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5 hours ago
Penn Medicine notified nearly 900 patients whose records may have been improperly accessed and misused by a former Penn medical assistant.
05/14/19 2:12am
Now having laughed with, worked in, and befriended the Penn community for more than 18 years, Soin is retiring from her position as the first lone staff member at the Pan-Asian American Community House.
04/23/19 2:25am
At noon, people gathered in front of the Button for the first day of the week-long protest, which calls on Penn to help save the bookstore.
04/22/19 12:22am
The IFC will offer about 10 scholarships to new members, depending on the amount of applicants and financial need.
04/14/19 10:40pm
On April 8, store owners Ashley Montague and Michael Row announced that Penn Book Center will shut its doors after nearly 60 years of business. 
04/12/19 12:25am
 SHS will provide free booster vaccines to Penn's at-risk students. 
04/08/19 2:04am
The symposium, which was a two-day event consisting of panels by historians and presentations by students, took place on April 3 and 4 and was co-hosted by the Program on Race, Science, and Society. 
04/01/19 3:46am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to some students who were admitted to the Class of 2023 on March 28. Here are their stories. 
04/01/19 1:29am
Engineering sophomore Majesty Uwagerikpe, who held another position on the IFC executive board, is now IFC's first Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion.
03/28/19 12:41am
Students urged Penn to give the three cultural houses, which are housed in the ARCH basement, more space and resources.
03/26/19 11:05pm
The event, which will be held on April 4, is hosted by Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention. Hundreds of students and staff typically attend the march.
03/20/19 1:00am
Bella Essex, a member of all four Consent Collaborative constituent groups, Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention, the V-Day Campaign, Penn Anti-Violence Educators, and Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault, plans to use the seat to advance further discussions on changes to sexual violence policies at Penn. 
03/18/19 6:00pm
Legend, who studied English while at Penn, mentioned that he went to a "good school" and added that others are viewing the scandal "rightly as fraudulent and dishonest." He and his wife, Christine Teigen, also posted a photo on Twitter with their heads photoshopped onto professional soccer players’ bodies.
03/11/19 12:37am
The VP of Health and Wellness and College junior Teagan Aguirre will also plan wellness pop-up events throughout the semester, which will replace the Panhellenic Council’s Wellness Week.
02/28/19 11:26pm
Tangen Hall's construction will cost $46.35 million and will span 68,000 square feet.
02/28/19 6:09pm
Undergraduate student tuition will increase from $49,220 to $51,156 for the next academic year.
02/25/19 1:35am
Hillel's Falk Dining Commons staff were told they could not celebrate Black History Month the same way they could before, by serving Southern cuisine to students.  
02/24/19 10:35pm
While SRFS scrapped their efforts to improve accessibility to work-study jobs, students continue to criticize the process of finding these positions.
02/24/19 9:10pm
In addition to not having footage that captured the incident, the OSC also could not verify whether the labels on the women's clothing indicated that the women were part of the Theta chapter.
02/12/19 4:04am
Fraternity chapters are barred from officially initiating new members until New Member Education requirements are fulfilled.
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