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05/17/24 6:00am
Also, columns from the DP's graduating seniors.
05/16/24 11:32pm
Eight semesters of final exams, four Spring Flings, three College protest encampments, and one presidential resignation later.
05/10/24 11:28am
Around five Penn employees could be seen carrying out tents, signs, flags, backpacks, and other belongings from the encampment and loading them into a trash truck parked on Locust Walk. 
05/06/24 9:25am
In a message to the University community around 7 a.m. Monday morning, Jameson reiterated his demand for the encampment to disband but said that Penn was taking a "measured" approach to avoid a more aggressive response that would cause "further disruption."
03/29/24 6:34pm
The concert will take place in Penn Park beginning at 8:15 p.m. on Friday, April 19, and it will be followed by the Daytime Fling event on Saturday, April 20.
03/28/24 1:39am
The Daily Pennsylvanian examined evidence of private communications between Biden and University administrators about the admissions process.
03/24/24 10:50am
At Penn, Gordon was a member of the Pre-First Year Program and was involved with the Makuu: The Black Cultural Center community. 
02/05/24 6:00am
Also, welcome to the new DP Daybreak.
01/29/24 9:52pm
Vice Provost for University Life Karu Kozuma and Dean Erika James notified the Wharton community of Rajagopal's death in an email sent on Jan. 24.
01/16/24 11:10am
Born in New York, Fagin frequently described herself as a "can do" president who wanted to exceed the limitations of her temporary appointment.
12/20/23 12:16pm
As the House education committee continues to probe Penn over antisemitism after Liz Magill’s fateful testimony, the committee’s chair is being backed by Penn donors Marc Rowan and Ronald Lauder. 
12/12/23 11:39am
The DP is compiling updates as the University prepares to announce an interim president.
12/12/23 12:14am
The Penn community navigated an unprecedented leadership crisis, heightened student activism, and a surge in labor organizing this year.
12/10/23 4:10pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian compiled the next steps and implications of Magill and Bok's dual resignations.
12/09/23 9:32pm
Platt previously served as the vice chair of the Board of Trustees and was the Penn Alumni president from 2013 until 2018.
12/09/23 5:20pm
The announcement was made at an ongoing meeting of the trustees at 5 p.m. just minutes after Penn President Liz Magill's resignation.
12/09/23 4:28pm
The announcement comes less than two years into Magill's tenure, which began in July 2022.
12/07/23 6:38pm
The letter describes the board's concern about "dangerous and toxic culture" at Penn that it said the University leadership has allowed to exist.
12/07/23 11:10am
Penn President Liz Magill's future at the University remains unclear as the controversy over her testimony before Congress continues to intensify.
12/06/23 1:34am
In her opening statement, Magill focused on “essential” immediate actions that Penn is undertaking, including increased security and the formation of an antisemitism task force.
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