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09/29/16 12:24am
Dear Amy Gutmann, Vincent Price, Valarie Swain-Cade McCoullum and Monica Yant Kinney, I, as a black student, do not feel safe on this campus. In light of all of the violence that has and continues to occur to black and brown bodies in this country, I have one question for you all: Is it so difficult to, at the very least, write a letter speaking out against the genocide that is occurring across this nation? It’s perplexing to me that you choose to remain silent, as approximately 7 percent of your student body, a 7 percent which I am a part of, grieves and mourns the lives of those with our same complexion.
09/24/16 1:29pm

GROUP THINK | Amy Gutmann's relationship with the student body

GROUP THINK is the DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
10/15/15 12:08am
Alec, before I begin I’d like to say that this is not an attack on you, but on your harmful and racist views.
10/01/15 12:22am
I am not Caribbean-American. I have no traceable African roots; all I know is that my predecessors probably resided somewhere in West Africa. My ancestors were some of the first slaves to come over on the slave ships.
09/14/15 12:44am
Have you ever felt joy as a reaction to the misfortune or lack of achievement of another? If so, it’s okay you’re not alone.
08/26/15 9:38pm
On college campuses these days diversity is a coveted buzzword for the publicity of the respective institution.
11/20/14 5:50pm
Penn basketball will look for its first win on Saturday, so we decided to look at three keys to victory for the Red and Blue against Lafayette.
11/20/14 12:33am
Penn men’s swimming is looking to show its resilience on Friday as it heads to Princeton for the first conference tri-meet of the season.
11/19/14 3:15am
Every season has its ups and downs, but junior setter / right-side hitter Alex Caldwell has been a beacon of consistency for Penn volleyball.
11/12/14 11:57pm
With fall sports coming to an end, Penn fencing is ready to prove why it should not be overlooked.
11/09/14 6:52pm
After matchup with Dartmouth on Friday night that saw Penn handle its Ivy League foe in three sets, the Red and Blue were primed for a matchup against first place Harvard. Despite a strong effort, though, the Quakers fell in five sets.
11/07/14 9:59pm

Penn volleyball takes down Dartmouth in straight sets

Senior weekend started out well for Penn volleyball. The Quakers strung together consecutive Ivy wins for the first time this season as the Red and Blue took down the Dartmouth in straight sets, 25-22, 25-16, 25-21. In the first set, Penn (5-6) leapt to a lead.
10/24/14 1:31pm
The recent rise of play within the Ivy League has been a swift one. With schools scrambling to get the one or two pieces to complete their Ivy League title puzzles, competition for recruits has never been so high.
10/08/14 1:31am
With three games of their Ivy League season in the books, Penn will have their hands full this weekend as they face Yale and Brown.
10/01/14 11:45pm
With last weekend behind them, the Red and Blue look now to face the Lions for their first win in Ivy League play. Though conference games just started and Quaker confidence is still high, an 0-2 Ivy record for Penn would not bode well.
09/29/14 10:54pm
We sat down with Penn volleyball junior setter Ronnie Bither for a 30 seconds with...
09/25/14 1:20am
Some say numbers never lie, but Penn volleyball may disagree.
09/17/14 10:59pm
The Quakers have one week until they open Ivy League play against Princeton, but this weekend, they face Villanova, La Salle and Temple in the Big 5 Volleyball Tournament at the Palestra.
09/10/14 11:12pm
A few short days after a tough nonconference loss to Delaware, Penn volleyball will get a shot at No. 1.
09/10/14 3:23am
On the first stop of their four-match road trip the Red and Blue (2-2) were beat down by Delaware (5-3) in three straight sets.
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