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09/15/21 12:26am
After having adapted their instruction methods for the last year and a half, many of these professors said those changes are here to stay — at least for now.
09/01/21 10:26pm
Campus mailrooms have been flooded with packages, prompting delays and leaving students without essential dorm items.
08/24/21 8:55pm
Penn Dining will also open several new dining locations and will use electronic kiosks and mobile apps to streamline the ordering process.
05/16/21 6:18pm
From the Eagles' first-ever Super Bowl victory, to a contentious Amy Wax op-ed, the Class of 2021's first year at Penn was defined by celebration and controversy.
04/30/21 12:15am
Though all summer 2021 courses are set to be held online, a number of on-campus services — including libraries, recreational facilities, and the Penn Museum — will be open to students staying in Philadelphia.
03/29/21 12:10am
There are generally “less than a dozen students” in the dining halls every day, many of whom go to eat breakfast, Penn Business Services Director of Communications and External Relations Barbara Lea-Kruger wrote in an email to The Daily Pennsylvanian.
03/21/21 10:50pm
Renovations will include more single-use bathrooms in the Quad, the removal of sinks from Quad bedrooms, and new elevators in both buildings.
03/01/21 12:05am
Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé and Chief Operating Officer for Wellness Services Erika Gross confirmed that students had been creating fake green PennOpen Passes to access campus buildings when they did not actually meet the required criteria to enter that building. 
02/16/21 11:27pm
Hundreds have taken to a petition to voice dissatisfaction with the policy. A petition calling for the cancellation of the policy garnered more than 400 signatures as of the evening of Feb. 16.
02/15/21 12:53pm
The change is intended to complement Penn's Second Year Experience program, which requires sophomores to live in on-campus housing starting in fall 2021.
02/07/21 8:26pm
Other Penn Student Agencies businesses, like Penn Closet, Quaker Corner, Special Deliveries, Penn Student Design, Compass Marketing, PSA Bartending, and Penn Lens will continue to operate virtually this semester as they did in the fall.
02/01/21 2:57am
Some students who had previously taken a gap semester in the fall opted to turn their time off into a full gap year to pursue extracurricular hobbies and internships.
01/16/21 11:39pm
As more than 3,000 undergraduate students move in to their on-campus residences, here's everything you need to know about changes to housing and dining this spring.
12/03/20 12:24am
Two Wharton graduates raised nearly $20,000 in a virtual fundraiser for their 2020 President’s Engagement Prize-winning project, The Unscripted Project, with the goal of expanding their youth improv theatre program. 
11/19/20 1:03am
On Monday, the city of Philadelphia announced new COVID-19 restrictions closing indoor dining, gyms, and museums, as well as banning private indoor gatherings like weddings, funerals, and parties
11/16/20 11:34pm
The Class of 2020 and 2021 are scheduled to hold Commencement ceremonies on campus in May. But as COVID-19 continues to devastate the country, seniors are beginning to worry if the traditional ceremonies will be safe or feasible.
11/05/20 2:08am
They span across six states and the majority are running for seats in the United States House of Representatives. Nine are incumbents, while seven are running for the first time. 
10/29/20 12:40am
Penn offers weekly COVID-19 testing that is mandatory for students, faculty, post-doctoral trainees, and staff that are living in on-campus housing or are on campus for “at least eight hours every week and whose activities are done in a congregate setting that involves at least 10 people.” 
10/15/20 11:44pm
While most Penn professors and student leaders recognized the need for stricter gun control in the city, some questioned the lawsuit's ultimate effectiveness on the issue.
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