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01/22/20 12:20am
Kelly co-wrote a song on BTS’s upcoming album, “Map of the Soul: 7,” expected to be released on Feb. 21.
01/15/20 12:04am
Penn saw a 9% decline in number of ED applicants from last year’s 7,109 applicants. Harvard and Yale also experienced a decline in early action applicants from last year.
12/16/19 7:52pm
The 1,269 students offered admission account for approximately 53% of the expected enrolling class. This year, Penn received 6,453 early decision applications, a 9% decline from last year’s 7,109 applicants.
12/01/19 11:48pm
Workers often had to redirect people who came into the store to buy Penn T-shirts and merchandise, mistaking the Penn Book Center for the Penn Bookstore.
11/24/19 9:58pm
Binti Hasbullah and Damianos bring Penn's total number of Rhodes Scholars to 30. This is the third year in a row that Penn students have won the scholarship.
11/19/19 12:26am
Carey Law has changed its shortened name back to “Penn Law” for the next three years, capitulating to widespread pressure from students and alumni.
11/18/19 1:17am
A law student at Penn swiftly claimed the original @PennLaw Twitter handle and turned it into a parody account.
11/12/19 1:59am
Carey Law Dean of Students Felicia Lin, along with three other administrators, held an hour-and-a-half lunch Q&A session on Monday for any law students concerned about the school's renaming. 
11/10/19 1:49pm
The petition comes after Penn's law school was renamed as "Carey Law School" following a $125 million donation from the W.P. Carey Foundation — the largest sum gifted to any law school. 
11/08/19 1:30am
The University cited security concerns as driving their decision to shut down the event in the ARCH building and has not offered an alternative venue, Penn College Republicans leaders said. The club still intends to bring D'Souza to campus.
11/07/19 11:28pm
The College Hall construction will cost $5.4 million and will take place between December 2019 and June 2020. 
10/24/19 12:28am
Anomaly said he did not think the title would garner the controversy it has today in an interview with The Daily Pennsylvanian.
10/16/19 10:22pm
In September 2018, administrators announced the new Second-Year Experience program, which will include sophomore-specific courses and celebrations as well as the new housing rule. Penn has since reaffirmed that on-campus housing will not include Greek housing.
10/14/19 11:57pm
At 8 a.m., protesters began marching from the Starbucks located at 34th and Walnut streets toward the Sansom street entrance of the Penn Law School building. 
10/13/19 11:29pm
At 8 a.m., protesters will begin to march from the Starbucks located at 34th and Walnut streets toward the Sansom entrance of the Penn Law school building. The protest will then continue in front of the law school building until 9 a.m. when classes begin for law students.
10/13/19 10:24pm
Greek life leaders have since argued against the new rule, pointing out that chapter houses are mostly filled by sophomores.
10/13/19 10:21pm
College senior Jacky Chan, who is living in what is now Lauder College House for her fourth year, said she met many of her closest friends through the college house. 
10/04/19 1:14am
The first hour-long wellness walk is taking place this Friday at noon and will start off with a 5-7 minute lecture on health literacy from the Penn Community Health and Engineering Librarian Amanpreet Kaur.
09/20/19 1:58am
The event was attended by student residents from nearby dorms and took place in Gregory College House.
09/18/19 10:00pm
Construction on Penn First Plus' permanent home will begin later this semester and is expected to open in the 2020-2021 school year. 
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