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10/12/21 12:10am
More than 60 Penn students gathered on Locust Walk on Friday afternoon to celebrate their Asian identities and increase Asian visibility on campus.
09/28/21 12:31am
Senior Vice Dean of Medical Education Suzanne Rose led the ceremony, distributing the white coats and delivering remarks to the incoming students and their guests at the annual White Coat Ceremony. 
04/28/21 1:11am
Nursing senior Anthony Scarpone-Lambert won the $100,000 prize for his startup Lumify Care, which sells wearable LED lights that nurses can attach to their scrubs to illuminate their workspaces. 
03/19/21 2:40am
Penn students joined more than 100 Philadelphians in Chinatown on Wednesday evening to honor the victims of the fatal shootings that targeted Asian Americans in three Atlanta spas on March 16.
03/18/21 3:04am
The students described how their outlooks on life and the pandemic were upended in just a year, and expressed hope that their stories would compel their peers to follow COVID-19 safety protocols. 
02/24/21 1:48am
Winter storms across large parts of the Central and Southern United States have hit Texas with high levels of snow and unusually cold temperatures, causing widespread flooding and power outages. 
02/18/21 3:16am
After 15 years of research, the FDA recognized June's work as a "Breakthrough Therapy" for successful treatment of a life-threatening disease.
02/15/21 12:16am
Around 20% of Saturday's vaccines were reserved for those who lacked internet access to register online for an appointment.
01/28/21 1:45am
Panelists discussed the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities of color, as well as racial inequity in COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
01/16/21 11:45pm
The group of triplets credits Penn for providing them with opportunities to host bootcamps and build a network of students and alumni, thereby contributing to their success.
01/13/21 11:44am
The panelists criticized the United States law enforcement system which they said claims to serve and protect all communities but disproportionately harms communities of color. 
11/08/20 11:38pm
Thousands of elated Philadelphians danced, drank, and cheered in the streets after Pa. was called in Biden’s favor, pushing him over the threshold of 270 electoral votes. Here's how the city celebrated in the hours after the news broke.
11/05/20 3:21am
Members of the Penn and Philadelphia communities masked up and voted in person at three different campus polling locations on Election Day. As ballots continue to be counted, tension and uncertainty hang over the city. The Daily Pennsylvanian sent a team of photographers to capture this unique election week.
11/02/20 12:57am
At least 500 demonstrators, including Penn students and leaders of Penn Community for Justice, peacefully marched through the streets of West Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon demanding justice for Walter Wallace Jr.
10/31/20 3:22pm
At least 500 protesters, including Penn students, gathered at the corner of Locust and 61st streets on Saturday evening to protest the Philadelphia police killing of Walter Wallace Jr. 
10/26/20 10:50am
Uproar, cheers, and fists: Here's a look back at 10 major United States politicians that have visited Penn's campus and Philadelphia since the 2018 Midterm Elections.
09/17/20 3:19am
Around 200 demonstrators lifted signs, chanted “Out Now!“, and called for political and social reform as 1968 Wharton graduate and President Donald Trump visited the National Constitution Center for a town hall on Tuesday evening. Here’s how the protest played out.
07/16/20 12:31am
A college career defined by in-person experiences and a bustling campus was quickly halted by a global pandemic this spring — an obstacle that rising seniors never envisioned would mark the end of their time at Penn.
07/13/20 11:51pm
After self-quarantining for two weeks, rising Nursing seniors have the option to complete their missed in-person clinical pediatric experience from Aug. 4 to Aug. 15, 2020 for NURS 225: Pediatric Nursing, a required Nursing course for juniors. 
07/08/20 12:30am
Gelles worked at Penn from 1998 until his retirement in 2014 and served as the Dean of the School of Social Policy & Practice from 2003 to 2014. 
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