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11/19/23 10:05pm
Over half of the Congress members who have publicly criticized Penn's response to Hamas' attack on Israel have received campaign support from withdrawn Penn donors and their affiliated companies.
11/16/23 10:06pm
The United States Department of Education is investigating five instances of antisemitism and two Islamophobia cases across seven schools.
10/30/23 12:35am
In the letter, the trustees wrote that they believe University leadership is dedicated to upholding Penn's values.
10/20/23 12:04am
He called on Penn to establish an independent committee to develop standards that prevent any group that "breaches hate or the acceptable use of violence" from reserving space for events on University property.
10/17/23 4:23pm
Lauder told Magill that she was "forcing" him to reexamine his financial support "absent satisfactory measures to address antisemitism at the University."
10/15/23 1:55pm
The end to the Huntsman Foundation's donations could represent a significant blow to the University's funding amid a growing backlash from Penn trustees and alumni.
10/14/23 4:25pm
"The leadership of UPenn has failed us through an embrace of antisemitism," Gureghian wrote in his resignation letter.
10/12/23 3:18pm
Board of Trustees Chair Scott Bok disputed Marc Rowan's allegations that Penn would "purge" trustees, after Rowan called on Bok and Penn President Liz Magill to resign.
10/11/23 2:22pm
1979 College graduate and Vice Chair of the University Board of Trustees Julie Platt said that she had “full confidence” in Magill and Bok’s leadership.
10/10/23 2:44pm
Penn Global has deferred all University-affiliated travel to Israel and Palestine "until further notice" and plans to remain in contact with all Penn students who are currently studying or visiting the region.
09/22/23 4:37pm
The statement comes the day after an unknown individual vandalized the Penn Hillel building Thursday ahead of a morning prayer service.
09/21/23 11:50pm
Several Arabic courses, including ARAB 0100: "Elementary Arabic I" and ARAB 0300: "Intermediate Arabic III," had previously required that students attend.
09/21/23 12:28pm
"When I walked into Hillel, I noticed that the lobby was completely trashed — one of the podiums was smashed, one of the tables was smashed. There was stuff everywhere," a witness said.
09/17/23 10:38pm
Student groups wrote that Penn's statement was "unprecedented" given its alleged silence "when hateful and concerning views have been espoused by campus visitors and even faculty in the past.
09/17/23 10:36pm
The upcoming Shabbat event on Sept. 22 was organized to promote unity on campus by celebrating Jewish identity.
09/06/23 10:48pm
Jared Taylor’s scheduled return to Amy Wax’s seminar comes as Penn remains silent on whether it will sanction Wax.
08/21/23 1:42pm
According to Gutmann's ethics disclosures, the loan was issued at the October 2020 federal mid-term rate of 0.38% and has a term of nine years.
06/17/23 1:16pm
The tax filings show that most of Gutmann’s 2021 earnings accumulated over the course of her 18-year tenure as president, in the form of deferred compensation and investment gains. 
04/19/23 10:58pm
The library first closed on Monday due to a "serious" failure of a chilled water pump that flooded the library's basement mechanical room in the morning.
04/16/23 11:30pm
Wax said she would take Penn to court if she is punished, calling the University "ruthless" and "unprincipled."
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