Free-Standing Inserts

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Free-standing i­nserts are flyers, magazines, etc. that are inserted into The Daily Pennsylvanian. Inserts must run in the entire press run (6,000 copies). 

INSERT INFORMATION: Maximum finished size is 10” x 11.5”; minimum size is 5” x 7.5”. For single  sheet inserts, the weight of the stock must be at least 50#. Inserts must be shipped (on skids or in boxes) to The Daily Pennsylvanian’s printing plant. All boxes must be clearly labeled. A Bill of Lading must be attached to both the inserts and the Free Standing Insert Insertion Order. The Daily Pennsylvanian can supply a Bill of Lading form.

A sample copy must be sent to The Daily Pennsylvanian’s office for review, either by mail or via email ( Inserts are scheduled on a first-come basis. Deadline for scheduling, delivery and sample copy of inserts is one week prior to publication.

Ship inserts to:
Delaware Printing Company.
ATTN: DP Inserts/Raymond Ford
110 Galaxy Drive
Dover, DE 19904