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The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to management at several local restaurants, food trucks, and bookstores about adjusting to the return of a large portion of their clientele — the students, faculty, and staff members of the Penn community. 
09/12/21 11:49pm
In her speech, Gutmann emphasized the need to recognize all those who lost their lives that day, including 16 Penn alumni. 
09/01/21 12:13am
With a return to in-person learning comes a return to in-person extracurricular activities, and Penn's political clubs in particular are in for an event-filled academic year.
05/12/21 9:39pm
Powell Jobs, the 95th-richest person in the world and widow of the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, is known for her work to fund efforts on environmental justice and immigration reform.
04/19/21 1:38am
Voters will cast their decision for local races, and for new judges to Pennsylvania’s three statewide appellate courts — some of the highest positions in state government that will affect policy for years to come. 
04/12/21 11:26pm
2020 Huntsman graduate Jay Vaingankar, who is now working as a Staff Assistant to the Director of Management and Administration, was previously a student organizer for Bernie Sanders for President and Penn for Bernie.
04/05/21 3:12am
Biden recently ordered an expansive review of existing Title IX regulations on sex and gender discrimination and violence in schools, prompting members of Penn’s anti-violence groups to call for further support for sexual assault survivors at the University. 
03/31/21 1:26am
Helen Gym and Rick Krajewski addressed progressive causes such as supporting a Green New Deal, divestment from the fossil fuel industry, and the disproportionate effect that the policing system has on communities of color. 
03/24/21 2:26am
Wharton professor Eric W. Orts and Penn alumnus Stephen Sheller, a prominent Philadelphia lawyer, penned an open letter on Feb. 18 requesting that the University begin an investigation of the former president’s alleged fraud.
03/19/21 1:50am
“This corresponds to a very long history in this country of the way it has treated Asians and Asian American women in particular,” English professor and Director of the Asian American Studies Program Josephine Park said.
03/17/21 3:03am
Some students have been able to receive the vaccine at The Federal Emergency Management Agency vaccination site located downtown at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.
03/04/21 1:42am
Sixty percent of survey respondents who identified as African American or Black reported that someone once claimed their racial identity unfairly contributed to their acceptance to the Engineering School, in comparison to 7.81% of Asian and 7.58% of white respondents.
02/19/21 4:24am
Many students said they were happy with Penn's planned COVID-19 guidelines, but are anxious to see if the University will be able to enforce them in practice. 
02/19/21 1:56am
Scaramucci said his time working in the Trump administration, from which he was famously fired within ten days of being appointed, was “catastrophic mistake.” 
02/09/21 2:49am
Students can apply to study abroad programs in a limited number of locations for the upcoming semester, with the expectation that offerings will continue to increase in spring 2022.  
02/02/21 1:57am
David Eisenhower, an Annenberg professor and the grandson of former President Dwight Eisenhower, spoke to students on the current state of American politics. 
01/28/21 1:32am
Students and professors expressed a sense of optimism towards the Biden-Harris administration as they look forward to the reversal of several Trump-era policies.
01/20/21 1:04pm
Biden, a former Penn Presidential Professor of Practice, was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States this afternoon in a ceremony markedly different from any other inauguration in the nation's history. 
01/13/21 4:34pm
1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump, the only Penn graduate ever elected to the presidency, has been impeached for the second time after inciting a deadly attack against the Capitol.
12/11/20 1:11am
Krajewski defeated three opponents in the June Democratic primary election. His campaign's three priorities are to enact progressive state healthcare and criminal justice reform, connect underprivileged Philadelphians with essential government services, and provide relief for small businesses and workers. 
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