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04/09/24 11:45pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian compared the costs of basic groceries at five grocery stores that lie within one mile of Penn's campus —Acme Markets, GIANT Heirloom Market, Trader Joeu2019s, Aldi, and Supremo Food Market.
02/20/24 12:43am
A DP analysis found that the number of full-time non-medical school administrators at Penn increased by 78%, compared to a 40% increase in full-time non-medical faculty over the past 20 years. 
11/20/23 1:32am
The DP researched some of the most notable donors to understand their backgrounds, Penn leadership roles, and level of generosity to Penn during their time as alumni. 
04/27/23 11:43pm
Among initiatives that will see a decrease, UA will no longer provide funding to Class Board cultural events such as Penn’s Holi celebration.
03/24/23 12:30am
The analysis — which examined 45 food trucks and 72 restaurants near campus — found that 41% of food trucks on or near campus offer Halal food.
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