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04/18/22 11:25pm
Penn political groups are ensuring students are registered to vote before Pennsylvania's May 2 deadline for the upcoming primary.
03/23/22 12:40am
The event will feature all of the student government branches discussing their work over the past year and goals for the future. 
03/17/22 12:30am
Baumlin officially launched his campaign for Senate in April 2021 following Senator Pat Toomey's (R-Pa.) announcement in 2020 that he would not be running for re-election this year.
02/03/22 11:50pm
The 60-minute documentary brought together twelve individuals on different areas of the political spectrum in order to test whether it was possible to bridge their ideological divides.
01/25/22 11:50pm
Arkoosh highlighted her focus on public health and healthcare access, and stressed that her previous experience as a physician has helped her enter the role of public service.
12/14/21 2:36pm
McGann dedicated most of his life’s work to the development and interconnection of think tanks on a global scale.
09/22/21 12:06am
Project teams will have access to collaborators and advisors, such as Shark Tank's Mark Cuban and venture capitalist Tim Draper. 
08/31/21 12:59am
This year’s Convocation was markedly different from last year’s virtual ceremony, with students seated close together in front of College Hall — some without masks.
08/09/21 12:40am
Professor of Medicine Drew Weissman — whose research allowed for the development of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine — was named the inaugural Roberts Family Professor in Vaccine Research.
07/19/21 1:22am
Avenatti and lawyer Mark Geragos insisted that Nike pay them $25 million to investigate internal wrongdoings or he would expose the company's alleged misconduct at a news conference.
07/12/21 12:19am
2013 College graduate and Associate Director of La Casa Latina Kareli Lizarraga ended her position on June 30, making Director of La Casa Latina Krista Cortes the only remaining staff member.
06/28/21 12:35am
The City of Philadelphia is shifting from mass vaccination sites to smaller close-to-home clinics in order to get more residents vaccinated by meeting them where they feel most comfortable.
06/20/21 11:41pm
The Latin American and Latinx Studies Program will become the Center for Latin American and Latinx Studies on July 1.
06/13/21 11:41pm
The statement, released on May 19, has been signed by nearly 330 members of the Penn community and 28 Penn groups and Philadelphia-based organizations.
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