15 hours ago
Dante Benitez has requested further investigation, pushing back his trial date to Dec. 12. Ivan Loginov has requested to enter a rehabilitation diversion program for first-time offenders. 
18 hours ago
Many students are looking for a job in the energy industry and say the program's heavy research requirements aren't particularly relevant. 
18 hours ago
The Wistar Institute is the independent biomedical research institute located across the Quad. 
19 hours ago
Students raised examples of police shutting down philanthropy events, birthday parties and small movie nights. 
09/18/17 1:00pm
Some Penn professors said they aren't concerned because many graduate programs at Penn have a strong reputation. 
09/18/17 11:00am
 For the 2017-18 academic year, SRFS estimated the eating off campus was approximately $750 cheaper than eating on campus.
09/18/17 2:58am
Over the course of three weeks, The Daily Pennsylvanian analyzed various aspects of mental health across the University: from the resources offered at Counseling and Psychological Services to the way administrators choose to communicate these student deaths.
09/18/17 1:29am
CAPS has significantly expanded and diversified its resources in the past few years.
09/18/17 12:15am
Five of the fourteen students to have died by suicide since February 2013 at Penn have been graduate students.
09/17/17 11:03pm
“There’s something to say for talking to a student who is the same age as you and maybe who has gone through something similar." 
09/17/17 9:47pm
Some faculty members were formally notified of the recent death of College senior Nicholas Moya days after it occurred. Others never received a notification from the University.  
09/17/17 9:07pm
Although the program has seen an “increased interest," many students remain skeptical, and often embarrassed, about having used the service.
09/17/17 8:11pm
On-Campus recruiting started at the beginning of the semester but Career Services said they only received a list of exchange students on Sept. 15. 
09/16/17 12:26pm
Members of the task force concluded that ongoing initiatives have been adequately addressing the issue of mental health on campus. 
09/15/17 4:18pm
Leaders of the group said a key area of concern is the issue of free speech on college campuses. 
09/14/17 8:06pm
EPA administrator Scott Pruitt said it's “insensitive” to raise climate change in the immediate aftermath of deadly storms. One Penn professor replied, “I think that’s poppycock." 
09/15/17 2:32pm
Skimmerfest, the annual music festival that follows the first home Penn football game, promises free food, T-shirts and a live concert. 
09/14/17 8:56pm
"I want to encourage everyone here, whether this affects you directly or not, to show up for others; to show love and compassion because it means the world right now.”
09/14/17 6:54pm
“When thinking of leaders, most people only focus on presidents or the top of the ladder. I think it’s good to recognize young people that can make a difference and are less static." 
09/14/17 11:00am
DeVos' announcement came just days after the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education  gave Penn a failing grade for protecting due process in cases of sexual assault.