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10/04/21 11:39pm
Local residents suggested Penn can improve its relationship with West Philadelphia by making parts of campus more accessible to the public and encouraging student participation in community organization.
09/14/21 12:55am
Krasner answered questions from Penn and Philadelphia community members regarding his work on criminal justice reform, his recent win in the Democratic primary, and the role of higher voter turnout in the primary election. 
09/10/21 12:32am
Prior to the attacks, many Penn students said it was just a normal morning. But the attacks threw the day into uncertainty — some students proceeded to class as usual before the University suspended operations, and reporters and editors from The Daily Pennsylvanian rushed to the office to cover the unfolding tragedy.
07/11/21 11:46pm
After a drill rig collapsed in University City, the rig operator was injured and a 56-year-old worker, identified as Kirankumar Mistry, was killed.
07/01/21 12:53am
Comet Bernardinelli-Bernstein was named after Pedro Bernardinelli, who received his Ph.D. in astrophysics from Penn in 2021, and professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics Gary Bernstein, the astronomers who discovered it.
06/28/21 12:14am
The administrators wrote that the paid day off given as a way to show appreciation for the cooperation, collaboration, and innovation that occurred among faculty and staff during the pandemic.
06/09/21 7:34pm
A study done by Penn researchers found that the odor test can detect compounds found in pancreatic and ovarian cancer cells using blood samples from patients.
05/25/21 7:24pm
A recent study on the RAPID test developed by a team at Penn Medicine found that it can detect COVID-19 within four minutes.
05/13/21 2:04am
The 6B is a coalition of Penn’s main minority student groups on campus, including the Penn Association for Gender Equity, UMOJA, Lambda Alliance, Latinx Coalition, United Minorities Council, and Asian Pacific Student Coalition.
05/07/21 12:53am
The program's curriculum includes discussions on the history of feminism, identity and intersectionality, binaries and labels, a critical history of feminism, and discussions about privilege.
04/15/21 11:00pm
Penn-affiliated experts believe that the city has seen a more gradual form of gentrification through increased housing prices and new development — making access to affordable housing even more difficult for residents. 
03/29/21 2:07am
Experts believe that distrust in vaccines is a contributing factor to racial inequalities in Philadelphia's vaccine rollout, as well as a lack of accessibility to vaccines and information on them.
03/19/21 12:38am
One year after COVID-19 forced universities to adopt a virtual format, Penn education experts reflect on how remote learning will impact education at Penn and elsewhere post-pandemic.
03/08/21 3:12am
63-year-old veteran and activist Jamal Johnson has started another hunger strike, alleging inaction on behalf of the City of Philadelphia towards the city's gun violence crisis.
02/18/21 3:00am
In honor of Black History Month, The Daily Pennsylvanian interviewed several Black business owners who shared the challenges they faced as Black entrepreneurs — and the perseverance behind their journey. 
02/08/21 4:06am
Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney has yet to act on a resolution proposed by Penn alum and Councilmember Jamie Gauthier to address the city's increase in gun violence, prompting local community members to petition — and strike — for its approval.
01/25/21 1:37am
West Philadelphia residents felt blindsided by Penn's decision to reopen campus for the spring, adding that people who are already disproportionately affected by the virus will be the most affected.
01/20/21 7:18pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke with five students who were admitted early decision to the Class of 2025 after navigating an unprecedented year for college application processes. Here are their stories.
11/18/20 11:28pm
The Altrui Foundation transfers unused medications from manufacturers to charitable organizations so they do not become wasted. 
11/09/20 2:30am
At 10:20 p.m., the police spotted the two armed men without Pennsylvania arms permits. They were detained and later arrested for firearms charges.
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