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09/29/22 10:37pm
Students currently living in The Radian have the option to renew their lease, but they must go through Penn to do so.
09/22/22 7:05pm
The University will shut down sections of the Quad over a period of three years to allow for safe construction and begin leasing The Radian in August 2023.
09/16/22 12:12am
Memorabilia from their college relationship included 18 photos of Musk as a college student at Penn, a signed birthday card, a 14-karat gold necklace, and a signed dollar bill.
09/12/22 12:06am
Katz grew up in Jersey City, N.J., and took a gap year before coming to Penn.
09/06/22 12:00am
A pair of roommates in Harrison College House experienced flooding that disrupted their schedules, while a fire alarm awoke Lauder College House residents at 5 a.m. 
08/22/22 11:05pm
Here is the latest on dining options for Penn students and the West Philadelphia community.
06/30/22 12:36am
Liz Magill will officially become Penn's ninth president on Friday, July 1. She will succeed Interim President Wendell Pritchett and former University president Amy Gutmann.
06/10/22 10:46pm
Suda will officially begin her role as director of the 145-year-old museum on September 21. 
05/26/22 9:48am
Kenni Ndili, an incoming MBA/M.A. student, was found safely after being missing for six days. It appears that she was robbed and went missing shortly after. 
05/26/22 12:17am
Greenberg receiving a low average course evaluation score prompted fears of his termination, according to the petition. 
05/18/22 11:32pm
The interior of the building will be completely redesigned to serve the students and faculty of the Weitzman School, and will now include new research facilities, design studios, classrooms, and offices. 
04/27/22 10:56pm
At this year's Hey Day, juniors will don plastic hats instead of the classic styrofoam as they walk down Locust Walk on April 28.
04/27/22 12:17am
Members of Penn’s Kite and Key Society, the oldest student volunteer organization on campus, will receive compensation for their work within the society starting in fall 2022.
04/20/22 11:06pm
The prizes are awarded annually to Penn seniors for the development and undertaking of a post-graduation project that aims to positively impact the world.
04/17/22 11:25pm
Houston Hall, the oldest student union in the nation, will undergo a gradual revitalization process to become a central hub of student life on campus.
04/06/22 12:36am
Around 55,000 students applied to Penn this year through both Early and Regular Decision, and around 2,400 students are expected to make up the incoming first-year class. 
04/03/22 11:31pm
DIG is a fast-casual restaurant with a "vegetable-forward" menu and will be located at 36th and Sansom streets near the Penn Bookstore. 
03/23/22 9:23pm
While some students are excited about a return to normalcy, other students still have concerns for at-risk populations who are much more vulnerable to infection.
03/17/22 8:57pm
Penn’s Class of 2025 Class Board to host the first-ever spring formal for first years on March 18, 2022.  
02/28/22 9:58pm
The resolution calls on the University to provide increased transparency regarding Wax's sanctions hearing procedure, public notice of any sanctions levied, and an expansion of measures on campus to combat hateful speech.
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