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8 hours ago
Penn, Drexel, and other local institutions could contribute to a "services-based" fund to support UC Townhomes residents.
03/14/23 10:52pm
The imminent closure of Sansom Place West comes after Sansom Place East closed in April 2022 for redevelopment into a privately-owned apartment building. 
03/12/23 10:18pm
On Aug. 15, a District Court denied a motion filed by the schools that were sued to dismiss the lawsuit, according to a public opinion.
02/19/23 10:28pm
If successful, the residents and fellows will be the first group of hospital house staff in Pennsylvania to have successfully organized.
02/16/23 12:04am
The student claimed that the University charged her a higher fee to re-enroll after she sued Penn for the sexual advances she allegedly faced from a former Counseling and Psychological Services director.
02/13/23 11:00pm
Associate Vice Provost for University Life Will Atkins made the announcement on Feb. 10 in an email to the center's students, faculty, and stakeholders.
02/09/23 11:34pm
The letter comes after Penn announced the largest one-time increase to the minimum Ph.D. stipend in December. 
01/31/23 4:00pm
The senior was accused of injuring a then-Penn sophomore at a party held on Sept. 4, 2021, in the chapter house of his fraternity.
12/08/22 5:08am
Dani S. Bassett, a professor of bioengineering at Penn, will join their twin Perry Zurn, an associate professor of philosophy at American University, to talk about the process behind writing the book.
11/18/22 2:00am
Sears described the magazine, which is sponsored by the Kelly Writers House, as a “literary journal with a focus on music.” 
11/09/22 1:41am
The carvings were uncovered by the program manager of the Iraq Heritage Stabilization Program, a subsidiary of the university, in partnership with Iraqi archeologists.
10/31/22 1:48am
1972 Master’s recipient Caren Glotfelty, 2020 Graduate School of Education doctoral graduate Stacy E. Holland, and Professor Emerita of Nursing Neville Strumpf joined the group of 500 women who have received the award.
10/10/22 12:07am
College sophomores Akinkunmi Adio and Alexandra Cordoba started the service and currently manage 25 volunteers.
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