09/26/18 7:38pm
In April, students and members of the department were emailed and given the option to submit their pronouns to be publicly shared on the website. 
09/26/18 6:07pm
The decision, which is part of an initiative to create a 'sophomore experience' for second-year students, was released to student leaders at a meeting in Huntsman Hall on Tuesday, Sept. 25. 
09/26/18 3:12pm
Foodies rejoice! Dining Guide is back, and just in time for restaurant week. This semester, we’re branching out and exploring the full realm of food journalism, from restaurant reviews to personal essays. Everything is food related, but you might just be surprised by what you find inside … 
09/26/18 3:54am
Twenty-eight Penn students are taking part in a global fellowship is designed to help student projects that attain one or more of the UN's sustainable development goals.  
09/26/18 3:21am
The event, 'Competing Visions of the Global Order,' is the culmination of the Perry World House Colloquium on the future of world politics, with the Penn Biden Leaders Dialogue serving as the capstone event.
09/26/18 2:17am
After her keynote conversation with campus, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice sat down with The Daily Pennsylvanian for an exclusive interview.
09/26/18 2:06am
Former officials in both the Obama and Trump White Houses took the Irvine stage Tuesday afternoon as part of the Perry World House fall symposium. 
09/26/18 12:21am
The new proposal aims to capture the attention of trustees by highlighting the financial advantages of divestment from coal and tar sands. 
09/25/18 11:36pm
Companies are targeting college campuses, including Penn, for marketing campaigns to test students' first-time choices as consumers.
09/25/18 7:36pm
Cosby, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, was accused in 2016 of committing sexual assault at the Penn Relays in 2004. He received a Doctorate of Laws from Penn in 1990 and spoke at Commencement in 1997.
09/25/18 4:07am
Penn's Medical Emergency Response Team initially asked to be equipped with the medication about a year ago. 
09/25/18 3:54am
In an interview Monday night on CNN, the firebrand lawyer said his client would publicly come forward in the next 48 hours. 
09/25/18 12:13am
Unaffiliated with previous socialist efforts, Penn Socialists said it is bringing ongoing education and activism to the Penn community. 
09/24/18 8:51pm
Reviews of the airport are mixed; some are happy with the addition of outlets and iPads, while others continue to lament slow WiFi and long travel times within the airport,.
09/24/18 8:45pm
Neighborhoods in Los Angeles and Manhattan secured the top spots, with a 91.4 percent and a 54.5 percent increase in millennial populations respectively. 
09/24/18 8:40pm
Penn started the process towards a tobacco-free campus in 2014, when the it convened a campus-wide Tobacco Committee, which ultimately changed the policy to ban smoking. 
09/24/18 8:34pm
The rankings, which were based on over fifty specific factors, placed Newark, NJ, Baltimore and New York City in the top three spots.
09/24/18 12:25am
The event involved both a Q&A session and an on-ice portion, wherein students could skate with Min and chat about her life as a skater and her career successes. 
09/23/18 11:09pm
These course examines determinants of patients' lives—such as lack of insurance, nutrition, and housing—that can be overlooked by the health system.
09/23/18 11:04pm
For four years, the fellowship will be competitively awarded and will cover one year of tuition, living stipend, and education-related expenses.