Penn faculty on hiring committees are now required to undergo unconscious bias training

The requirement went into effect this semester, but the decision was made in March 2017 as part of the President and Provost's Faculty Inclusion Report.

21 hours ago
When a Player Gets Up Dazed, Part I

In Part I, three former Penn sprint football players deal with the effects of playing through brain injuries during the 2017 season. When they played through their concussions, they didn't think they'd still be feeling the effects today. 

10/15/18 3:23am


Ballin on a Budget: Sebastian (Episode 4)
10/11/18 2:56am

Looking to decorate your apartment, but operating on a student budget? In this episode of "Ballin' on a Budget," junior Sebastian teaches us the definition of ballin' on a budget: thrifting, dumpster diving, and stealing wall signs to score valuable designer furniture, and achieve an ultimate, mid-century modern chic home. For more tips and tricks, make sure to check out the DP's 2018 Housing Guide!

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