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05/28/20 1:57am
In real time, these interactive maps are tracking the fall reopening policies of over 250 colleges across each of the 50 states. Double click to zoom into the maps.
05/25/20 1:35am
Each undergraduate school will likely continue to add more courses, seats, and sections for Summer Session II as students continue to demonstrate interest to their academic advisors.
05/21/20 4:39pm
The four scenarios include a hybrid of in-person and online instruction, a shortened in-person semester, more robust summer 2021 course offerings, and entirely online learning.
05/20/20 11:23pm
Throughout summer and fall, CAPS is looking to continue streamlining collaboration with Campus Health and Student Health Services, and identify and create more student-centered support groups.
05/13/20 11:53pm
Brandon Ferguson was arrested and charged with four counts each of aggravated assault, simple assault, and recklessly endangering another person.
04/23/20 10:26pm
Shakira took to Instagram and Twitter on Thursday to share a photo of her certificate of completion for a course taught by Philosophy professor and undergraduate chair Susan Sauvé Meyer.
04/23/20 12:00am
Authorized personnel from Penn Residential Services wearing masks and gloves will be entering and photographing dorm rooms in all residential buildings.
04/09/20 5:55pm
Provost Wendell Pritchett announced the change and the suspension of the 2019-2020 Dean's List in a Thursday afternoon email to Penn undergraduates.
04/06/20 11:21pm
CAPS Senior Clinical Director Michal Saraf said CAPS will continue its Let’s Talk program and Behavioral Health Consultant program virtually through confidential video and phone calls. 
03/29/20 10:45pm
Philosophy professor and undergraduate chair Susan Sauvé Meyer said the lecture Shakira was watching in the video is from her online Coursera course titled Ancient Philosophy: Plato and His Predecessors.
03/24/20 10:35pm
For many professors, the first day of virtual classes, conducted via online platforms like Zoom, went well despite worries that virtual learning would detract from the quality of instruction. 
03/17/20 9:59pm
Saraf said CAPS will still have clinicians on campus for students who remain local but "heavily suggest" that all students use the remote appointments.
03/17/20 9:59pm
Saraf said CAPS will still have clinicians on campus for students who remain local but "heavily suggest" that all students use the remote appointments.
03/11/20 1:24am
Global travel bans and the uncertain fate of Penn's classes and dormitory availabilities have left international and first-generation, low-income students unsure of where they will live and how they will pay for housing and meals. 
02/23/20 10:24pm
Temple Student Health Services wrote in an email that they are working with students that may have come in contact with the patients to prevent the virus from spreading, NBC10 Philadelphia reported. 
02/20/20 8:56pm
CAPS Executive Director Gregory Eells, who died by suicide in September 2019, launched the program at Cornell University as the director of Cornell’s Counseling and Psychological Services Department.
02/12/20 2:24am
At Sanders' New Hampshire victory party, hundreds chanted slogans ranging from "Bernie beats Trump" to "Health care is a right." At Buttigieg's rally, the runner-up and his supporters emphasized the need for unity.
02/11/20 2:36am
Filled with college-aged supporters, the enthusiastic crowd illustrated the faithful backing that Sanders boasts as he looks to win Tuesday's primary and build momentum in his presidential bid.
02/10/20 3:19am
At a rally before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, Warren called for “big structural change.”
02/10/20 3:14am
Penn for Bernie joined a group of around 40 students in New Hampshire and returned to Philadelphia Sunday night. Four Biden supporters from Penn also canvassed throughout the state.
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