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04/19/22 8:49am
Yale argued that they have used a different method for calculating financial aid than the other accused schools for the past 14 years.
03/16/22 12:53am
The Philadelphia City Council approved the bill in a 15-1 vote on March 10, WHYY reported.
03/15/22 12:38am
In response, Philadelphia will now have a second team of experts to verify vaccine numbers in addition to a new monthly review of vaccination data, the Inquirer reported.
01/26/22 11:40pm
Students largely said they were glad to be back in person and relieved that the University did not extend the virtual learning past Jan. 24. 
01/20/22 9:04pm
New daily infections in Philadelphia, the neighboring counties, and South Jersey seem to have peaked between Jan. 9 and 12, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported. The average daily cases in Philadelphia have dropped by 40% over the course of this past week.
01/12/22 9:56pm
Most libraries are open under Winter Break's shortened hours and access is limited to only Penn community members through Jan. 23. 
11/29/21 11:26pm
Wragan, who majors in neuroscience at Penn, plans to continue studying neuroscience and chronic pain at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.
11/11/21 9:56pm
Kyle McLemore began planning a scheme to take advantage of COVID-19 relief programs less than a week after he was released from prison, prosecutors alleged.
10/18/21 12:22am
Penn Med researchers collected 90,786 reviews on Yelp and found instances of racism spanning 190 hospitals in 33 states.
10/11/21 12:47am
The Marriage Pact system is currently at 55 different schools, including Stanford University, Princeton University, Yale University, and Duke University, and has facilitated 68,192 matches.
09/30/21 12:12am
The Commission makes decisions about all construction projects and public art located on City property or funded by the City.
09/10/21 12:08am
After Penn opened several new dining locations this semester, students have voiced mixed opinions on the new dining options.
08/09/21 12:07am
Students generally expressed that while they are looking forward to the switch to in-person learning in the fall, they will miss the flexibility of online courses.
07/08/21 12:24am
Some Penn students that plan on attending the festival said that concert reopenings generally felt safe as more Philadelphia residents become vaccinated. 
06/14/21 12:16am
The section has assembled approximately 12 members and is gearing up for performances at various Penn events in the fall.
04/26/21 11:14pm
Changes in Hill House and 1920 Commons include the addition of customizable hot food stations and the reopening of salad, fruit, and pasta bars.
04/12/21 11:54pm
The scholarship program is open to college juniors at approximately 135 different colleges and universities, and each university nominates a single student for a potential scholarship. 
04/06/21 12:20am
Although students can only currently match with students at their own university, the Berri team has plans to add an intercollegiate matching feature that will allow users to match with students at other schools.
03/12/21 12:20am
Despite challenges, such as more heterosexual women than men signing up, 2,759 Penn undergraduates participated and were matched with one other person with whom they are compatible romantically or as friends.
02/22/21 1:16am
Although the studies focused on flu vaccines, lead author and Wharton professor Katy Milkman said the findings can be applied to COVID-19 vaccinations. 
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