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10/26/23 10:40am
The Daily Pennsylvanian compiled a list of interesting classes with difficulty ratings of less than two for the spring 2024 semester. 
09/18/23 7:11pm
After working for two decades in various University of Pennsylvania Health System leadership roles, Russell will be succeeding Michele Volpe as the Penn Presbyterian Medical Center's new CEO.
09/10/23 8:34pm
Rather than measuring the school’s performance in “traditional metrics” such as wealth and reputation, the rankings focused on how the colleges contribute to improving the trajectories of their students’ careers.
09/05/23 6:37pm
After students complete their coursework, XDS ends with a three-week mini-design studio where students incorporate a current project from their work into their projects.
02/08/23 8:03pm
Courbet’s painting was found in storage at Penn’s School of Dental Medicine in 2016. 
02/01/23 9:12pm
The Working Families Party is a grassroots political party that organizes to elect progressive candidates in fourteen states.
01/26/23 8:38pm
If the Senate confirms Lang’s nomination, Lang will advise the President, Congress, and Commissioner of Social Security on policies related to Social Security programs. 
01/19/23 10:49pm
The investigation found that museums across the US hold more than 110,000 Native American remains, despite a 1990 federal law. 
09/28/22 10:28pm
The building, which will be located at 3615 Chestnut Street, will have 363 units and be named The Mark at Philadelphia.
09/22/22 12:55am
The average tech salary in Philadelphia increased by 11.9% from 2021 to 2022. 
09/20/22 11:09pm
Harvard has accepted recommendations from a committee that investigated how to properly return the remains to the descendants of the enslaved individuals.
09/16/22 12:18am
The proposed line, which will be called the Roosevelt Boulevard Subway, would stretch as far north as Neshaminy in Bucks County, Pa., and will continue south to Center City. 
09/12/22 10:02pm
The 12-week paid program will consist of a cohort of 18 students who will train to work in biotech laboratories and in manufacturing cell and gene therapies. 
09/05/22 10:31pm
Lee argued that Yale fired her in response to her 2020 tweets, which said that “just about all” of Trump’s supporters were suffering from “shared psychosis."
09/01/22 12:04am
After Penn, Yale University had the second fastest endowment growth at 209.4%, followed by Brown, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Harvard, and Cornell University. 
08/31/22 6:31am
The investigation began after the peer-reviewed Journal of Neurotrauma issued a full retraction of three of Armstead’s research papers in June, as per Armstead’s request. 
04/19/22 8:49am
Yale argued that they have used a different method for calculating financial aid than the other accused schools for the past 14 years.
03/16/22 12:53am
The Philadelphia City Council approved the bill in a 15-1 vote on March 10, WHYY reported.
03/15/22 12:38am
In response, Philadelphia will now have a second team of experts to verify vaccine numbers in addition to a new monthly review of vaccination data, the Inquirer reported.
01/26/22 11:40pm
Students largely said they were glad to be back in person and relieved that the University did not extend the virtual learning past Jan. 24. 
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