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As Philadelphia strives to make itself a more bike- and pedestrian-friendly environment, it is increasingly clear that pedestrians, particularly those in and around Penn, must also do their part.

Vast numbers of Penn pedestrians must exercise more common sense and careful consideration in their walking conduct where large numbers of cars and bicyclists cross through town on roads and bike lanes. Far too many are inattentive to hazards when crossing major streets. Large numbers of you run into traffic and are a danger to yourself and others.

Penn pedestrians, become acutely aware of the dangers a cyclist — much less a car — present to when you are in traffic. My biking speed on the road or in a bike lane is typically 15 miles an hour or more, especially if downhill, which carries a tremendous force. A broken hip, arm or leg is quite possible, much less a concussion or soft tissue injury or even a catastrophic injury that stops your schooling. Don’t think it’s possible? Ask my friend Andre. His answers come from the grave.

Look where you are going and understand what you are doing. If you do not, one would hope the Division of Public Safety will institute its own enforcement campaign. The problem is that serious and is one easily avoided.

Brian M. Villa
University City resident

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