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12/04/19 12:17pm
The Environmental Innovations Initiative will aim to expand climate-related research, recruit faculty in sustainability disciplines, and develop educational programs related to the environment, according to the email.
11/24/19 10:55pm
U.S. District Judge Robert Scola ruled that Esformes must pay $5 million to the Medicare system, $39 million to the U.S. government, and $617,000 to cover the costs of his incarceration.
11/20/19 10:52pm
Host Derek Nhieu, who is also the Class Board 2023 president, said he wants to bring a new focus to talking about challenging topics such as mental health and adversity.  
11/05/19 11:35pm
The study, which focused on West Point students, finds that cognitive abilities were the best predictor of academic and military grades, but physical ability and grit were more important for making it through the grueling initiation training. 
10/30/19 9:31pm
The panel is the start of a two-day conference which according to organizers is the “first ever” nationally to focus explicitly on the philosophy of finance.  
10/16/19 5:44pm
The brief, co-authored in June, was presented to the Kansas Supreme Court last week.
10/06/19 10:17pm
Penn Spectrum Weekend is a tri-annual conference, first held in 2010, that brings together alumni and students and focuses on identity and issues faced by communities at Penn.
09/17/19 11:17pm
While this marks the end of the broad alliance, the two will continue work on more specific projects focusing on CAR T cell therapy. 
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