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02/06/23 10:28pm
The program's format is intended to ensure intellectual diversity among the participating students, according to school administrators that the DP spoke with.
02/01/23 10:20pm
Listen to the top headlines on Thursday, Feb. 2 with our newsletter anchor.
02/01/23 9:20pm
The drug, lecanemab, received FDA approval on Jan. 6, after a study to assess its efficacy on volunteers concluded its third phase.
01/18/23 9:37pm
ChatGPT, which was developed by OpenAI, can complete tasks like writing essays or code and solving math problems.
11/18/22 2:06am
Spokesperson Meredith Rovine wrote that Penn Carey Law “applauds Yale Law and Harvard Law for their leadership in raising key questions for all law schools,” and agrees that the rankings are not holistic.
11/15/22 8:42am
The event, which was held at Parkway Central Library and Van Pelt-Dietrich Library, centered around a theme of “Translating Science.” 
11/09/22 2:01am
Born in Egypt, the Dweek siblings both reached Penn after successful high school careers in Canada.
11/01/22 1:27am
Although the aim of her sport is to lead amongst the rest, junior Phoebe White values being part of a pack for support and motivation.
10/31/22 1:43am
Researchers developed a method to forecast rare disease development called PANDA with $4.7 million of funding from the National Institute of Health.
10/26/22 12:30am
You would never expect it, but Penn women's cross country junior Maeve Stiles would not describe herself as “someone who knows a lot about running.”
10/13/22 8:08pm
With a remarkable drive to battle metastatic breast cancer, former Penn field hockey player Gretta Ehret is joined by the current members of the team in pushing for advocacy.
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