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07/03/20 1:12am
Penn also spends money on cash grants to University City and the School District of Philadelphia, according to the University's most recent Form 990 from the 2018 fiscal year.
06/26/20 1:04am
Arati Kreibich, 2005 Perelman School of Medicine graduate and Glen Rock councilmember, is challenging 1997 College graduate and New Jersey Representative Josh Gottheimer in New Jersey’s upcoming fifth district Democratic primary. 
06/23/20 12:05am
The summer cohort includes over 90 students from a variety of degree-seeking programs, such as Wharton MBA, Penn Dental, and Penn Veterinary Medicine students, who are pursuing joint degrees. 
06/22/20 1:12am
Six and a half percent fewer Democrats and 29% fewer Republicans voted in the 2020 Pennsylvania primary than in the 2016 Pennsylvania primary.
06/19/20 1:33am
The newly-formed YDSA chapter aims to engage members of the Penn community in activism for Democratic Socialist policies, such as providing universal single-payer healthcare, canceling nationwide student debt, and providing tuition-free undergraduate public education.
06/15/20 3:35am
PLTV, the Office of Government and Community Affairs, and the Netter Center for Community Partnerships released Penn’s official 2020-21 voter engagement action plan on June 1. 
06/09/20 12:58am
Public reception of Pennsylvania's week-long extension for mail-in primary ballots has been mixed, with voters' support largely falling along political party lines. 
06/07/20 12:19am
Penn students are urging Philadelphia councilmembers to reallocate millions in increased police funding toward other city services.
06/03/20 12:30am
Penn in Washington typically features a cohort of 25 Penn undergraduate students, who take four credits in specified courses alongside an internship of the student's choice in Washington, D.C.
05/31/20 9:23pm
Gutmann’s statement addressed the “tragic and senseless” nature of Floyd’s murder, as well as the University’s commitment to creating a safer and more inclusive campus community.
05/30/20 12:44am
The National Legal and Policy Center complaint alleges the University has millions of dollars in undisclosed funds from China. 
05/28/20 10:58pm
COVID Watch sends automated check-in text messages to the patient twice a day to assess the severity of their symptoms and determine if the patient needs immediate medical attention.
05/27/20 1:37am
Penn and Columbia University are the only two Ivy League institutions that do not pay PILOTS, or Payments in Lieu of Taxes, to their local governments. 
05/23/20 1:08am
The leaders said their current priority is ensuring the well-being of community members since most students are currently living away from campus. 
05/03/20 11:29pm
Many professors had to change the format of their final exams to accommodate for students’ varying time zones, lack of proctoring methods, and other at-home difficulties.
05/01/20 12:26am
If dogs can sniff out the virus, they would likely be used to detect COVID-19 in large public spaces, including airports, businesses, and hospital entrances.
04/22/20 1:48am
Even though most students have now left Penn's campus, students should still be counted as living in Philadelphia, or where they would have been living on April 1 had the coronavirus not displaced them.
04/17/20 12:17am
Though Biden does not share the alumni status of 1968 Wharton graduate Donald Trump, several members of the Biden family have graduated from Penn’s various schools, and the former vice president served as a Penn presidential professor of practice.
03/25/20 11:34pm
Penn's first week of online classes was not without technological issues. But many students praised professors for their dedication and compassion amidst COVID-19.
03/24/20 12:01am
Amidst COVID-19, political groups like Penn Democrats and Penn Leads the Vote try to keep students politically engaged despite physical limitations and uncertain primary dates. 
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