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12/11/23 11:40pm
The University City food scene has seen a variety of updates this year. Here’s all you need to know about restaurant changes as the semester comes to an end.
12/06/23 9:01pm
Gutmann College House, which is currently a second, third, and fourth-year college house, will also allow first-year students to live there next year.
11/08/23 10:40pm
The DP sat down with the founders to talk about their story and their hopes for the company. 
10/31/23 10:32pm
While the Target is canceled, the addition will still consist of retail space for an unconfirmed tenant, Alterra managing partner Leo Addimando told the Inquirer. 
10/19/23 3:26am
PAO shared a statement on Instagram clarifying that attendees were chanting “Israel, Israel, you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide."
10/18/23 11:35pm
According to Penn's annual financial report, Penn spent $975 million in the 2023 fiscal year, up from $876 million in the previous fiscal year.
09/07/23 12:01am
Listen to the top headlines on Thursday, Sept. 7th with our newsletter anchor.
08/31/23 9:23am
Listen to the top headlines on Thursday, August 31st with our newsletter anchor.
08/21/23 10:05pm
Here is the latest on off-campus dining options for Penn students and the University City community. 
05/11/23 7:47pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian took a look at what’s changed in the University City food scene in the past semester and what's upcoming. 
04/26/23 12:21am
Wharton was ranked No. 1 in the 2022-2023 iteration of the rankings and has ranked in the top five consistently for the past 10 years.
04/25/23 11:20am
Listen to the top headlines on Tuesday, April 25 with our newsletter anchor.
04/20/23 9:51am
Listen to the top headlines on Thursday, April 20 with our newsletter anchor.
04/10/23 11:14am
Listen to the top headlines on Monday, April 10 with our newsletter anchor.
04/02/23 10:20pm
United By Blue closed the two locations — one at 3421 Walnut Street and one at 205 Race Street — on March 30.
03/30/23 2:05am
Listen to the top headlines on Thursday, March 30 with our newsletter anchor.
03/29/23 9:05pm
Playa Bowls plans to open over the summer at 4034 Walnut Street, while Gong Cha will open at The Radian apartment and retail complex.
03/23/23 11:39am
Listen to the top headlines on Thursday, Mar. 23 with our newsletter anchor.
03/16/23 9:45am
Listen to the top headlines on Thursday, Mar. 16 with our newsletter anchor.
03/15/23 11:23pm
The building includes 25,000 square feet of retail space which developers hope to fill with a restaurant, urgent care center, and a café.
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