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06/04/14 6:18pm

Law students and professor draft new penal code for island nation

Penn Law professor Paul Robinson, the director of the Criminal Law Research Group and a leading global expert in criminal law, presented the Maldives Penal Code Project to the student group as one of its first projects.
04/28/14 10:43pm
Penn Masala is red carpet ready. Their newest song, “Evolution of Bollywood Music” not only captured the attention of its usual fans, it gained notice from the organizers of the International Indian Film Academy.Members of Penn Masala, a widely recognized South Asian a capella group, traveled to Tampa, Florida this past weekend to perform at the annual International Indian Film Academy Awards.
04/15/14 9:41pm

Dos and Don'ts to guide freshman nurses

If you are one of the few but mighty starting your Penn journey in the School of Nursing, take a look at this list of dos and don’ts to guide your first year: Dos:Don’ts:Take the time to meet and really get to know people of varied interests.
04/07/14 9:45pm

Religion, relationships and sex: What is a healthy dynamic?

On Monday evening, students gathered for the last discussion of the lecture series “That Thing We Never Talk About” to discuss whether “God want[s] us to live happily-ever-after” and the role that religion plays in relationships on campus. The conversation was hosted by the Christian Association and Penn InterVarsity fellowship.
02/27/14 9:30pm

Clinic for Philadelphia's illegal immigrations faces obstacles

Penn for Immigrant Rights and the Latino Pre-Medical Association co-hosted “Healthcare for the Undocumented,” a panel discussion for Immigrant Action Week last night in Huntsman Hall.
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