Nicholasville, Kentucky 


On March 11, 2020, our view of the world shifted and the lives of thousands of Penn students came to an abrupt halt. As the coronavirus outbreak spread around the world, students who were once physically united on Penn’s campus split apart from each other. The Penn community was left wondering about the fate of our future from self-isolation. In this time we have started to rediscover our passions and reflect on our lives. Despite separation, the Penn community remains connected through different sights, sounds, and perspectives from all over the world. We asked you to send photos from your residence. Here are some views of our quarantined community. 

Credit: Chase Sutton

College junior Chase Sutton recognizes the uniqueness of an empty Brooklyn Bridge in New York.

Credit: Jun Kyu Kim

Incoming first-year Jun Kyu Kim rediscovers what fuels his life's passions in Johns Creek, Ga.

Credit: Raghav Chaturvedi

Wharton and Engineering junior Raghav Chaturvedi has become more cognizant of the importance of balance in life from Mumbai, India. 

Credit: Jasmine Henry

College and Wharton senior Jasmine Henry looks into the open fields of Inverness, Fla. 

Credit: Noelle Harris

College first-year Noelle Harris admires the forests in her hometown of Lander, Wyo. 

Credit: Andrew Wu

Second-year educational linguistics Ph.D. candidate Andrew Wu remains on campus to an empty and silent Quad in Philadelphia. 

Credit: Sia-Linda Lebbie

College junior Sia-Linda Lebbie learns the power of peace with oneself from Beverly, Mass. 

Credit: Didi Owens

1963 College and Wharton graduate Didi Owens appreciates nature in Palm Desert, Calif. 

Credit: Hector Cure

College sophomore Hector Cure realizes the importance of maintaining strong bonds with people in these unprecedented times from Bogotá, Colombia.