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Every year, between late January and early February, billions of people around the world recognize Lunar New Year. Explore the many ways the Penn community celebrates this auspicious holiday, in photos.  document.location = ""
It has been over a century since Penn athletics first allowed female students to pursue athletics. To celebrate National Women and Girls in Sports Day, here are some of the moments that have defined the 103 years since, in photos. document.location = ""
After nearly two years of snowless drought, Philadelphia found itself covered in a sheet of white, receiving over an inch of snow. See how Penn’s campus underwent a transformation, in photos.   document.location = ""
The Daily Pennsylvanian documented the stories of 2023 — the triumphs and obstacles, the joys and heartbreaks, of a community feeling the consequences of events around the world. In a year defined by student-led activism on campus, see the images that capture a pivotal moment in Penn and Philadelphia's history. document.location = ""
Facing widespread national scrutiny and intensifying calls for her resignation throughout the fall semester, Penn President Liz Magill announced on Dec. 9 that she would step down after being in office for only 16 months. See how The Daily Pennsylvanian photographers documented Magill’s presidency, from her official confirmation to the Congressional hearing that preceded her resignation. document.location = ""
See how The Daily Pennsylvanian photographers captured the over five-hour-long hearing in front of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce on Dec. 5. document.location = ""
See how The Daily Pennsylvanian's photographers captured the past week of programming and the University's response during the Freedom School for Palestine's ongoing sit-in at Houston Hall. document.location = ""
Prior to this year, Penn men’s basketball hadn’t beaten a nationally ranked opponent since 2018, when it stunned then-No. 17 Villanova. In an early-week victory eerily similar to that from five years ago, the Quakers pulled off another historic upset against their now-City 6 rival with a closely-fought 76-72 win over the Wildcats last Monday. See how The Daily Pennsylvanian photographers captured the excitement and energy surrounding the game, from tipoff to when fans stormed the court in celebration. document.location = ""
Despite being an off-year election, over one thousand Penn students turned out to vote on Nov. 7 for what would become a historic mayoral election for Philadelphia. See how the community participated in Election Day, from the time polls opened across campus early in the morning to the night when a new Penn alum was elected into the city's highest office, in photos. document.location = ""
As players and coaches prepare for their fast-approaching opener against Colgate on Saturday, The Daily Pennsylvanian's photographers attended football practice to capture the team hard at work ahead of game day. From drills with weighted mannequins to two-minute, head-to-head scrimmages, here is a morning at training camp, in photos. document.location = ""
Just over six months since renovations began on the west wing of College Hall, The Daily Pennsylvanian took a tour of the construction site for an inside look into the changes coming to this historic landmark and the stories behind them. document.location = ""
From meeting Penn President Liz Magill during move in to spending an evening at the Philadelphia Museum of Art and witnessing the annual Convocation ceremony, these first moments for the Class of 2027 and transfer students marked their early transition to Penn. document.location = ""
Here's how Philadelphia protested the plans to build a new basketball arena in the Chinatown area. document.location = ""
Penn's annual Take Back the Night event took place last week. The evening included speeches, performances, a march through campus, and concluded with a survivors' vigil. document.location = ""
Here's how the Penn community celebrated Holi 2023: Embrace Your Colors. document.location = ""
Here's how the Penn and Philadelphia communities reacted to the Eagles' 38-35 Super Bowl defeat. document.location = ""
President Joe Biden visited Philadelphia for the first time since the controversy involving the Penn Biden Center to speak at the Democratic National Committee's winter meeting reception. document.location = ""
In 2022, the world saw a myriad of protests erupt, social issues and conflicts arise, and the saliency of the COVID-19 pandemic dissipate. While sitting in lecture halls, playing in the Palestra, and eating in Houston Hall, the Penn community amounted to similar challenges. The Daily Pennsylvanian’s photographers documented the stories of 2022 as the Penn community felt the ripple of events around the world. These images postmark the end of another tumultuous year as another looms on the horizon. document.location = ""
Over the past week, protests erupted across China against the government’s stringent COVID-19 lockdown policies after 10 people died in a fire in Ürümqi, China, eliciting responses and comments around the world. The Penn community, roughly 19% of which is composed of international students, responded in kind. With candlelights, blank sheets of paper, and chanting, here is a look into the vigil in solidarity with those protesting in China. document.location = ""
Americans across the country turned out for the midterm elections yesterday, and the Penn community was no exception. 1,931 ballots were cast at two voting locations on campus, Houston Hall and ARCH. With two of the most contentious races in America taking place in Pennsylvania, and the future of reproductive rights, the control of the Senate, and many other issues hanging in the balance, here’s a look into this historic midterm elections day. document.location = ""