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10/16/20 2:18pm
In light of the economic harm caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Penn students must do their part and support local businesses when they can. 
10/11/20 11:02pm
For a University that has designated this academic year as the Year of Civic Engagement, there is no better way to support civic participation than by suspending operations on Election Day.
10/07/20 8:39pm
It is necessary that those who can risk exposure and are eligible for poll work do their civic duty and help our election be safe and fair.
10/04/20 9:51pm
To protect the mental health of its student body, while also protecting the physical health of West Philadelphia, Penn should add an additional mini-break of two days to the calendar.
09/29/20 10:52pm
Professors should step in where the University will not. Faculty members should cancel classes and recitations next Thursday and Friday if they are able. 
09/23/20 10:48pm
The School of Arts and Sciences must provide more information surrounding its decision to halt Ph.D. admissions and what it means for the graduate student body. 
08/20/20 9:47pm
Penn’s decision to limit on-campus housing and instruction is a positive one. However, this does not excuse the lateness of the announcement, which places an undue burden on students.
08/06/20 8:17pm
Penn needs to be honest and transparent with RAGAs, and compensate them commensurate with the invaluable, dangerous work they do. 
07/23/20 8:04pm
Peer institutions like Cornell, Emory, and Purdue already made attempts to answer student questions through virtual town halls, giving Penn a blueprint from which to work. 
07/09/20 10:48am
Penn needs to be clear about which criteria it will use to reassess the viability of its hybrid model leading up to and beyond the start of fall semester. 
07/02/20 12:19pm
Though the economic downturn is hurting everyone in America, including private institutions like Penn, the burden should not be placed on students to recuperate the University’s money.
06/26/20 3:17pm
To improve clarity of communication, Penn should turn away from vague language and instead release a comprehensive list of all courses with 25 students or fewer and the format in which they will be taught in. 
06/16/20 5:46pm
As students return from around the country and world, they risk causing a new wave of viral spread that would continue West Philadelphia’s current plight.
06/02/20 1:28pm
As a primarily white institution where Black students, faculty, and staff have faced racism from other students and the institution itself, Penn owes its Black community members more.
05/31/20 12:02pm
While progress has been made to give protection to workers, the Office is now in need of its own protection. 
05/26/20 2:00pm
Regardless of which approach the University chooses for the fall semester, it must guarantee on-campus housing for low-income and other vulnerable students.  
05/19/20 5:07pm
In light of the COVID-19 global pandemic and the immense stressors it produces, Penn should adopt a proactive rather than reactive stance towards mental health. 
05/05/20 11:55pm
If students want to continue having the Penn administration hear their voices, they need to fill out Penn’s COVID-19 Pulse Survey.  
04/24/20 9:49pm
Given the significant disruptions that high school students are facing, Penn Admissions should not require any standardized test scores for applicants in the coming academic year.  
04/16/20 9:41pm
Many students are now searching for other ways to be productive and keep occupied this summer, such as enrolling in online courses for credit.