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12/05/16 10:29pm
As a misanthrope, there’s a truth I’m beginning to accept, and that is that my day is made better by the kindness of strangers.
11/21/16 9:49pm
With the racist GroupMe messages targeted towards Black students, with the fear and mistrust that certain minorities groups have felt over the election and with the deepening of rhetorical divisions between political factions, it feels like the time to reform, rise and react has come upon us. The rallying cry demands healing.
10/24/16 10:10pm
When I first came to Penn, one of the first questions I was asked about my home country was: “Isn’t Vietnam a democracy?” At first, it seemed like a harmless question, but, after rethinking it, I saw the damaging knowledge gaps behind the query — the same lack of knowledge about the Vietnam War directly informs humanitarian disasters like Iraq.
10/10/16 9:46pm
This year, two of the least favorable candidates in American history are in line to be the next President.
09/26/16 10:39pm
Public space is always around, which is maybe why we forget its potential for discourse. With larger growth in online spaces, social networking sites specifically, physical public space no longer holds tangible influence over us. Yet following the wide-scale flyer incident, then the homophobic preachers and their counter-protesters, we are reminded of the presence of human voices expressing opinions in the public sphere.
09/24/16 1:29pm

GROUP THINK | Amy Gutmann's relationship with the student body

GROUP THINK is the DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
09/12/16 11:13pm
I’ve never doubted who I was. Asian, White, Mixed, Girl, Young—any of these could apply, but none of these mattered.
09/09/16 1:38pm

Group Think | Is TAP Effective?

GROUP THINK is the DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
08/29/16 10:12pm
The daily news updates of unlawful police shootings against black men and women has led to much hashtagged outrage: solidarity nowadays means expressing communal dissatisfaction.
05/12/16 7:03pm
College acceptance has always been tied to pride, whether it be personal or school- oriented. The acceptance email for Penn is delivered in an unshakably triumphant Quaker fight song, heralding the shedding of new skin, ushering in a community that will soon be yours.
04/18/16 10:23pm
In today’s racial climate, which has seen a lot of division, tension and revolt, it always seems difficult to insert the “Asian” voice in the dialogue — partly because Asian is an umbrella term.
04/05/16 11:12pm
In a written piece published on The Tab, George Beall details his experience of taking a leave of absence from Penn to pursue his business career.
03/21/16 10:03pm
I still get sweaty palms when I enter into a lecture hall, especially when I’m told participation counts.
02/29/16 10:06pm
My first experience with the cultural houses was during a meet and greet hosted by Pan-Asian American Community House.
02/15/16 10:54pm
As an international student, I’ve grown progressively better at fitting in with cultural groups.
02/02/16 12:10am
Imagine yourself meeting someone new. And you see yourself in someone else’s eyes for the first time.
01/18/16 8:30pm
Protests are symbolic at their core. They signal a dissatisfaction with the greater system (whether it be white supremacist, patriarchal, imperialist) manifesting beneath the surface of an otherwise functional society. Nowadays, they signal change, but they don’t necessarily create it.
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