Panera Bread expected to open this spring on 40th and Walnut streets

Harvest closed indefinitely after a fire in January 2017 to repair damage to the building, but four months later officials announced it would not reopen.

7 hours ago
'You don't pour tea down someone's throat' written in place of 'Wynn Commons' namesake

The reference to the popular "Tea and Consent" video took the now-empty space where Wynn's name was once engraved.  

12/12/18 8:52pm


DP Sports staffer Danny Chiarodit tries to stab prospective Olympic fencer Justin Yoo
12/13/18 12:59am

The Daily Pennsylvanian sent one of our sports staffers to try to beat Justin Yoo, senior epee on the Penn men's fencing team. How will he fare against the 2020 Olympic hopeful? Find out in this video!

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