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10/15/20 11:44pm
While most Penn professors and student leaders recognized the need for stricter gun control in the city, some questioned the lawsuit's ultimate effectiveness on the issue.
10/05/20 11:01pm
They were especially frustrated with the perceived hypocrisy of the Republican Senators who blocked former President Barack Obama's Supreme Court nominee in March 2016, stating that the winner of the upcoming election should decide who chooses the nominee.
10/04/20 11:06pm
Dean of Admissions Eric Furda said he does not expect the gap year increase to have a “significant impact on the selectivity or opportunity” during the upcoming admission cycle. 
09/22/20 11:12pm
The new regulations now allow different third party advisors, who may be attorneys, to cross-examine students involved in the complaint, and they make the definition of "sexual assault" more narrow and subjective.
09/22/20 10:22pm
SHS requires all full-time students to submit a waiver to opt-out of PSIP by Aug. 31 each year, or they will automatically enroll them in the plan.
09/08/20 11:44pm
Some students who submitted aid re-evaluation forms did not receive their re-evaluated package before the fall tuition bill's Aug. 30 deadline, and consequently could not pay for the semester on time.
08/31/20 11:23pm
The program, called First Mentors, will offer free tutoring, college counseling, and mentorship for high school students at Moder Patshala, a non-profit that helps newly immigrated Bangladeshi-American students adjust to the United States. 
08/20/20 8:19pm
After switching to a completely remote semester, Penn President Amy Gutmann and Provost Wendell Pritchett froze tuition – keeping it at the same value as the previous year – and decreased the fall general fee by 10%.
08/18/20 3:12pm
In early August, four Ivy League institutions backtracked on their initial plans for a hybrid fall semester and on-campus living.
08/08/20 1:05am
After attempting to register for two asynchronous classes scheduled to be held at coinciding times, students have said the College denied their requests to allow them to register for the classes and override the time conflict.  
08/03/20 1:07am
Students involved in Greek life believe there is room for reform, while those calling for abolition disagree because of Greek life’s long history of alleged racism, classism, and sexism.
07/17/20 12:51am
Meharry Medical College students selected for the program will earn a medical degree from Meharry and a Ph.D. from Wharton. 
07/12/20 10:07pm
The collection is the work of Samuel George Morton, an 1820 Perelman School of Medicine graduate who used the skulls of enslaved people to argue that there are inherent differences between the brains of people of different races.
07/01/20 1:44am
Responses to an AIS survey so far suggest “no clear majority” among the three options — going back, staying home, or unsure — for what international students plan to do in the fall. 
07/01/20 1:41am
The School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Wharton School, the School of Nursing, and the College of Arts and Sciences are implementing initiatives to listen to student voices.
06/26/20 12:51am
Allyship requires individuals who are not members of a marginalized group to actively fight the oppression of marginalized individuals. 
06/16/20 1:50am
Defunding the police is largely understood to mean reallocating funds from police departments to other community resources. 
06/14/20 12:45am
There are two bail funds in the city — the Philadelphia Bail Fund and the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund — which work in conjunction with each other. 
06/01/20 11:51pm
Inspired by their Middle Eastern backgrounds, rising College sophomore Laila Shadid and rising College junior Zeynep Karadeniz decided to create the journal, called Fenjan.
05/27/20 1:17am
The reserve fund is administered by the Office of Student Affairs, and can be used by Penn Student Government to make large one-time purchases
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