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06/25/20 12:01pm
Penn will invite students back to campus on Sept. 1 for a hybrid fall 2020 semester with a mixture of in-person and virtual instruction. The remainder of the semester will be conducted online after Thanksgiving break.
06/24/20 12:56pm
Following backlash from thousands of students, alumni, and faculty regarding the University's relationship with local police forces, the University has also commissioned an independent review of its Division of Public Safety.
06/22/20 3:13am
The DP surveyed undergraduates to gauge what students hope to see and are currently most concerned about regarding fall 2020. Over half of the 1,000 respondents prefer a hybrid model of in-person and online instruction, while only 9% preferring an entirely remote, online option. 
06/06/20 4:34pm
More than 9,600 people have signed a petition demanding that Penn cease its institutional support of a "racist, fascist police state" that has led to continued violence against Black people. After decades of postwar gentrification, the petition also asks the University to open its campus to West Philadelphia and pay PILOTS.
06/04/20 6:12pm
Computer Connection, a technology retail store located in the Penn Bookstore, will permanently close due financial impacts from larger businesses, fewer product releases, and tight margins. 
05/30/20 3:53pm
Although Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said police would be respectful of protesters, activists were met with tear gas and pepper spray hours into the demonstration, shortly after protesters began breaking into police vehicles.
05/28/20 1:57am
In real time, these interactive maps are tracking the fall reopening policies of over 315 colleges across each of the 50 states. Double click to zoom into the maps.
05/21/20 4:39pm
The four scenarios include a hybrid of in-person and online instruction, a shortened in-person semester, more robust summer 2021 course offerings, and entirely online learning.
05/21/20 12:25am
College Board and ACT testing agencies canceled and postponed multiple test dates in response to the pandemic, prompting many universities to change standardized test requirements for future applicants.
05/19/20 10:54pm
Although Penn Abroad said it would announce the fate of fall study abroad programs by May 15, the decision for many programs has been delayed once again because of the COVID-19 pandemic.
05/13/20 11:53pm
Brandon Ferguson was arrested and charged with four counts each of aggravated assault, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person.
05/11/20 2:28am
Admissions experts say schools are anxious about international students possibly not being able to arrive on campus for the fall semester, and about domestic students who may choose to take a gap year instead of enrolling amid the coronavirus.
05/03/20 11:37pm
A Penn graduate student filed a class action lawsuit against the University on April 30, demanding tuition and fee refunds for the remainder of the spring semester after on-campus operations shut down in March. 
04/28/20 12:34am
The group hopes to diversify what it feels is a dominant pre-professional atmosphere on campus by fostering electoral engagement and progressive activism. 
04/23/20 11:47pm
Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf ordered many construction projects and “nonessential” businesses to immediately shut down, but NCHW construction has been approved to proceed in order to stabilize and weather-proof the site.
04/22/20 2:18am
CAFSA, an on-campus organization officially founded in September 2019 to combat rape culture and support historically underrepresented identities, removed Penn Dems from their coalition after they endorsed presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
04/21/20 12:35am
Because U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services suspended routine visa services at all embassies and consulates due to COVID-19, it is unclear if new international students will be able to secure visas in time for the fall semester.
04/13/20 12:10am
Penn for Bernie's directors sent out a survey form on Friday to over 200 members seeking input about the future of Penn for Bernie.
04/09/20 11:31pm
Penn students on dining plans will now receive refunds for their remaining spring semester meal plan balance, and departed College House residents will receive pro-rated reimbursements in May on their student billing accounts.
04/02/20 12:57am
While Penn Democrats officially endorsed Biden in late March, Penn for Bernie said their group has no plans to support Biden’s campaign unless he adopts leftist policies that address issues pertinent to younger voters.
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