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09/14/20 9:47pm
According to the Division of Public Safety's website, around 5:45 p.m. two men in a black Dodge Charger engaged in an argument about parking with another driver, with one displaying a firearm before leaving the area.
05/03/20 10:48pm
The suspect is a man wearing dark clothing who was last seen heading westbound on Spruce Street towards 41st Street.
04/13/20 4:53pm
Penn for Bernie's board members wrote in an emailed statement to The Daily Pennsylvanian that although they "revere" Sanders, they do not agree with his decision and "are not a cult who will follow him in each and every direction."
04/01/20 4:14pm
Due to the coronavirus outbreak and Philadelphia's indefinite stay-at-home order, Penn will conduct most summer academic sessions remotely. 
03/25/20 11:18pm
The suspects are two young individuals wearing dark hooded sweatshirts last seen heading eastbound on Market Street in a tan Lincoln Zephyer.
03/24/20 10:47pm
The Department of Public Safety sent a UPennAlert warning of an attempted burglary in the 4200 block of Walnut Street Tuesday afternoon.
03/15/20 8:21pm
Though Penn said students who need to stay on campus because of travel restrictions or other personal reasons can apply to do so, many are being denied housing without possibility of appeal.
03/13/20 8:57pm
Most international students must leave Penn, and many living on campus are scrambling to book flights home before travel restrictions are put into place. But for some, leaving campus is not a viable option. 
02/13/20 6:26pm
An assault reported in the 3900 block of Baltimore avenue prompted a UPennAlert Thursday evening. 
02/12/20 2:24am
At Sanders' New Hampshire victory party, hundreds chanted slogans ranging from "Bernie beats Trump" to "Health care is a right." At Buttigieg's rally, the runner-up and his supporters emphasized the need for unity.
02/11/20 2:36am
Filled with college-aged supporters, the enthusiastic crowd illustrated the faithful backing that Sanders boasts as he looks to win Tuesday's primary and build momentum in his presidential bid.
02/11/20 2:36am
During his hour-long speech, Trump lauded the United States' economic prosperity and boasted about "killing the founder and leader” of ISIS. The audience chanted “lock her up” when Trump brought up Nancy Pelosi's impeachment inquiry, and booed loudly when he decried his Democratic opponents and called mainstream media "fake news."
02/10/20 3:19am
At a rally before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, Warren called for “big structural change.”
02/10/20 3:14am
Penn for Bernie joined a group of around 40 students in New Hampshire and returned to Philadelphia Sunday night. Four Biden supporters from Penn also canvassed throughout the state.
02/02/20 11:25pm
College sophomore Zhexuan Huang is stuck in his coronavirus-stricken hometown. He has not been able to leave his apartment, let alone the city of Wuhan, for weeks and must take a leave of absence from Penn this semester. 
04/10/19 2:02am
The increase in cases follow an outbreak at Temple University that has sickened at least 140 students. 
04/08/19 12:53am
Penn will now be able to expand its funding efforts towards more students who seek financial support over the summer.
03/21/19 1:57am
A date for this new hearing with a private “discovery master” -- who is a retired Common Pleas Court Judge -- has not been set.
03/14/19 12:12am
Penn hired an outside consultant to review procedures after former men's basketball coach Jerome Allen pleaded guilty in October 2018 to accepting bribes to help a current Penn senior gain admission.
03/12/19 5:20pm
Among the 50 individuals charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering and fraud are famous actors, college coaches, and university administrators. 
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