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The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to several students about their reactions to the University's leadership crisis, with students expressing mixed emotions of shock, relief, and concerns. 
12/07/23 11:10am
Penn President Liz Magill's future at the University remains unclear as the controversy over her testimony before Congress continues to intensify.
12/07/23 2:04am
During the hearing, Magill said it was "context dependent" when asked whether individuals calling for the genocide of Jewish people violate Penn’s code of conduct. 
12/04/23 1:54am
The joint rally — which was hosted with the Coalition to Save the UC Townhomes — featured speakers sharing the organizations’ shared stances against gentrification and occupation. 
12/04/23 12:22am
Under new management, residents are reporting ongoing frustration due to a lack of heat, burst pipes, and flooding issues.
11/14/23 9:19pm
The program — called Grassroots and founded by Wharton senior Lawrence Freymovitch — launched an eight-week financial empowerment class through The Wharton School on Nov. 3, the first such initiative after the program shut down due to COVID-19 in 2020.
11/02/23 2:29am
Many students who spoke with the DP felt that the action plan is a necessary step for the University to take, while some felt that the plan does not provide enough support to Palestinian or Jewish community members.
10/18/23 1:42am
Multiple students and faculty had positive reactions to Magill's latest statement, which reiterated Penn's plans to combat antisemitism — but others cast doubt on the University's intentions in light of the donor backlash.
09/26/23 9:58pm
The Coalition of Workers at Penn was created in collaboration with The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations. 
09/18/23 10:47pm
The repaving portion of the Walnut Street project is expected to begin on or around Sept. 26 and continue through Sept. 29.
09/12/23 9:05pm
With University funds and support from the local community, they are set to begin construction of their Cobbs Creek storefront later this month. 
08/30/23 12:15am
Residents of The Mason said that the building has previously faced issues regarding security, safety, and communication.
07/27/23 12:14am
An increased benefit for commuters will take effect on Sept. 1, offering faculty and staff who use public transportation a 50% discount. 
06/22/23 3:22am
Ahmad, who would be the first South Asian person and first immigrant in recent memory to serve on the Philadelphia City Council, spoke to the DP about her experience in public service and goals for the position. 
05/24/23 11:19pm
Quaker Kitchen, Falk Cafe, and 1920 Commons passed spring health inspections, meaning that all dining facilities now meet Philadelphia's health code.
04/24/23 1:36am
Throughout its long history, Chinatown and its residents have faced numerous challenges from groups of developers looking to redevelop Center City and the Chinatown area.
03/14/23 11:34pm
Brunson, a West Philadelphia native, is the creator of ABC's "Abbott Elementary," in which she portrays Janine Teagues, a Penn alum and a new-to-the-job second-grade teacher.
03/01/23 9:48pm
Pascucci was selected following a national search that began when former Vice Dean and Director of Admissions John McLaughlin departed Penn last November. 
02/09/23 11:31pm
The DP put together an all-in-one guide to the spots on and around campus that will be streaming the game.
02/08/23 10:18pm
Williams — who was appointed as the interim chief of police in May 2022 — was announced as the new chief of police on Jan. 17. 
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