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Starting off the year can be stressful, but having an organized desk will definitely relieve that feeling. Here are some important things you need on your desk.

1. Calendar XL

By going over your syllabi, planning when your upcoming exams and papers are, and marking these on your calendar, you’ll be very productive. The calendar can also be used as a placing mat that will allow you to add in any upcoming events at any time (ex. club meetings, weekend plans, upcoming doctors appt., etc.). It is very easy to move too in case you need more space to work!

2. Desk Organizer

There are many different desk organizers, but this rotating is one is stylish and will make reaching your tools even easier. Plus it has 10 compartments!


3. Lamp (or multiple) with USB ports

A lamp is a must-need product, particularly to enhance room and desk lighting. In case there is a limited number of outlets next to your desk (which happens more often than you think), having a USB lightning port on the desk can come in handy, especially when you need to charge your phone, laptop, or speaker.


4. Scotch Tape

Tape is an essential tool to organize outstanding sheets you may have or to hang up posters or art near your workspace.


5. Hole Puncher

Having folders and just sticking papers in them can get a little messy. Use a hole puncher and binders instead, and looking through your papers a lot easier. You’ll definitely need this when you’ll have to print out course packets for some classes.


6. Cable Clips

Having a lot of cords from either your lamp, computer charger, phone charger, or alarm clock can make navigating your desk difficult while trying to not make anything fall over. Having these clips help keep your cables firmly in place and add to the aesthetic productive desk look!


7. Garbage Bin

Having an easy and accessible garbage compartment will allow you to clear your desk when you need to. Remember to recycle as well! 


8. Desk Drawer Organizer

For everything else that doesn’t fit on your desk should go inside, but it should be organized too! Having this desk drawer organizer will make looking in your drawer easier. 


9. Paper Tray

Keep your printing paper and looseleaf stacked and visible whenever you need it! Buy a paper tray (or multiple).


10. Desk Vacuum

Don’t worry about having to clean up your desk that much anymore by purchasing this efficient vacuum for your desk! It’s small, simple, and very very convenient! Get to studying and eating in peace.

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