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The report's recommendations are based on an independent review of DPS that was previously commissioned  by the University in July 2020, following the police killing of George Floyd and ensuing criticism of policing on campus. 
09/17/21 11:52am
Penn’s campus is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, but students with disabilities are struggling to find accessible entrances, navigate buildings without elevators, and secure accessible on-campus housing.
09/08/21 11:51pm
The petition, which was sent to Penn administrators on Aug. 22, is inclusive of tenured and non-tenured faculty, adjunct professors, lecturers, and graduate student instructors.
08/25/21 3:11am
With just a week until fall classes begin, some instructors are improvising their own COVID-19 classroom safety measures while asking for further guidance from Penn.
07/29/21 12:12am
The report concludes that Penn must increase transparency about the structure, funding, oversight, and activities of DPS.
05/26/21 11:19pm
The Black Ivy Time Capsule is a competition that accepts creative work focused on Black life at the eight Ivy League schools.
04/29/21 2:10am
The protest was organized by Black liberation advocacy group MOVE, in collaboration with Black Lives Matter Philadelphia, following the discovery that the Penn Museum stored the remains of at least one child killed in the bombing.
04/29/21 2:06am
While the Penn Museum and University administrators have apologized for holding the remains, the Africa family and members of the West Philadelphia community demand further action.
04/26/21 3:44pm
Penn Museum apologized for using the remains for research and teaching purposes, rather than returning the remains to the Africa family.
04/20/21 12:17am
Forty-five members of University leadership — including Penn President Amy Gutmann, Board of Trustees Chair David L. Cohen, and Division of Public Safety Vice President Maureen Rush — signed the email affirming Penn's commitment to advancing racial equity. 
04/14/21 9:37pm
Members of the Glee Club voted unanimously on April 9 to amend its constitution in order to remove gender restrictions for membership of its choir section. 
04/07/21 1:15am
Multiple students attended the meeting to speak against the proposal, arguing that the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition has been used to target Palestinian activists.
03/17/21 4:23pm
Yesterday's incident follows an increase in incidents of discrimination and violence directed against Asian and Asian Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
03/09/21 12:51am
Kelly, who graduated from Penn and served on the Board of Trustees, was an integral part of the Kelly Writers House community.
03/01/21 11:22pm
The University will also continue to update faculty and staff on plans to return to in-person work, as well as the potential of returning to in-person classes in the fall and research projects, according an email from University administrators.
02/28/21 11:54pm
Multiple posts levy accusations against Penn’s Chemistry Department, leading the department to apologize to certain students for their "negative experiences" related to the department, but the University as a whole has taken no such steps. 
02/04/21 12:32am
Some students chose to stay home in efforts to protect their families and themselves from the virus, adding that being away from Penn has nevertheless made them feel lonely.
02/01/21 4:37am
Some professors have mixed feelings about sending their children to in-person classes as the Philadelphia School District attempts to reopen again during COVID-19.
11/25/20 12:37am
This spring, Duckworth is opening the class to high school students in the Young Scholars High School Program, a non-degree program offered by Penn's College of Liberal and Professional Studies.
11/23/20 10:57pm
LGBTQ leaders and students applauded Penn's support in building a strong LGBTQ community, a forte which proved to be the deciding factor for some students when deciding to come to Penn.
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