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03/25/20 11:34pm
Penn's first week of online classes was not without technological issues. But many students praised professors for their dedication and compassion amidst COVID-19.
03/24/20 12:01am
Amidst COVID-19, political groups like Penn Democrats and Penn Leads the Vote try to keep students politically engaged despite physical limitations and uncertain primary dates. 
03/01/20 11:55pm
Although Penn Democrats has yet to endorse a candidate for the 2020 presidential primary, the group partnered with Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg's Pennsylvania campaign branch for a campaign event at Woody’s, an LGBTQ bar and dance club in Center City.
02/26/20 11:20pm
All college students will be counted as residents of where they are living as of April 1, as opposed to where they grew up or where their guardians live. At Penn, the rules are the same for non-Pennsylvanian students as well as international students.
02/19/20 1:21am
Check out a breakdown of five leading Democratic candidates' plans to make college more affordable and decrease student debt. 
02/16/20 10:27pm
On the afternoon of Feb. 13, about 20 local students convened in Huntsman Hall to witness members of March for Our Lives PA and Pa. Attorney General Josh Shapiro formally announce a new plan promises cut gun deaths in Pennsylvania in half by 2030.
02/04/20 11:23pm
One day after the tumultuous Iowa caucuses produced no clear winner, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg spoke before nearly 2,000 people at the National Constitutional Center.  
02/04/20 1:20am
Penn hosted an Iowa satellite caucus in Houston Hall on Monday, where 14 registered Iowa Democrats living in the Philadelphia area gathered to advocate for their preferred candidates. 
02/02/20 10:51pm
On Jan. 22, Penn for Pete announced its new co-coordinators, Wharton sophomore Manoj Simha and first-year Engineering graduate student David Yastremsky. The group's previous leaders were College junior Sam Kaufmann and College junior Sarah Jones, who left to join Penn for Warren.
01/22/20 10:12pm
The new ballot machines will increase voting accuracy by leaving a paper trail instead of only recording votes electronically. However, the sudden change in ballot technology may lead to confusion and longer lines at the polling sites.
01/14/20 9:45pm
Houston Hall will host a satellite Iowa Caucus in February, organized by College junior and Titonka, Iowa resident, Jessica Anderson.
12/10/19 7:14pm
The grant funds up to three years of study at a college or university in the United Kingdom for up to 50 American postgraduates annually.
11/15/19 1:46am
Sambanis, founder and faculty director of the Penn Identity and Conflict Lab, shared his research on the question of whether shared norms and ideas can reduce ethnic discrimination. 
11/12/19 10:07pm
Statistics professor James Johndrow and his wife, statistician Kristian Lum,  have written a paper providing a probabilistic notion of algorithm bias as well as a method for removing this bias. 
10/24/19 12:59am
"Wharton Story Slam: Failures" featured six current Wharton students who shared their encounters with failure of all sorts — in their classes, their career prospects, and even their personal relationships.
10/08/19 9:16pm
The brief, filed by Penn and eighteen other universities, claims that talent and potential would be lost for universities and the nation as a whole if the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program were rescinded.
09/25/19 7:24pm
The exhibit, titled "Hostile Terrain 94," is a 20-foot-long map of the Arizona-Mexico border filled with identification tags of those who died trying to emigrate to the United States. 
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