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09/18/22 7:42pm
HFpEF is a form of heart failure where the heart pumps normally but fails to fill with blood properly and affects almost half of all patients with heart failure.
09/14/22 12:01am
There have been no cases at Penn this semester and the risk of an outbreak on campus remains “extremely low,” according to Penn Public Health and Wellbeing.
01/31/22 11:31pm
Citing Penn’s almost 100% vaccination rate and recent campus record high positivity rates, the petition demands the University remove the booster shot requirement. 
01/25/22 10:40pm
Penn students in University isolation housing have been forced to grapple with confusing instructions, inadequate communication, and an overall frustrating process.
12/06/21 11:42pm
The initiative also includes efforts from the Perelman School of Medicine, the Annenberg School for Communication, and the City of Philadelphia.
09/20/21 1:16am
The seminar, entitled "Drug Pricing: Policy and Politics," featured American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Benedic Ippolito, Washington University law professor Rachel Sachs, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health scientist Mariana Socal.
08/24/21 11:39pm
The building, which cost a record-shattering $169.5 million to complete, offers suite-style apartments with a dining cafe, private courtyard, coffee bar, and spectacular views of the city.
04/19/21 12:52am
Wai Wai Nu identified how displaced women have overcome pandemic-related challenges, and offered recommendations for improving refugee and internally displaced women's access to dignified work, health care, and housing.
03/28/21 10:26pm
All students will be welcomed back to campus for in-person classes, shared meals, athletic competitions, and arts performances.
03/26/21 12:42am
Female enrollment in Penn Engineering currently stands at about 40%, which Engineering Dean Vijay Kumar said is not enough.
03/01/21 12:02am
The livestream events are an hour long, with 40 to 45 minutes of performance and 15 minutes of discussion with the artists, during which audience members can ask the performers questions directly. 
01/28/21 12:52am
Penn President Amy Gutmann introduced the event by condemning former President Donald Trump for inciting a riot at the Capitol and urging audience members to remember King's legacy as a guide.
11/19/20 10:52pm
The School of Social Policy and Practice’s dashboard, which tracks grant awards from COVID-19 response funds in the Philadelphia area, found over $40 million in grants awarded between March 18 and June 29. 
11/12/20 12:58am
The panelists discussed the positive foreign reactions to Joe Biden winning the 2020 presidential election and how Biden's foreign policy, which will contrast with Trump-era policies, may influence the world order.
10/28/20 12:19am
While Sanders acknowledged his differing policy stances compared to Biden, his overall approach was to unite voters within the Democratic party and throughout the country, appealing to moderates and conservatives to vote for Biden in efforts to oust Trump.
10/21/20 11:52pm
This semester, the AfroWellness initiative is holding events for managing stress and anxiety and discussing issues that have arisen due to the pandemic, like feeling isolated. 
10/11/20 10:26pm
IES, an arm of the Department of Education, offers several grants each year to improve educational outcomes through data-driven research
10/01/20 10:56pm
Through StudyRev, which fully launched this semester, tutees can request help when they need it  and tutors can work as their schedule permits.
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