Crime And Courts

12/07/10 11:20am
Despite last month's fatal shooting, overall crime for November decreased approximately 13.6 percent from the previous month, according to the Division of Public Safety.
12/06/10 4:39am

Police nab indecency suspect

Following a case of public indecency in the Law School on Friday, the Division of Public Safety apprehended and questioned the suspect on Saturday.
12/04/10 7:07am

Man exposed himself at Penn Law Wednesday night

The Division of Public Safety issued an alert Friday evening concerning a case of public indecency in which a man exposed himself to a female law student inside the Penn Law school.
12/02/10 8:57am

DPS: Killer doesn’t pose huge risk to Penn community

In response to student safety concerns over a Philadelphia murderer who strangled two women this month, Vice President for Public Safety Maureen Rush advised students not to worry.
12/01/10 10:29am

Phila. killer causes concern

The Philadelphia Police Department discovered DNA evidence that links one unidentified suspect to the strangulations of two women in Kensington, Philadelphia earlier this month.
12/01/10 10:07am

Ex-IFC president’s court date rescheduled

The first court appearance for Wharton senior Christian Lunoe was rescheduled from Tuesday to Dec. 7, according to Corinne Sliker, the Municipal Court administrator for the Township of Princeton, N.J.
12/01/10 6:51am

Crime log: Nov. 19-25

11/30/10 11:25am

Wharton alum faces trial in insider trading case

About 2,400 conversations Wharton alumnus Raj Rajaratnam had with others were secretly recorded. Last Wednesday, a judge ruled that the evidence could be used in the case against him.
11/24/10 8:37am

Crime log: Nov. 12-18

11/24/10 6:30am

Robbery reported Sunday morning

A second violent crime, in addition to a shootout at 40th and Locust streets that left one carjacking suspect dead and another in custody, occurred early Sunday morning.
11/23/10 10:25am
A campus security expert attributed the Penn community’s response to DPS’s delayed communication to a “trust gap,” saying students may have different expectations than administrators.
11/22/10 12:03pm
The Penn community expressed much concern over delayed e-mail notification and the absence of a text message following a shooting incident near 40th and Locust streets.
11/22/10 11:16am

One dead in 40th St. shoot-out

Multiple shots were fired shortly after 3 a.m. Sunday near 40th and Locust streets, leaving one dead. The man was a suspect in a carjacking near 50th and Arch streets.
11/22/10 11:06am

Evangelists may sue University after Penn Police arrest

Two Christian evangelists may sue the University for what they believe was a suppression of their First Amendment rights.
11/21/10 1:12pm
Two males fled a stolen vehicle shortly after 3 a.m. and were chased by police. One was apprehended and the other exchanged gunfire with police and died after being shot.
11/17/10 9:23am

Crime log: Nov. 5-11

11/10/10 11:56am

Jeffrey Perelman files suit against father and brother

Wharton alumnus Jeffrey Perelman filed a lawsuit against his father, School of Medicine trustee Ray Perelman, and brother, University trustee Ron Perelman, alleging that his father improperly invested funds from a pension plan — with which they were involved — in a company Ron controls.
11/10/10 10:19am

Crime log: Oct. 29-Nov. 4

11/09/10 8:47am

Monthly crime up 9.6 percent from last October

The increase in monthly crime from last October to this October is due to rises in burglary, bike theft and theft from auto rates, according to the Division of Public Service.
11/09/10 6:58am

44th, Spruce rapist convicted on 14 counts

Domenique Wilson was convicted of charges related to two home invasions — including one in which he held two Penn students against their will and raped one of them.