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06/15/21 10:46pm
Black Restaurant Week, an event that showcases Black-owned restaurants and culinary businesses in the city, took place from June 4 to June 13. 
04/29/21 2:10am
The protest was organized by Black liberation advocacy group MOVE, in collaboration with Black Lives Matter Philadelphia, following the discovery that the Penn Museum stored the remains of at least one child killed in the bombing.
04/29/21 2:06am
While the Penn Museum and University administrators have apologized for holding the remains, the Africa family and members of the West Philadelphia community demand further action.
04/26/21 3:44pm
Penn Museum apologized for using the remains for research and teaching purposes, rather than returning the remains to the Africa family.
04/08/21 11:58pm
The protest was organized by Police Free Penn and Black Lives Matter Philly after a recent report, authored by a Penn student, found that the Morton cranial collection holds the skulls of 14 Black Philadelphians which were robbed from their graves in the 19th century. 
04/07/21 1:28am
Vice President for Public Safety and Superintendent of Penn Police Maureen Rush appointed McCoy as the Division of Public Safety's first commanding officer of diversity, equity, and inclusion in January.
03/29/21 2:07am
Experts believe that distrust in vaccines is a contributing factor to racial inequalities in Philadelphia's vaccine rollout, as well as a lack of accessibility to vaccines and information on them.
03/18/21 2:02am
Penn's actions regarding the pandemic have affected the West Philadelphia community in a variety of ways, ranging from its employment of local residents to its economic effects on local businesses.
02/22/21 2:29am
While some first years say the ability to meet others in person for the first time has been crucial in easing the transition to college life from an isolating first semester at home, others describe difficulties in balancing social distancing guidelines and forming new friendships. 
02/10/21 11:22pm
Cortes' chief objectives are to implement programming that connects Penn's Latinx community with the greater Philadelphia Latinx community, and also to turn the cultural center into a Black affirming space so all students can feel welcome. 
02/03/21 9:37pm
Although students of color said they largely settled for Biden, many remain cautiously optimistic of the new administration. 
01/25/21 1:37am
West Philadelphia residents felt blindsided by Penn's decision to reopen campus for the spring, adding that people who are already disproportionately affected by the virus will be the most affected.
11/19/20 10:49pm
Meskell currently serves as the Richard D. Green University Professor and holds joint appointments in the Weitzman School of Design’s Graduate Program in Historic Preservation and the Department of City and Regional Planning the Department of Anthropology in the School of Arts and Sciences.
10/30/20 4:21pm
Penn Medicine CEO Kevin Mahoney urged the healthcare industry to move from a fee-for-service reimbursement model to value-based care.
10/22/20 11:15pm
The Health Communications and Equity Lab aims to design "culturally responsive communication interventions to advance the health and well-being" of diverse populations.
10/11/20 9:59pm
75% and 55% of Hispanic and Black residents, respectively, reported that they have faced financial hardship due to the virus, while only 32% of white respondents reported the same. 
10/04/20 11:55pm
Policy recommendations will cover six topics: national security; trade and competitiveness; technology; human rights, law and democracy; climate and environment; and research, education, and academic freedom.
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