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04/10/19 2:02am
The increase in cases follow an outbreak at Temple University that has sickened at least 140 students. 
04/08/19 12:53am
Penn will now be able to expand its funding efforts towards more students who seek financial support over the summer.
03/21/19 1:57am
A date for this new hearing with a private “discovery master” -- who is a retired Common Pleas Court Judge -- has not been set.
03/14/19 12:12am
Penn hired an outside consultant to review procedures after former men's basketball coach Jerome Allen pleaded guilty in October 2018 to accepting bribes to help a current Penn senior gain admission.
03/12/19 5:20pm
Among the 50 individuals charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering and fraud are famous actors, college coaches, and university administrators. 
02/25/19 9:05pm
The forum, titled “What happened to Black History Month?," included speeches from Penn student leaders, other students, and Falk Dining Commons staff.
02/14/19 12:23am
Stevenson is the founder and executive director of the Equal Justice Initiative, which has led the fight to eliminate unfair sentencing and to exonerate innocent incarcerated people on death row.
01/31/19 1:05am
The salary, which is a 10.5 percent increase from her last reported salary of $3.5 million in 2015, makes her among the highest-paid university presidents in the nation.
01/28/19 5:04pm
The group of donations comes amid the recent launch of the school's “Power of Penn Law: Advocates for a New Era” Campaign, which aims to increase accessibility, alleviate student debt, and hire innovative faculty members.
01/23/19 10:50pm
Zaina Erhaim, who has reported on the Syrian civil war from Syria but now lives in London, was previously denied a U.S. visa because of Trump's travel ban.
01/20/19 11:24pm
Jackson, who served as dean of Penn’s School of Social Policy & Practice before taking on the new role, took office Jan. 1.
12/09/18 10:18pm
Across the Ivy League, schools have recently experienced a plateau in terms of Early Decision applicant numbers.
12/09/18 8:41pm
Syrian journalist Zaina Erhaim was chosen to participate this fall in Penn's Writers at Risk program, but could not speak on campus due to Trump administration's travel ban. Now, Perry World House and Kelly Writers House are waiting to figure out next steps.
12/02/18 10:09pm
A rough design for this new space is expected to be completed in mid-January, and a more specific timeline for the project will be determined once the design is finished. 
11/30/18 10:26pm
Penn's early decision applicant pool has been steadily growing every year since 2011. 
11/13/18 12:56am
The trial, which began on Oct. 15, unearthed previously confidential admissions secrets during its three-week run, including the preferential treatment of legacy students and children of wealthy donors. 
10/25/18 1:03am
Penn President Amy Gutmann said the fundraising campaign helps Penn expand global opportunities, including making programs more accessible for students from first-generation, low-income backgrounds.
10/21/18 10:26pm
Not all finance and consulting clubs have implemented the new guidelines to club recruitment. 180 Degrees Consulting, one of the most selective consulting clubs, has not followed the new guidelines. 
10/10/18 9:32pm
In 2017, SFS estimated different costs for on- and off-campus housing for the first time, meaning less financial aid would be granted for those students living off campus.
10/10/18 9:31pm
Now in its fifth year, PEEP welcomed 113 high school seniors from 32 states to campus for three days. 
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