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01/13/21 4:34pm
1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump, the only Penn graduate ever elected to the presidency, has been impeached for the second time after inciting a deadly attack against the Capitol.
12/11/20 1:11am
Krajewski defeated three opponents in the June Democratic primary election. His campaign's three priorities are to enact progressive state healthcare and criminal justice reform, connect underprivileged Philadelphians with essential government services, and provide relief for small businesses and workers. 
12/09/20 11:37pm
The history-making presidential election saw an intense battle between former Penn professor Joe Biden and 1968 Wharton graduate and Republican incumbent Donald Trump, with Pennsylvania flipping blue to propel Biden to the White House. 
12/08/20 12:12am
During phone banking events, held every Monday evening over Zoom for the past two months, Penn Dems members urge eligible Georgia voters to vote blue.
12/04/20 12:21am
O’Mara, who received a master’s in English and History from Penn in 2017, ran for the second time this election season to continue representing Pennsylvania’s 165th District in Pennsylvania’s House of Representatives.
11/20/20 12:26am
Prior to the new guidelines, Smokes had been operating at 50% capacity, or a maximum of about sixty customers seated in the restaurant at a given time.
11/12/20 1:27am
If Democrats prevail in the two remaining Georgia Senate races, then the Senate will be split equally between the two parties, with Vice President Kamala Harris acting as tie-breaker.
11/09/20 12:24am
Despite the celebrations, many students believe the nation must continue fighting for progressive policies in efforts to undo the nation's divisions exacerbated under the current administration.
11/08/20 10:59pm
West sharply critiqued the Democratic Party, especially its failure to protect and uplift the working class, and cited frustration with having to vote for Biden, whom he labeled a "neoliberal disaster."
11/04/20 12:56am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to leaders of some of Penn’s major political groups – Penn Democrats, College Republicans, Penn Leads the Vote, and Penn Justice Democrats – regarding how members of each group are preparing to watch election results trickle in.
10/28/20 9:03am
Penn Dems estimated that over half of the mail-in ballots of students who registered to vote with on-campus addresses, but requested their ballots to be sent elsewhere, were misdelivered by the city.
10/26/20 10:58pm
We summarize everything you need to know.
10/18/20 11:10pm
Penn Dems hosts a convention each presidential election year for other collegiate Democratic clubs. The event continued this year virtually.
10/15/20 12:58am
The Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus concluded its National AAPI Bus Tour with the one-hour Zoom rally on Wednesday evening.
10/11/20 11:20pm
"Boys State" follows over a thousand 16-and-17-year-old boys who gather for an elaborate mock exercise in which they “build” their own state government, mirroring the intense party divisions and hyper-masculinity currently plaguing national politics.
10/02/20 12:49am
Student debaters explained why they feel that their respective candidates are best fit to lead the nation for the next four years, with particularly tense moments occurring when the speakers faced off about white supremacy. 
10/01/20 2:02am
Several students and professors stressed their frustration with candidates’ inability to achieve productive discussion, and cited Trump’s refusal to condemn white supremacy as one of the night's most shocking sentiments.
09/20/20 11:32pm
The Poll Workers Project, a non-partisan organization founded by five Penn alumni, aims to address concerns about the potential impact of COVID-19 on voter disenfranchisement across the country.
09/16/20 1:32am
Outside the venue, at least 200 people gathered for an anti-Trump demonstration organized by Refuse Fascism Philly and the Penn Community for Justice. 
09/15/20 10:51pm
Romano previously came under fire in July for disagreeing with part of the NBCC’s statement in support of Black Lives Matter. 
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