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11/19/18 8:37pm
All four victims had a single gunshot wound to the head and were found in a house on the 5100 block of Malcolm Street.
11/18/18 9:56pm
Peterkin Bell's profile from the Annenberg website has been deleted. The course listing for her course Urban Communications is no longer on PennInTouch. 
11/15/18 3:07am
The incident, which occurred around 7:30 p.m., prompted student diners to flee the premises for safety. 
11/07/18 7:45am
"I want this to show how seriously we take our right to vote," Gutmann said. "The implications are very, very clear; young people’s voices need to be heard."
11/07/18 5:09am
Penn alumni Mary Scanlon, Conor Lamb, and Josh Gottheimer won their seats along with Trey Hollingsworth and David Scott.
11/03/18 3:46am
There has been one reported victim, who is a student unaffiliated with Dartmouth. The college issued a shelter in place warning, but lifted it around 12:40 a.m. on Nov. 3. 
10/30/18 2:25am
PILOTs, or Payments in Lieu of Taxes, are voluntary contributions that nonprofits make to local governments. 
10/28/18 1:53am
The suspect in the shooting, Robert Bowers, 46, opened fire at the Tree of Life Congregation in eastern Pittsburgh and attacked during a service.
10/21/18 10:33pm
So far, the school has held two trainings for Penn Dental affiliates and will continue to hold more until all students and staff can attend.
10/13/18 1:57pm
The suspect was wearing a red sweatshirt and ripped jeans when he entered the property Friday night, according to the Division of Public Safety.
09/28/18 3:00am
Penn Vice President for Finance and Treasurer MaryFrances McCourt announced at the Board of Trustees meeting last night Penn's undergraduate endowment topped $1 billion this year.
09/25/18 7:36pm
Cosby, who was born and raised in Philadelphia, was accused in 2016 of committing sexual assault at the Penn Relays in 2004. He received a Doctorate of Laws from Penn in 1990 and spoke at Commencement in 1997.
09/19/18 1:59am
The office would consist of a single staff member serving as the first point of contact for complaints or questions relating to sexual misconduct allegations. 
09/19/18 1:20am
In the past, Philadelphia Fire Department officials have expressed annoyance with intoxicated Penn students throwing up in their vehicles, Superintendent of Penn Police Maureen Rush said.  
09/11/18 1:02am
The hot water was restored on Friday using an emergency boiler that management rented. 
08/23/18 6:36pm
Samuel Woodward, 21, could face life in prison without parole if convicted of the crime with the sentencing enhancement of a hate crime. 
08/03/18 9:16pm
 Reports that the homicide was a hate crime have been circulating since the spring, but this is the first time that formal charges are being raised. 
07/30/18 2:28am
Krull received a bachelor's degree in Applied Exercise Science from Springfield College before earning a master's degree in Exercise and Sport Science from Merrimack College.
07/23/18 3:07am
In an email sent to members of the Psychology department, the department chair Sharon Thompson-Schill said Kurzban denied the allegations but decided to leave for the 'best interests' of the University. 
07/19/18 2:43am
The Center, currently located at 3720 Chestnut St., will be moving to the basement of St. Agatha-St. James Parish at 3728 Chestnut St. this August. 
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