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11/18/08 5:00am
Retail options have greatly expanded in University City over the past decade - but not necessarily with just Penn students in mind. The stores and restaurants opening under the Radian this fall are representative of the area's growth in recent years, but some students still long for a wider range of retail offerings.
11/12/08 5:00am
Business has been anything but usual for Tom Block lately. Block opened the Naked Chocolate Cafe near 34th and Walnut streets a little more than a week ago - but he hadn't expected that he would be almost overrun with business in such a short time. "We're having a lot of trouble keeping up," Block said.
11/10/08 5:00am

Economy doesn't halt construction

Shaky economic times and a tumultuous housing market have not prevented new properties from springing up throughout University City in recent years. Since 2006, a number of mixed-use, luxury apartment complexes have come to call West Philadelphia home. With more construction on the way, it may seem like the area isn't feeling the pinch of the global financial crisis.
11/07/08 5:00am
According to some Radian residents, the luxury complex has not quite lived up to its lofty price and reputation. Initially touted for its state-of-the-art accommodations and convenient location, complaints about the Radian have become more common, with many suggesting the building is unattractive, ill-equipped or generally overrated.
10/31/08 5:00am

Third Hub complex planned for 39th, Chestnut

With the Hub retail and apartment building completed in 2006, and with plans for a second complex in the works, the developer has announced that a Hub III is also on the way. The Philadelphia-based development firm Teres Holdings has secured a contract to build the Hub III at 3939 Chestnut Street.
10/28/08 5:00am
Domus, the eight-story, $71-million luxury apartment complex located on 34th and Chestnut streets, is up for sale - barely a year after its completion in the fall of 2007. Domus was intended to be built and then put on the market shortly after, according to a spokeswoman for the building's developer.
10/22/08 5:00am

Alleged cheating forces math class to retake exam

Students in one section of Math 104 were forced to retake an exam this month after the professor suspected cheating had occurred as students handed in their tests. According to several students in the class, the alleged cheating occurred on Wednesday, Oct.
10/20/08 5:00am

New retail will open by end of October

A number of new stores and restaurants around University City are preparing for their grand openings, some as soon as the end of the month. Naked Chocolate Cafe opens later this month near 34th and Walnut streets, with Capogiro Gelato Artisans, Jimmy John's sandwich shop, CVS pharmacy and Chipotle Mexican Grill scheduled to open soon after.
10/10/08 5:00am

Some bulk packs now online

Some Wharton courses have, in one sense, become paper-thin recently. A number of Wharton professors have offered course bulk packs online to students this semester. By going the paperless route, professors say they are giving students a convenient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly way of acquiring their course material.
10/03/08 5:00am
Some environmentalists are at a fork in the road concerning whether urban or rural areas are tops at producing harmful pollutants in the atmosphere. A recent report from the Energy Information Administration - which provides governmental energy statistics - shows that, since 1980, industrialized areas in some states have significantly reduced their carbon footprints, and in many cases, produced fewer carbon emissions than their residential neighbors.
10/01/08 5:00am
White Dog Cafe owner Judy Wicks considers herself an independent thinker. So when she decided to stop selling bottled water at her establishment early this year, the decision was based on her commitment to preserving the environment, not local or national trends.
09/29/08 5:00am

Weave Bridge set for completion in Nov.

If everything goes according to plan, the University will erect the Weave Bridge this November - one in a series of projects underway as part of Penn's eastward expansion initiative. The move comes as the city is scheduled to close the South Street Bridge for an expected 18-month reconstruction, at which time Penn's recreational fields and Hollenback Hall will be severed from the campus by Amtrak's rail line.
09/19/08 5:00am
It might not be easily noticeablProxy-Connection: keep-alive Cache-Control: max-age=0 2C but the area near 40th and Spruce streets has recently become a little sweeter. Cream and Sugar, a coffee and sweet shop, opened on Aug. 11. Spruce Street CD's had occupied the property for almost 20 years, and when it closed, Cream and Sugar owner Blythe Dim seized the oppor
09/12/08 5:00am

Dining gets greener, and becomes a balancing act

Some students and University officials are praising a move to discourage tray use in campus dining halls, but others are finding it difficult to adjust. In an effort to reduce food waste and conserve energy, trays in the dining halls are no longer easily accessible, though officials say they are still available.
09/08/08 5:00am
Builders and developers nationwide are increasingly targeting universities to profit from a fast-selling college product: off-campus housing. By focusing their efforts on selling upscale, mixed-use apartments to the general public, developers have capitalized off the growing demand created by a record number of students enrolling at universities across the country.
09/03/08 5:00am

A little bit of chaos to complicate move-in

After standing in line in 85-degree heat for several hours, Alex Roman was finally able to rest comfortably in her Radian apartment on Sunday night. Roman, a College sophomore, said she had "a horrible move in experience," a sentiment echoed by many others who moved into the new 14-story apartment complex at 39th and Walnut Streets.
08/28/08 5:00am
In just under two years, the pieces have finally fallen into place. On Aug. 31, residents of the Radian - a 14-story apartment building located at 39th and Walnut streets - will move into the new building. Though construction crews are still working on the building this week, students who will live in the Radian say they are excited about their new home.
04/25/08 5:00am
Speed, strength and endurance are on full display this weekend during the finals of the 114th annual Penn Relays. Penn Relays, America's premiere track and field event of the early outdoor season, invited qualifying teams from 950 high schools and 250 colleges worldwide this year, along with professionals from some of the world's top track clubs.
04/18/08 5:00am
As is often the case with politicians, Pennsylvania House speaker Dennis O'Brien has been accused of occasionally practicing contradictory politics. His desire to keep criminals from going unpunished is unmistakable, as is his concern for the safety and well-being of Pa.
04/16/08 5:00am
Mayor Michael Nutter's first 100 days in office have been anything but uneventful. He has the sizable task of managing a city that has seen its share of crises in recent years. He became Philadelphia's mayor amid some criticism, but if the reception he got after arriving on campus yesterday was any indication, many members of the Penn community stand firmly behind Nutter.
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