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09/04/23 9:31pm
Members of the DP's 139th student board reflect on their first semester in charge of the company and share their goals for the remainder of the year.
11/07/22 11:18pm
Advance course registration for spring 2023 closes on Nov. 13.
09/26/22 12:15am
Plans to sell the UC Townhomes, an affordable housing complex in University City, have shone a spotlight on the issue of subsidized housing in Philadelphia and reinvigorated years-old demands against Penn to give back more to its surrounding community.
09/08/22 4:35pm
A recent inspection of the building found multiple instances of mice feces and a live mouse, as well as an accumulation of debris and grease in several areas of the store. 
05/27/22 12:00am
Recently unionized Starbucks baristas on campus are demanding protections against the corporation for what they view as unfair wages, inconsistent scheduling and staffing issues, safety violations, and harassment.
04/21/22 12:53am
The University stands to benefit from Wilson's empire of biotechnology companies, which have received hundreds of millions of dollars in venture capital financing. 
01/13/22 12:00pm
Magill, who currently serves as the University of Virginia's Provost and Executive Vice President, will assume the Penn Presidency on July 1.
11/11/21 1:51am
Despite numerous complaints to multiple University offices over at least the past decade, employees said nothing has changed. They allege Penn has turned a blind eye to the abusive work environment at GTP, failing to hold the moneymaking program and its director, Jim Wilson, accountable.
11/08/21 4:18pm
Columbia, Cornell, and Brown universities received bomb threats over the weekend, and Yale University received one on Friday, forcing campus evacuations of several buildings. 
10/12/21 2:36pm
Rush has been at Penn since 1994, in which she launched several public safety initiatives on campus and faced criticism from University and Philadelphia community members. 
08/23/21 11:56pm
Five Guys is a casual eatery which serves fast food like hamburgers and french fries. 
05/03/21 2:53pm
Wang was a 22-year-old student in the accelerated seven-year joint Biology-Dental program from Princeton Junction, New Jersey.
04/28/21 2:58pm
Following nationwide coverage and uproar, the University committed to a "respectful, consultative resolution" with the goal of reuniting the remains with the Africa family, according to an email sent Wednesday afternoon to undergraduates from Provost Wendell Pritchett and Penn Museum Director Christopher Woods.
04/19/21 1:38am
Voters will cast their decision for local races, and for new judges to Pennsylvania’s three statewide appellate courts — some of the highest positions in state government that will affect policy for years to come. 
04/07/21 2:39pm
While Penn announced it plans to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions associated with underlying investments in its endowment, it will not be completely divesting from fossil fuels.
03/23/21 2:23am
The Alpha Phi International Fraternity banned the chapter from holding in-person and virtual events until May 11, at which date the chapter's status will be reviewed again based on the University investigation.
03/15/21 12:32pm
In an email sent an email to faculty on Monday morning, top University administrators cited the increasing availability of vaccines and Biden's recent promise to make every adult in the United States eligible for vaccination by May 1 as reason to be hopeful about a nearing end to the pandemic.
03/08/21 1:10am
Crimes listed were reported to Penn's Division of Public Safety in the Penn Patrol Zone from March 1 to March 7. 
02/13/21 5:00pm
The Senate voted to acquit Trump in his second impeachment trial on — falling short of the two-thirds majority needed for conviction.
01/27/21 2:40am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with multiple students who have survived COVID-19. Here are their stories.
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