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02/20/19 11:53pm
In meetings with several Penn administrators, student leaders of the 6B discussed the ongoing need for more space for minority students.
02/08/19 9:21pm
During the event, which was hosted by The Statesman, Mac Donald contended that there were no racist professors at Penn and dismissed a student account of grading discrimination among professors.
02/06/19 12:47am
In February 2018, Penn announced that it would remove 1963 College graduate Steve Wynn's name from "Wynn Commons" following sexual misconduct allegations against the former Trustee.
01/31/19 12:42am
Benoit Dubé said he aimed for a cultural shift at Penn that would allow people to be vulnerable about their difficulties and ask for help.
01/28/19 11:28am
In the past, graduate student misconduct claims were handled by deans of the accuser’s school, which students said slowed responses to claims.
01/25/19 12:36am
Greenstein was officially sworn in last week and now oversees and develops policies for the state's public universities.
12/06/18 11:51pm
The fellowship will consist of six seminars focusing on the human side of medicine rather than the technical side.
12/05/18 4:25pm
College sophomore Emily Yao, College senior Jake Mattis, and College junior Isabela Salas-Betsch placed a large bag overflowing with fake $100 bills on the Ben Franklin bench near the Compass on Dec. 4. 
12/04/18 10:50am
Penn's Chabad House hosted the public menorah lighting on Monday, which was kicked off by a Penn Band performance of “Dreidel, Dreidel, Dreidel” and “O Chanukah.”
11/28/18 11:13pm
In an op-ed in the New York Times, Bloomberg said college advising should help more students of diverse backgrounds apply to college. He also pushed for colleges to improve financial aid.
11/05/18 10:52pm
A handful of Penn professors are taking steps to encourage students to head to the polls.
11/04/18 7:29pm
Gritty was not always the unifier he is now recognized to be. Initially, his reveal in front of local children one month ago was met with skepticism, confusion and horror.
10/21/18 7:32pm
Ideas in Motion is a monthly short lecture series and Q&A that takes place while the Annenberg (Lunchtime) Running Club jog together. “It’s like a TED Talk, while running,” the flyers say.
10/16/18 9:26pm
This year's flu clinic vaccinated an unprecedented total of about 10,000 people last week compared to last year’s total of 6,400 people. The prior year, 5,420 people were vaccinated. 
10/09/18 11:54pm
This year, Penn's annual flu clinic that administers flu vaccines is free for all Penn students, faculty, staff, and post-doctorate students.  
10/04/18 4:11pm
Forbes cited Philadelphia’s convenient location, its affordability, and the fact it has the second largest university population in the U.S. as key factors in the ranking.
09/23/18 7:04pm
For four years, the fellowship will be competitively awarded and will cover one year of tuition, living stipend, and education-related expenses.
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