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12/10/23 10:57pm
Some alumni expressed concern over how Magill's resignation followed significant backlash and what her resignation means for free speech.
11/17/23 1:17am
Roughly 40 Starbucks workers picketed outside the Starbucks at 39th and Walnut street, leading to the shutdown of the store down for the day
11/09/23 2:19pm
"These reprehensible messages are an assault on our values and cause pain and fear for our Jewish community," Penn President Liz Magill wrote.
09/28/23 10:29pm
As part of the fair, PennReady will conduct a sprinkler test at 11:30 a.m., which consists of a side-by-side simulated burn of two residential rooms.
08/29/23 9:52pm
Penn's 223 RAs will have the chance to partake in an on-campus election Sept. 27 and 28.
06/14/23 11:49pm
Attendees rallied against gentrification for almost four hours during Saturday's Chinatown march.
06/07/23 10:44pm
In a recent visit to Philadelphia, Vice President Kamala Harris highlighted the achievements of local unions and the Biden administration's commitment to workers' rights. 
04/20/23 10:36pm
The fire started at around 9 a.m. on the first floor of Magee Hall on April 20. Students in Riepe and parts of Ware College House were forced to evacuate.
04/19/23 10:58pm
The library first closed on Monday due to a "serious" failure of a chilled water pump that flooded the library's basement mechanical room in the morning.
04/17/23 11:23am
The building is also currently out of power.
03/26/23 11:53pm
According to a map of possibly affected areas, the zip code encompassing Penn's campus is not affected by the advisory because it does not receive tap water from the Delaware River. 
03/23/23 11:47pm
The strike was held in lieu of “Founder’s Day” on March 22, a Starbucks event held in honor of Howard Schultz who served as the company’s CEO for many years.
03/23/23 9:22pm
Listen to the top headlines on Friday, Mar. 24 with our newsletter anchor.
03/20/23 12:21am
The union is part of the AFSCME District Council 47, which represents various institutions and workers in Philadelphia, including the Free Library of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Zoo.
02/27/23 10:39pm
People inside the building were evacuated outside, where two large pillars of rushing steam were visible coming out of windows, with one pillar on each side of the Robert Wood Johnson Pavilion entrance.
02/26/23 10:59pm
The Daily Pennsylvanian spoke to Lea School parents, the Graduate School of Education, and the School District of Philadelphia to assess the funding’s impact a year after its approval.
02/05/23 10:32pm
A 21-year-old male suffered multiple gunshot wounds in the face and neck. He was transported to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 9:50 p.m.
02/01/23 8:50pm
In response to a request for comment, Starbucks contested the validity of the complaint in regards to disobeying the NLRA and defended their actions at the Philadelphia locations. 
01/17/23 9:40pm
SPOC is working to mobilize college students in the Philadelphia area against the plans for a new 76ers arena in Chinatown.
12/07/22 1:31am
Workshops for money resolutions and goal-setting will take place in January, followed by tax workshops and budgeting tips in February. 
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