attorney mental health.
12/06/18 1:14am
Poor course evaluations signal to the department that the instructor should be placed into another course, or the instructor’s standing in the tenure process should be reevaluated.
11/21/18 10:36pm
Academic resilience is “using disappointment as a growth opportunity" and is consistent with Penn's focus on wellness, founding member of the Resilience Consortium Myrna Cohen said.
11/16/18 8:12pm
The designation is meant to recognize hospitals and health systems for their work in using healthcare technology effectively to improve care for patients. 
10/31/18 3:57am
Josh Evans' interest in real estate investment stemmed from a few Penn classes he took in urban development. 
10/29/18 4:07am
The team of researchers published a study on Oct. 22 about possible fertility preservation for prepubescent male cancer survivors.
10/15/18 2:04am
Teaching biology at Penn gave Lawrence Rome a more general knowledge of the human body that he used to create suspended-load backpacks.
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