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12/11/20 12:26am
Although the University decided last minute no longer to bring undergraduate students back to campus in the fall, Penn Law opened its doors to approximately 550 students of its estimated 751-person class for in-person learning through Nov. 25, when classes ended for the semester.
12/09/20 11:36pm
After the police killing of George Floyd sparked a nationwide Black Lives Matter movement in May, protests for racial justice flooded the streets of Philadelphia.
12/08/20 11:03pm
For just the third time this semester, the positivity rate climbed above 2% for the week ending on Dec. 5. Penn recorded its highest weekly case count at 107.
11/24/20 11:56pm
From Nov. 15 to Nov. 21, the University conducted 6,499 tests — over 1,000 more than any week prior — with the total positivity rate reported at 1.54%, slightly above the 1.29% average for the semester.
11/23/20 12:13am
Fierceton will pursue a Ph.D. in social policy and conduct research on the foster care-to-prison pipeline, representing a disproportionate risk of incarceration for young people in foster care, at the University of Oxford beginning in fall 2021.
11/13/20 12:11am
More than 15 years ago in a small laboratory at the Perelman School of Medicine, professor of Medicine Drew Weissman made a groundbreaking discovery about mRNA vaccines. 
11/10/20 11:47pm
Out of the 107 new cases, 90 were undergraduate students with 17 new cases reported among graduate students, faculty, staff, and other Penn affiliates.
11/10/20 12:40am
Penn has laid out a series of recommendations for holiday travel, including leaving campus or the Philadelphia area sooner rather than later, in order to avoid peak holiday travel times.
11/04/20 12:18am
Of the 689 ballots cast at Houston Hall, ARCH, and Walnut Street West Library on Tuesday, 83% were cast for former Vice President Joe Biden.
11/04/20 12:10am
For just the second time this semester, the positivity rate climbed above 2%, reported at 2.2%.
11/03/20 8:24am
The three voting sites nearest to Penn's campus — Houston Hall, ARCH, and Walnut Street West Library — have reported no lines since around 8 a.m. Tuesday morning.
11/03/20 1:06am
Although Pennsylvanians have been casting their ballots for over a month through early and mail-in voting, voters can head to the polls in person today.
11/01/20 11:45pm
Her thesis, titled “Incarceration in the U.S. and The International Bill of Human Rights," has progressive themes that sharply contrast with her the political rhetoric of her father, 1968 Wharton graduate and current president Donald Trump.
10/31/20 3:22pm
At least 500 protesters, including Penn students, gathered at the corner of Locust and 61st streets on Saturday evening to protest the Philadelphia police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. 
10/30/20 10:24am
Undergraduate students will be required to be tested twice weekly for COVID-19 and to enroll in PennOpen Pass as well as receive a flu shot before returning to campus.
10/29/20 1:20am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with CAPS staff about what students can do in the coming weeks to reduce stress and anxiety related to the election, namely to stay in the present, check in with friends, and get off the computer. 
10/27/20 9:56pm
Over 200 demonstrators marched the streets Tuesday night and reached Penn's campus at approximately 8:00 p.m. near 40th and Locust streets, marking the second night of protests.
10/26/20 10:33pm
According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, a bystander-filmed video showed that Wallace Jr. was armed with a knife and appeared further than arm's length away from the officers when they opened fire.
10/19/20 11:37pm
Thousands of supporters gathered in western Pennsylvania last week for Trump's second MAGA rally since his COVID-19 diagnosis. Here's a look inside "the Trump experience."
10/18/20 11:11pm
The contact tracing program has been in place for years to deal with mumps outbreaks. The University expanded and reworked the program to make it more efficient in the larger-scale pandemic. 
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