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04/20/24 2:54pm
The deregistration marks a new step in the University’s response to heightened tensions pertaining to the Israel-Hamas war, as it has not previously publicly disciplined any individuals or student organizations.
03/19/24 12:27am
The Graduate and Professional Student Assembly voted to extend $25,000 of funding for this year's Penn Fight Night, which is scheduled for April 6.
03/14/24 6:00am
Also, Penn Medicine signed onto new artificial intelligence commitments.
03/11/24 10:59pm
The lawsuit aims to convince the University not to comply with a congressional request for documents pertaining to on-campus antisemitism.
02/29/24 1:29am
The donation was intended to support the Boys & Girls Club of Philadelphia's Literacy Initiative, which allegedly included the sum in its operating budget.
02/13/24 3:49pm
All classes beginning before 10 a.m. were cancelled as a result of the delayed opening.
02/08/24 7:57pm
The court heard oral arguments about Trump's eligibility to hold presidential office, with many justices appearing skeptical of multiple aspects of Colorado’s decision.
02/04/24 7:32pm
Residential Services said that they were aware of the outage and were investigating it.
01/25/24 12:32am
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with 22 current and former colleagues of Jameson to hear about Jameson’s history, accomplishments, and leadership ability.
01/19/24 12:08am
Employees are not expected to work unless designated as essential as a result of the suspension of normal University operations, according to the Division of Public Safety.
12/14/23 9:02pm
The majority of Republicans voted to withhold more than $31 million dollars in funding from Penn Vet while every Democrat voted in favor of the funding.
12/14/23 7:04pm
Over 8,500 students applied to Penn through the Early Decision program this year, according to the University’s announcement.
12/12/23 10:23pm
Epstein's promotion was announced in an email from the Interim Chair of the University Board of Trustees Julie Beren Platt.
12/12/23 11:39am
The DP is compiling updates as the University prepares to announce an interim president.
12/09/23 5:06pm
During the hearing, Stefanik repeatedly asked Magill if a call for the genocide of Jewish people would violate Penn’s policies or code of conduct. 
12/09/23 3:35pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian’s coverage of campus tensions has ranged from the Palestine Writes Literature Festival to backlash from donors and trustees.
12/08/23 12:00am
The initiative — the Confidential Emergency Contraception Distribution Project — will provide kits upon request that include one Plan B, an information sheet about how to use Plan B, and packets of lubricant and condoms for students. 
12/07/23 10:47pm
The 84 employees laid off represent approximately 24% of all regular staff members at the Gene Therapy Program.
12/07/23 11:10am
Penn President Liz Magill's future at the University remains unclear as the controversy over her testimony before Congress continues to intensify.
11/30/23 10:12pm
The investigation centers on the possibility that the therapy may cause cancer in rare cases, following reports of T cell malignancies in those who received the treatment.
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