09/17/18 1:29am
Philadelphia's Vetter Pet Care business allows pet owners to schedule in-home veterinary appointments. All of Vetter's veterinarians are Penn graduates.
09/17/18 12:53am
All requests for leave from students who have recently given birth or adopted a child are sent to Family Resource Center. Before, these requests would go through the student's individual department. 
09/17/18 12:12am
Penn Law graduate Mary Gay Scanlon won the Democratic primary election this May for Pennsylvania's 5th Congressional District.
09/15/18 6:22pm
This is not the first time ceilings have caved in. In February 2017 and in October 2014 collapsed ceilings forced residents out of Quad dorm rooms.
09/15/18 5:06pm
For many students who planned on transferring or pursuing dual degrees, this policy shift, which was never formally announced, has made it nearly impossible.
09/14/18 1:32am
Annenberg professor Barbie Zelizer said increased threats to journalism in the U.S. and abroad compelled her to establish the Center for Media at Risk in April.
09/14/18 1:27am
The annual event, titled 'Careers in Journalism and New Media,' featured Ashley Parker, Jessica Goodman, and Jill Castellano, all of whom currently work in journalism.
09/14/18 1:14am
Twenty-nine years ago, Wharton administrators tried to close Steinberg-Dietrich Hall at midnight in an effort to cut down on operating costs. Students staged a multi-day sit-in, eventually reversing the decision. 
09/13/18 6:28pm
A new study found that Penn graduates had an average starting salary of $68,100 in 2018.
09/13/18 4:22am
The NIC policy, which must be implemented by September 2019, prohibits alcohol products exceeding 15 percent alcohol by volume at any chapter event or chapter facility, unless the liquor is served by a licensed third-party vendor. 
09/13/18 2:43am
Princeton University continued their streak at the top, coming in first for the eighth year in a row. 
09/13/18 1:58am
2014 Penn GSE graduate George Logan Blyler's proposal for the charter school was initially rejected by the now-disbanded Philadelphia School Reform Commission. 
09/13/18 1:11am
The Democrat is running against fellow Penn graduate Frank Farry.
09/13/18 1:00am
According to the city’s property list, the market value for 3800-02 Chestnut has increased in the last six years by nearly 375 percent.
09/12/18 10:50pm
The store, which opened on Penn's campus on Aug. 3, is set to close in mid-December. Similar pop-ups have been opened at Harvard University and Stanford University. 
09/12/18 5:43pm
A second-year graduate student in the School of Social Policy and Practice, Cameron Avant Driver was on track to complete his Master of Social Work degree by 2020.
09/12/18 5:12am
Penn alumna Meredith Wooten has returned to campus as the Director of the Graduate Student Center with the goal of aiding underrepresented students.
09/12/18 1:32am
While academic archives are useful for those who have access to them, not all students do. A survey from the UA found that only one third of 300 student respondents reported having access to such resources.
09/12/18 1:12am
Find out what goes on behind the scenes for a national student poet who chose Penn over Harvard and Yale.
09/11/18 6:43pm
The new rules place a hard cap on the number of credits an undergraduate can take, limiting students to seven and a half course units per semester.