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02/20/20 8:56pm
CAPS Executive Director Gregory Eells, who died by suicide in September 2019, launched the program at Cornell University as the director of Cornell’s Counseling and Psychological Services Department.
02/12/20 2:24am
At Sanders' New Hampshire victory party, hundreds chanted slogans ranging from "Bernie beats Trump" to "Health care is a right." At Buttigieg's rally, the runner-up and his supporters emphasized the need for unity.
02/11/20 2:36am
Filled with college-aged supporters, the enthusiastic crowd illustrated the faithful backing that Sanders boasts as he looks to win Tuesday's primary and build momentum in his presidential bid.
02/10/20 3:19am
At a rally before Tuesday's New Hampshire primary, Warren called for “big structural change.”
02/10/20 3:14am
Penn for Bernie joined a group of around 40 students in New Hampshire and returned to Philadelphia Sunday night. Four Biden supporters from Penn also canvassed throughout the state.
02/09/20 10:02pm
Chinatown residents said worries of the coronavirus have caused a decrease in the number of people eating out at restaurants, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. 
02/05/20 10:29pm
The program will feature one behavioral health consultant, Heather Charboneau, who will work to streamline communication between CAPS and Student Health Services and work to serve students' specific needs.
02/05/20 9:09pm
Campus Health, Penn Global, and International Students and Scholars are currently in communication with individuals who have recently returned from China, according to the email. 
01/29/20 11:16pm
Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé also said other students studying in Southeast Asia have chosen to return to Penn.
01/29/20 1:49am
Homan spoke for an hour to an audience of more than 40 attendees, while many protested in Houston Market and surrounding stairwells, blocked from the door by Penn security officials. 
01/28/20 2:03pm
The Philadelphia Health Department worked with officials at William Penn Charter School to investigate the possible case of coronavirus in a Chinese exchange student, according to CBS Philly. 
01/26/20 11:07pm
An email sent by Provost Wendell E. Pritchett, Executive Vice President Craig R. Carnaroli, and Chief Wellness Officer Benoit Dubé read that all students who traveled to China within the last 14 days and developed cough, fever, or difficulty breathing should contact Student Health Services immediately.
01/23/20 12:00am
Annenberg Public Policy Center Research Director Dan Romer published a study that found no correlation between the release of the Netflix show "13 Reasons Why" and an increase in suicide rates among adolescent boys, contrasting data from another study that went viral last April.
01/21/20 12:43am
After graduating from Penn with an Asian & Middle Eastern Studies degree, Coffey said he bounced around between academia, commodities, and bar management. 
12/08/19 9:50pm
Nearly a year on, Uwagerikpe has created an annual diversity summit and a panel for potential new members to be exposed to diverse groups within the IFC. 
12/04/19 12:17pm
The Environmental Innovations Initiative will aim to expand climate-related research, recruit faculty in sustainability disciplines, and develop educational programs related to the environment, according to the email.
11/24/19 10:55pm
U.S. District Judge Robert Scola ruled that Esformes must pay $5 million to the Medicare system, $39 million to the U.S. government, and $617,000 to cover the costs of his incarceration.
11/20/19 10:52pm
Host Derek Nhieu, who is also the Class Board 2023 president, said he wants to bring a new focus to talking about challenging topics such as mental health and adversity.  
11/05/19 11:35pm
The study, which focused on West Point students, finds that cognitive abilities were the best predictor of academic and military grades, but physical ability and grit were more important for making it through the grueling initiation training. 
10/30/19 9:31pm
The panel is the start of a two-day conference which according to organizers is the “first ever” nationally to focus explicitly on the philosophy of finance.  
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