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08/03/20 1:07am
Students involved in Greek life believe there is room for reform, while those calling for abolition disagree because of Greek life’s long history of alleged racism, classism, and sexism.
07/17/20 12:51am
Meharry Medical College students selected for the program will earn a medical degree from Meharry and a Ph.D. from Wharton. 
07/12/20 10:07pm
The collection is the work of Samuel George Morton, an 1820 Perelman School of Medicine graduate who used the skulls of enslaved people to argue that there are inherent differences between the brains of people of different races.
07/01/20 1:44am
Responses to an AIS survey so far suggest “no clear majority” among the three options — going back, staying home, or unsure — for what international students plan to do in the fall. 
07/01/20 1:41am
The School of Engineering and Applied Science, the Wharton School, the School of Nursing, and the College of Arts and Sciences are implementing initiatives to listen to student voices.
06/26/20 12:51am
Allyship requires individuals who are not members of a marginalized group to actively fight the oppression of marginalized individuals. 
06/16/20 1:50am
Defunding the police is largely understood to mean reallocating funds from police departments to other community resources. 
06/14/20 12:45am
There are two bail funds in the city — the Philadelphia Bail Fund and the Philadelphia Community Bail Fund — which work in conjunction with each other. 
06/01/20 11:51pm
Inspired by their Middle Eastern backgrounds, rising College sophomore Laila Shadid and rising College junior Zeynep Karadeniz decided to create the journal, called Fenjan.
05/27/20 1:17am
The reserve fund is administered by the Office of Student Affairs, and can be used by Penn Student Government to make large one-time purchases
04/30/20 12:52am
After the sudden closure of college campuses across the country in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, the fate of the fall semester for many colleges was suddenly unknown. Months later, as the pandemic continues to spread across the U.S., universities are beginning to announce their fall decisions.
04/28/20 12:40am
Brown University President Christina Paxson wrote that universities remaining closed would lose tuition revenue, which is a primary source of income for higher education institutions.
04/22/20 5:06pm
Carl June’s lab pioneered T-cell immunotherapy to treat blood cancer, an expensive one-time treatment that has cured terminally ill patients.
04/20/20 10:39pm
The prizes are awarded annually to graduating seniors to encourage them to design engagement projects that will make a positive difference in the world in their first year after college.
04/15/20 11:19pm
Wolf ordered all non-life-sustaining businesses in Pennsylvania to close their physical locations on March 19.
04/02/20 11:09pm
George Washington University professor Silvio Waisbord spoke about the online intimidation of journalists in a virtual event hosted by the Annenberg School for Communication. 
03/27/20 11:09pm
The Center aims to support research related to the novel coronavirus, which causes the COVID-19 respiratory illness, and develop ways to diagnose, treat, and prevent infections.
03/18/20 4:14pm
Yale Law School continued its more than three-decade-long streak atop the ranking. Stanford Law School and Harvard Law School occupied the second and third spots, respectively. 
03/03/20 8:49pm
A new study led by Penn Medicine professor Christos Davatzikos found that nearly 40% of patients with schizophrenia did not have reduced gray matter in their brains — a characteristic that has previously been linked to schizophrenia.
02/24/20 8:30pm
This year's conference, which was held at The Study at University City, marked the first time that the event was not held on Penn's campus.
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