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04/04/17 10:36pm
“We thought it would be meaningful for people of all different backgrounds to come together and have meaningful conversations about their identity, their relationship to religion and what that might mean today," TableTalks Co-Chair and College sophomore Sophia Simon said.
03/20/17 9:08pm
The professor told the class to evaluate the student’s teeth, height, weight and strength, according to Caged Bird. 
03/02/17 3:35pm
“We have a president of the United States who I believe is an authoritarian and someone who is eroding our democratic ideals, norms, and institutions,” McMullin said. “And there is an America need to stand up to that, and it’s not a conservative thing, it’s not a liberal thing.”
02/20/17 6:28pm
The signs, which showed pictures of the World Trade Center towers, advertised The American Vanguard, a far-right, white-supremacist organization.
02/13/17 10:48pm
The panelists also discussed the differences between the political climates in Nazi Germany and the United States today. Weissberg spoke about how thousands of Americans have protested Trump's immigration ban in ways the citizens of Germany did not protest Nazi policies.
02/07/17 10:12pm
The Moviegoer was founded in fall 2015 by College senior Brad Pettigrew, a “disillusioned” math major who found his passion in writing about film. 
12/13/16 12:54am
On Thursday, a video dating app called Spin the Bottle Video Chat was launched at Penn. The DP sat down with the app’s CEO and co-founder, Matthew Cohen, to discuss this revolutionary new way of dating.
12/05/16 11:35pm
For freshmen from warm places, the change of weather brings a strong feeling of uncertainty.
12/05/16 4:04pm
Starting on Sunday, Dec. 11, all but three of SEPTA’s Regional Rail lines will begin running on new schedules. 
11/22/16 12:41am
The traditional brass key lock on the door of your on-campus room is about to get a major upgrade. 
11/15/16 2:26am
Some Republicans at Penn are more optimistic than others about a Trump presidency.
11/07/16 2:32am
With less than a week to Election Day, Penn Dems is working harder than ever to encourage people to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Democratic Senate nominee Katie McGinty.
10/13/16 8:56pm
The Mask and Wig Club, the nation's oldest all-male collegiate musical comedy troupe, will perform its fall show at Iron Gate Theatre Wednesday through Saturday nights.
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