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05/09/18 7:30am
Yet, in 20 years from now, I may not be able to recite a single column I worked on, both as a writer and as an editor. I will, however, always remember the impact those people at the DP left on my life.
12/06/16 11:22pm
On November 9, the American flag stood at half-mast at Hampshire College as a “reaction to the toxic tone of the monthslong election.” The following night, though, the flag was burned by an unidentified individual or group of individuals.
11/30/16 10:49pm
On November 21, the conservative activist group Turning Point USA announced their latest creation: the Professor Watchlist.
11/14/16 8:55pm
It’s easy to take food for granted. Most Penn students either have a dining plan or can afford to purchase food from one of the numerous restaurants or grocery stores around campus.
11/09/16 2:46am
America is not doomed. But man, should we be embarrassed. Donald Trump has run a campaign fueled by hatred, bluster, ignorance and a complete lack of morality.
10/25/16 10:32pm
Last week, The Daily Pennsylvanian ran an article about Wharton sophomore Eric Hoover, who posted in the Penn Class of 2019 Facebook group that he intends to form a chapter on campus of a pro-life group called Students for Life of America (SFLA). Naturally, Hoover’s post caused a bit of chaos in the group as pro-choice advocates began to berate him with comments such as “welcome to the middle ages.” While there’s no data to back this up, it’s probable that most Penn students are pro-choice and take great offense at those who would suggest that abortion be made illegal.
10/11/16 10:13pm
In June, Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York signed into law an executive order that created a blacklist of entities that have boycotted or divested from Israel (commonly associated with the boycott, divest and sanction, or BDS, movement), banning them from receiving taxpayer funding.
09/27/16 10:50pm
I’d wager that more than half of the Penn student body either watched the presidential debate on Monday or at least kept track of it somehow.
09/24/16 1:29pm

GROUP THINK | Amy Gutmann's relationship with the student body

GROUP THINK is the DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
09/13/16 11:53pm
Over the summer, Penn introduced a major tweak to its Early Decision application process that prevents students from applying Early Decision to Penn and Early Action to another private university.
09/09/16 1:38pm

Group Think | Is TAP Effective?

GROUP THINK is the DP’s round table section, where we throw a question at the columnists and see what answers stick.
08/30/16 11:19pm
In May, Harvard announced a historic move to enact penalties on its Final Clubs and Greek life organizations.
04/26/16 11:49pm
Like those at most northeastern universities, many of Penn’s students are liberal. Because of this, I wasn’t surprised when I read an article in The Tab called “What it’s like being a Republican at Penn." The writer interviews a member of Penn College Republicans who details some of the abuse he’s received simply based on his political orientation, including a moment in which he wore a College Republicans tank and was told “I can’t believe you’re wearing that.” The one part of the interview that seemed out of place and inaccurate, however, was when the anonymous Republican claims, “I believe conservatives are very tolerant of liberals while liberals are very intolerant of conservatives.” While the rest of the piece is a glowing endorsement of bipartisan thinking and respecting opposing viewpoints, this sentence simply throws across an unsubstantiated stereotype that really isn’t true.
04/13/16 9:08pm
Last week, I read an article by Scripps College student Sophie Mann which made the bold claim that feminists — and liberals in general — equate victimhood with status.
04/05/16 11:44pm
When I was younger, Easter was one of my favorite holidays. I loved the egg hunts, and the giant meal we would have for dinner was always delicious.
03/15/16 10:09pm
Last week, The Harvard Crimson published an article by student Ian Mullane titled “The Privileged Liberal.” The piece is a quite vicious attack against students of wealthy or “privileged” backgrounds who happen to identify as liberal, a stance which Mullane believes is hypocritical.
02/24/16 1:21am
Penn’s total budget allocates approximately 7.6 billion dollars for expenditures during the 2016 fiscal year.
02/03/16 11:51pm
A couple weeks ago, fellow columnist Cameron Dichterok wrote a column piece — "Whose speech matters?" — explaining why he believes that critics of political correctness are appropriating speech that hurts minorities who have nothing to gain through this example of free speech.
01/20/16 11:29pm
Since middle school, every student has heard just about all there is to know about crafting an argument.
12/07/15 1:21am
It’s easy to say that GPA shouldn’t define who we are as individuals and that it doesn’t have the greatest effect on our future, but, to a certain degree, the grades on our transcripts matter, whether we like it or not.
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