09/11/18 2:18am
The Asian American Studies Program has been mired in controversy since 2017, when Grace Kao, a sociology professor and longstanding ASAM faculty member, left Penn for Yale University.
09/11/18 1:02am
The hot water was restored on Friday using an emergency boiler that management rented. 
09/11/18 12:50am
The CIS department chair is calling on non-major students to provide input on which new courses to create. 
09/10/18 2:13am
Penn students will spend 2.9 percent more on textbooks and supplies this year, administrators at Student Registration and Financial Services estimate. 
09/09/18 11:59pm
Penn Democrats are kicking off midterm season by traveling an hour out of Philadelphia to Allentown, Pa. They hope to help elect Democrat Susan Wild to replace former republican representative Patrick Meehan. 
09/09/18 10:18pm
Both Terri Lipman and Vivian Gadsden have worked extensively in child welfare and have been involved in Penn Futures for several years. 
09/09/18 9:41pm
UTime, launched by Wharton and Engineering sophomore Dylan Diamond, provides mobile access to students' class schedules and makes it easier to share the schedule with friends.
09/09/18 8:44pm
An new report from The Boston Globe has brought attention back onto Warren's past as a professor at Penn and her controversial claims to her Native American heritage. 
09/07/18 12:23pm
The course is currently the fourth most popular among Wharton MBA students. 
09/07/18 2:14am
Police believe the heist was an inside job carried out by current or former employees of the insectarium.
09/07/18 1:43am
Of the 27 fraternities under Penn's Interfraternity Council, only three chapters are not included in the North-American Interfraternity Conference and therefore will not be affected by the ban. 
09/06/18 6:18pm
More than twenty U.S. diplomats stationed in Cuba and in China have reported a baffling collection of symptoms over the last two years. 
09/06/18 2:31pm
The announcement of Huntsman Hall's nightly closing at 2 a.m. – an effort by the Wharton administration to improve campus wellness – sparked widespread student criticism in the past two weeks. 
09/06/18 12:00pm
In the face of slow progress, student leaders said they intend to expand their support base by engaging undergraduate students and finding further evidence to support the need for this office at Penn.  
09/06/18 3:32am
Administrators created Smith's new role, in part, to help counter the number of currently vacant positions with VPUL. 
09/06/18 2:25am
The Justice Department supported the students Thursday, arguing that Harvard has failed to prove it does not unlawfully discriminate against Asian Americans in its admissions process.
09/06/18 1:53am
A UPennAlert was sent at approximately 8:30 p.m., and a subsequent 'all clear' was declared 15 minutes later. 
09/06/18 1:00am
The survey helps inform many ongoing mental health initiatives among the graduate student community, including the establishment of Penn Franklins, a graduate peer support group. 
09/05/18 3:50pm
Looking back on the history of Penn's 'alt frat' and storied DIY music venue.
09/05/18 5:20am
The evidence and testimonies presented at the pre-trial hearing provided the most vivid glimpse into the interactions and relationship of Woodward and Bernstein leading up to Bernstein's death.