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04/11/24 1:22am
Potential changes relate to sector and foundation requirements, the number of credits in each major, and the College's mission statement. 
04/10/24 11:28am
The transition will become effective August 1, and was announced in a Wednesday morning email from Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences Stephen Fluharty.
04/08/24 8:57pm
The group, which is called the Penn Alumni Free Speech Alliance, was formed last winter in response to the controversies surrounding free speech on campus.
04/01/24 11:00pm
Wax referred to the University speech code as both “partisan” and “bullshit.”
03/21/24 10:29am
Penn will grant Mukherjee, who won the Pulitzer Prize for “The Emperor of All Maladies,” an honorary doctor of sciences degree.
03/21/24 5:30am
The Class of 2028 received 65,230 applications according to Interim Penn President Larry Jameson's stated remarks at a University Board of Trustees Meeting on March 1.
03/01/24 12:48pm
"The resolutions are grouped as we are unable to continue," Board of Trustees Chair Ramanan Raghavendran said.
02/29/24 2:22am
The documents reveal that the hearing board decided to conduct Wax’s case as one of “flagrant unprofessional conduct by a faculty member.”
02/28/24 4:05am
As of publication, who sent the fraudulent email and how student email addresses were collected is unknown.
02/26/24 10:37pm
Supernova is a one hour film that uses video footage and eyewitness accounts from survivors and first responders to recount the attack on Oct. 7 by Hamas militants 
02/15/24 1:06am
In a letter sent on Feb. 8, the AAUP Penn Executive Committee wrote that the harassment experienced by Penn lecturer Dwayne Booth must be condemned as a “threat to academic freedom.” 
02/11/24 11:31pm
Mann — a professor in the department of Earth and Environmental Sciences — won the lawsuit against bloggers Rand Simberg and Mark Steyn last Thursday. 
02/04/24 10:55pm
The Office of Financial Aid told the Daily Pennsylvanian that student financial aid packages will not be impacted by the FAFSA delay. 
02/01/24 2:58pm
In the Feb. 1 column, Bok warned that the next presidential search will be different than past searches. 
01/30/24 12:52am
The resolution was signed by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee, which is comprised of more than 50 faculty members from Penn’s undergraduate and professional schools.   
01/25/24 10:26pm
The student confirmed that the investigation pertains to the placement of stickers relating to the Freedom School for Palestine.
01/23/24 12:57am
Penn faculty across several schools and departments gathered with community members on Monday afternoon in front of College Hall for a demonstration in support of academic freedom. 
12/17/23 3:08pm
The faculty's letter to trustees expresses opposition to “attempts by trustees, donors, and other external actors to interfere with our academic policies and to undermine academic freedom." 
12/14/23 9:02pm
The majority of Republicans voted to withhold more than $31 million dollars in funding from Penn Vet while every Democrat voted in favor of the funding.
12/09/23 9:32pm
Platt previously served as the vice chair of the Board of Trustees and was the Penn Alumni president from 2013 until 2018.
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